Will Tsukasa Shishio Die in Dr. Stone? The Strongest High School Primate

will tsukasa shishio die in dr. stone
Tsukasa Shishio

Will Tsukasa Shishio die in Dr. Stone? This is a difficult question to give an answer to if you have not watched the entire series of Dr. Stone. Well, do not worry, I will give you the exact answer to this question which you are searching for. So stay here till the end of the article so that you can get an accurate answer to your question.

Tsukasa Shishio used to be Dr. Stone’s main opponent. He was the main villain during the first few tracks, with the purpose of reducing the population of humans. In order to form a better planet for the genuine people without technological tools. Tsukasa has become one of Senku’s most formidable foes in his quest to restore the Kingdom of Science and humankind overall. To combat Senku’s attempts to construct a technologically advanced society, he forms his secret organization of powerful combatants to achieve his mission.

Dr. Stone is one of the best anime in the sci-fi genre. This anime is full of adventures also where you can learn about scientific equations and reactions through the concept of this series. TMS Entertainment’s Dr. Stone is an anime version of the same-named manga. The very first series aired on July 5, 2019, and concluded on December 13, 2019, while the second series debuted on January 14, 2021, and concluded on March 24, 2021.

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Will Tsukasa Shishio die in Dr. Stone?

Will Tsukasa Shishio die in Dr. Stone? In Dr. Stone, Tsukasa Shishio isn’t killed. Senku medically murders Tsukasa and stores him in a homemade cryogenic chamber after Hyoga’s brutal assault and tremendous loss of blood. In the hopes of eventually uncovering the petrification technology and reviving Tsukasa so that his sisters and others can see him again.

Tsukasa enters the Kingdom of Science when Senku saves his existence by de-petrifying him from his frozen phase and accompanies them on their journey, channeling his beliefs in a unique manner – but still working for a highly moral world free of the oppression of the bad people.


Tsukasa is a big, strong teenage boy with unruly dark hair that he’s been keeping from babyhood and a light complexion. He has an indeterminate appearance, yet he frequently maintains a threatening scowl. He has three massive identifying marks: one across his face that cutting through his right side, second engraved deeply under his left eyelid all the downward over his nose and terminates at the base of his jawbone on the right, and the last stretching across his bosom and finishing at his abdominal area.

will tsukasa shishio die in dr. stone
Tsukasa Shishio | OtakuKart

Tsukasa wears a rough crimson yukata and cloak crafted from a tiger he slaughtered to defend Senku and Taiju in his first appearance. He wrapped its fur coat over his neck or slung around his shoulders like a cloak. Shishio doesn’t have any footwear on. He dons a creamy leather coat with his tattered yukata as a skirt when he sees Senku over a year of assuming he murdered him.

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Tsukasa is most aggressive, yet he is highly cautious and conscious of his behaviors. From outside his dismal beliefs for mankind, he is a really gentle, intellectual, and courteous guy. He initially gives assistance to Senku and Taiju after they resuscitate him and then becomes their meal collector, utilizing his abilities as a notable sportsman to assist them. Later on, Tsukasa reveals that he intends to eradicate mankind and believes Senku would join him, but Senku refuses him.

will tsukasa shishio die in dr. stone
Tsukasa Shishio and Senku | OtakuKart

He gets increasingly adamant about following through with his objectives after this, to the verge of abandoning their gang. Tsukasa has admitted to Senku that he doesn’t worry about anybody but himself, yet it is shown in the second half of the series that Tsukasa values his sibling Mirai more than anyone else on the earth, and that is where his strength originates from in order to protect her.

Powers and Abilities

Because of his incredible combat ability, Tsukasa earned the title of “The Strongest High School Primate.” Shishiou Tsukasa signifies Lion Ruler, according to the interpreters. Even Hyoga recognized his ability and had to watch until Tsukasa was defenseless before betraying him. The Kingdom of Science can also rest certain that with him being on their squad, they won’t be worried if they ever come up against unfriendly opponents.

It is highly difficult to beat a guy like him who has excellent physical strength and knowledge of swordsmanship. He is not only offensively strong, but he is also a defensive monster who can kill a lion with his own bare hands. His powers and abilities and abilities are unmatchable in comparison to any normal human being. People should think first before fighting against him.

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