Will Trunks Die In Dragon Ball Super? The Fate Of Trunks Discussed

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Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime on the planet and undoubtedly the most exciting anime of all genres. The anime comes in a legendary category and the protagonist, Goku himself, is very popular worldwide. The show is filled with lots of challenges and battles. There are numerous characters in Dragon Ball who fight for their own reasons and exist solely on their will. One such character is Trunks. In this article, we will discuss everything about Trunks and see where his fate took him at the end of Dragon Ball Super. Will Trunks die in Dragon Ball Super?

The Dragon Ball Series is a Japanese manga-based series written and illustrated by Akira Toriyama sensei. Later, The manga was adapted into anime by Japan Based Toei Animations which is famous for its high-end animation project, including One Piece and Digimon. The story revolves around Goku, who arrived on Earth on a spaceship when he was just a toddler and was later adopted by Earthling named Son Gohan. He trained under Master Roshi and learned various skills. He developed strong feelings for Planet Earth and decided to become its savior forever. From that day, Goku is training hard to push his limits and to handle the external and internal threats for Earth. Now let’s come to our main topic.

Who Is Trunks?

First, let’s see who Trunks is so the new readers and watchers can get along with us. Trunks exist in two timelines, the first one is Trunks in the present timeline, and the other one is Future Trunks. Creators introduced Trunks after the Frieza Saga in Dragon Ball Z. Trunks arrived from the future to save Goku from a certain illness. Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma and live in the future world. Thanks to his time machine, he arrives on the present-time Earth from time to time to meet his friends and his family. He is an extremely powerful Saiyan and defeated Frieza and his father in a few seconds. On the other hand, Current Trunks was born after the marriage of Bulma and Vegeta in the present timeline, and he is still young with not so much battle experience.

In Dragon Ball Super, we saw future Trunks in the Zamasu arc. His world got completely destroyed by Zamasu. He killed every other being in his timeline, including God of Destructions of that timeline. However, Thanks to Goku and Zeno Sama, they were able to defeat Zamasu in the end.

Will Trunks Die In Dragon Ball Super?Trunks from DBS

Will Trunks Die In Dragon Ball Super?

Now let’s talk about what Happened To Trunks in the end? Did He Die? Let’s find out. In Dragon Ball Z, after giving Goku the life-saving drug, Trunks returned to his timeline. In Dragon Ball Super, his world got destroyed by Zamasu. He killed his mother, Bulma and Future Gohan. Trunks having no other option arrived on the current timeline for help from Goku and Vegeta. They both agreed to help him and went to his timeline to fight Zamasu. Goku and Vegeta have so much hard time defeating Zamasu.

Later, Goku used Zeno Sama’s gift and called him for help. Finally, Zeno Sama wiped out the entire universe, but thankfully, Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks managed to escape from that chaotic place. So we can say that Trunks is still alive and living happily in another timeline. We do not know when we will be able to see him again in action. The chances of his appearance in the upcoming Dragon Ball Movie are very less and close to impossible. We will let you know when we get any other concrete updates.

Will Trunks Die In Dragon Ball Super? Trunks for DBS

Where To Watch Dragon Ball Super?

This question is asked by many anime fans, so we have decided to cover this in the end. There are various websites that allow us to watch Dragon Ball Super, but the most famous platform is Crunchyroll. This platform allows us to watch the show without any ads of the highest quality on a very affordable subscription. You can also purchase merchandise, read manga chapters and watch free-of-cost anime on the same platform. Crunchyroll is indeed the warehouse of anime.

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