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Will There Be Mare Of Easttown Season 2?

Should We Expect Mare Of Easttown Season 2?
From Mare Of Easttown Finale Featuring Mare

The HBO drama that got caught everyone’s eyes in the last two months was Mare Of Easttown. A simple but well-crafted crime story got the viewers hooked to their seats. Thus leading them to wait for the next episode to air the next week. Recently after a seven-episode run, the show came to an emotional and heartbreaking end. Yes, Mare did find the killer but in all the unexpected ways. But apart from finding out Erin’s murderer, the episode became more than that for the other characters. Each and everyone from the small Easttown started adjusting to their new life, giving the show a fitting end.

So after such a heartwarming conclusion, the question remains. Was that all Mare Of Easttown had in the tank? After all the critical acclaim and response, does that make HBO want to come up with another tale around Mare and stories of Easttown? As viewers, we sure would love to do so. Probably a new mystery or the same old tale reappearing. So here we are breaking down whether we can expect Mare Of Easttown Season 2 or not. From Mare Of Easttown’s finale to what HBO sees the shows as to what creators think of it.

Should We Expect Mare Of Easttown Season 2?

Well, the answer could go two ways if we are looking forward to a Mare of Easttown Season 2. If we are speaking officially. Since the very time we saw Mare Of Easttown debuting, HBO kept referring to it as a mini-series. So, we can say the show was a one-off tale with no plan to lead anywhere else. The network is adamant about the fact the show calls the story off with the main plot coming to conclusion. Much like most of the HBO shows are doing in the past few years. The creator of the Mare of Easttown, Brad Ingelsby has also hinted in many interviews stating he had already had the end of the story in his mind even before he started working on it.

What Could Be Release Date For Mare Of Easttown Season 2?

From Mare Of Easttown Finale Featuring Mare

So officially speaking, Mare Of Easttown might not come back for another run. But it’s not the first time the shows came with one season and went away like that. If they become popular, the network or creators always consider giving them another run. Coming to Mare Of Easttown, the show pretty much established itself as an absolutely thriller crime drama that might come off as a regular story. But is presented in such a way you are hooked to the seats. Currently, the show has an IMDb score of 8.6/10. So who knows if HBO ever thinks of changing their mind.

Mare Of Easttown Season 2 Release Date

Since HBO is not officially looking forward to a season 2 at the moment, it’s hard to break down a release date for Mare Of Easttown Season 2 if it is. Well, it could be right away next year or take years for it to come. Brad Ingelsby, in an interview with Esquire, stated if they ever come up with a story. An emotional as well as surprising one, much like the first season of Mare Of Easttown. Then he might be interested in talking about Mare Of Easttown Season 2 returning. He wants to do it if there is a great season. Not because they can have a second chance for the show.

Mare Of Easttown Season 2 Plot

So, just because Mare Of Easttown isn’t officially returning yet doesn’t mean we can’t predict our stories for the show, right. For the show’s second season, we might have to witness a new case coming up. Well, if we talk about crime shows, they are never out of stories right. There are a bunch of crime procedurals out there doing great with this formula. But it’s different from Mare Of Easttown when it crafted its story of Erin’s murder in the first season. Piece by piece, there were many knots tied around to reveal the story. There were emotional takes revolving as well. Of course, it was a small town so expect most of the people to know each other.

What Could Be The Plot For Mare Of Easttown Seson 2?

From Mare Of Easttown Finale Featuring Mare

So a new case it is. Talking about the characters of Mare Of Easttown, we can say we will see Mare continuing to answer the unexpected phone calls at night. Unwillingly always there for help. Frank and Faye living their happy married life. We might not see much of Siobhan after she bid adieu to go to Berkely. Lastly, a growing relationship between Mare and Richard. When he said goodbye, he promised to find a place once he gets his job right. So yes, we want to see the love in the air. Plus, most of the teens and kids grow up. We mean who knows how much of a time jump the show could take right. It would be worth seeing if shows go years into the future how DJ encounters his past once he grows up. This could lead us to some cues from the first season. Lastly, if there is a new case, how all these main characters could tie up again is a question.

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