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Will There Be a TVF: Aspirants Season 2?

Will there be a TVF: Aspirants Season 2?
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TVF: Aspirants is a web series created by The Viral Fever Team. This show depicts the lives of UPSC aspirants as they strive to become IAS. The series mainly features three of these aspirants as they live in Rajender Nagar, Delhi. The three are friends from different backgrounds and aspects of life, all dreaming of the same goal. “Aspirants” is a touching story that portrays the hardships of students as it relates closely to the true-life UPSC aspirants. This five-episode series is readily available for one to watch on YouTube. Now that Season 1 has come to a close, fans have already started to wonder about the possible arrival of TVF: Aspirants Season 2.

The show has clearly been able to capture a student’s struggle with relation to their room, dreams, anxiety, as well as working for the country. The show has several other characters as well, all having a recurring role throughout the series. The series began its premiere on 7th April 2021 and finished with its final episode airing on 8th May 2021. While the show, in terms of the storyline has answered all the questions it placed at the beginning, a Season 2 could be in the works. The five-episode series ended on a high with no loose ends, making it highly popular among the fans. This might just waver the production team’s minds to possibly give a green light for a second season.

Will there be a TVF: Aspirants Season 2?

Will there be a TVF: Aspirants Season 2?

Navneet Kasturia as Abhilash Sharma in TVF: Aspirants

TVF: Aspirants has not yet been officially confirmed for a second season. Nevertheless, a second season is highly expected due to the series’ performance when it aired. The series has an average rating of 9/10 on IMDb. This has been transpired through the weighted average of 185,818 IMDb user ratings. Considering the ratings, it only makes sense for the production team to have a second season. But up till now, there has been no confirmation from the series creators that indicates TVF: Aspirants Season 2 to come out soon. Similar to this, TVF had another web series named Kota Factory. This show had its second season two years after its initial release. This series was also very popular when it was released and now has a rating of 9.1/10 on IMDb. This comes from a weighted average of ratings from 40,809 IMDb users.

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When will TVF: Aspirants Season 2 Release?

Will there be a TVF: Aspirants Season 2?

Still from Episode 2 of TVF: Aspirants

TVF: Aspirants Season 2 is expected to have its release at least by late 2022 or early 2023. While the fact remains that the web series has not been renewed yet, only a prediction could be given through the facts we have. TVF: Aspirants was only announced when The Viral Fever came out with their line-up for this year. This included TVF: Aspirants as the announcement was made on 21st February 2021. Meanwhile, we only got the series’ trailer a day before the release of episode 1 titled “UPSC – Optional Me Kya Hai?” This was on 6th April 2021, which means that we are only about to get an announcement for the same only after the production is almost done. So we can rest assured that there should probably be no delays if season 2 does get announced.

Considering the line-up, they had for this year, TVF: Aspirants Season 2 will not release anytime in 2021. It is true that most shows have an unset rule of 1 season per year, but things could be different for The Viral Fever. Considering the strength and the number of shows under The Viral Fever, they should probably fall short to start production soon. If we take the example of Kota Factory, the wait can even be up to two years before we even hear of any future installment. The TVF team is already working on a plethora of content according to their lineup. So, the production for the next season should be starting as soon as 2022. Meaning, we could probably see the premiere of TVF: Aspirants Season 2 in late 2022 or early 2023.

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