Will There Be A Nevertheless Episode 11?

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Will There Be A Nevertheless Episode 11? Nevertheless, Episode 10 finally aired on Saturday and I have way too many feelings about it. Well, for starters, we finally have the answer to the one seemingly never-ending question – Who Does Nabi End Up With? Most importantly, this k-drama is one of those very rare ones that my generation could possibly relate to. In this article, you will find a detailed explanation of Nevertheless, Episode 10. We will also tell you whether you should be expecting a NeverthelessEpisode 11. Let me warn you that there are several big spoilers ahead!

Centering the main storyline between a group of art students in Seoul’s fictional Hongseo University, Nevertheless, was based on a manhwa of the same name written by Jung Won. While the series has been adapted from a moderately successful webtoon, several changes have been made to the main plot so that the story caters better to the quintessential K-Drama audience. And frankly, if the series had the same climax as the manhwa did, there would have been quite a few angry Song Kang fans across the world, including me. But jokes aside, Nevertheless, has finally come to an end, but we are still not over it. So, let’s see if we can expect Nevertheless, Episode 11.

Nevertheless, Episode 11 – What To Expect?

I’m sorry to come bearing unfortunate news, but there will be no Nevertheless, Episode 11. Usually, most K-Dramas have a total of 16 episodes in one season. Nevertheless, was announced as a 10 episode limited series. So, there certainly will not be an episode 11 in Nevertheless, Season 1.


However, another question still remains – Will There Be A Nevertheless, Season 2, which will inevitably show Episode 11? Frankly, I think the possibilities of that happening seem very bleak. It is very rare for K-Dramas to have a second season. First of all, let’s not forget that no matter how loosely the series was adapted, the main source for the storyline was the webtoon after all. And it has been adapted in its entirety. There is no more story left to be covered. Now, if another season was to be prepared, we would need an entirely fresh story. The manhwa ended back in 2019. So, the plot needs to be developed by the makers of the series if they want to continue.

Secondly, given South Korea’s conservative audience, Nevertheless, no matter how disappointing it is, did not have the ratings it needed within the country. In fact, the drama has the lowest ratings in JTBC among all the dramas released in the last couple of years. This is mainly because a number of episodes in Nevertheless, were only deemed fit for an adult audience. But, regardless of the domestic response to the K-Drama, it is certainly one of the most popular ones internationally. Netflix does not release viewership stats, but if they wanted another season, they would pay JTBC a big sum to get it made. Netflix could also take the reins in their hands. For the time being, though, the chances of any of that happening are grim.

Nevertheless, Episode 10 – Recap

The 10th episode of Nevertheless, is called – Nevertheless, I Still… There is some context to this quirky nomenclature, but I will tell you about it later. After Episode 9 aired last week, frankly, I was left too overwhelmed. Because there was only one more episode to go, and I could predict nothing. I had no idea who Nabi would choose and whether the story would end as the manhwa did. Though I was Team Jae Eon from the very beginning, it was difficult to be too ambitious about winning. This is especially true when you recall that Jae Eon, after all, is the bad guy. The definition of a bad guy, though, when we talk about Nevertheless, is very different from what we usually see in K-Dramas. Again, more on this later.

Nevertheless, Episode 11 Release Date
Nabi is in tears after her fight with Jae Eon

Nevertheless, Episode 10 started with Nabi and Jae Eon’s fight under the rain. Jae Eon asks Nabi if she regrets her relationship with him and everything that they have done so far. Nabi is in tears and has a pained expression on her face even though her answer is in the affirmative. She leaves him in the rain as she goes up to her apartment. Both of them are in tears after the fight. The next day when Nabi goes to class, she tells Jinsu that she no longer needs assistance with her piece. She also requests him to let Jae Eon know. Jinsu, on the other hand, tells Nabi that Jae Eon was very drunk the other night. As she is about to leave, Jae Eon holds her hand, but she yanks it out of his grip and leaves anyway.

Jae Eon Helps Nabi

With only a few days to go before the exhibition, Yun Sol and Nabi are busy giving their artworks a few final touches. However, no matter how much Nabi and Jae Eon try to forget about each other, it seems to be getting increasingly difficult with each passing day. Neither of them can sleep at night or devoid themselves of their all-consuming thoughts. While her hands are already full, trying to sort her life out, Nabi’s unfortunate fate strikes again.

Who Does Nabi End Up With
Nabi and Jae Eon

Due to some maintenance problems, one ceiling fan in the senior classroom falls off. And, inevitably, it is on Nabi’s work. She is absolutely devastated when she finds out. Jae Eon doesn’t find out until much later when Nabi is inconsolable, and Yun Sol calls Jae Eon for help. Jae Eon goes to the campus and says to Nabi, “Let’s fix this”. He also tells her to let him help her just one last time before he leaves her for good.

Over the next few weeks, the three of them – Nabi, Jae Eon, and Jinsu work on her piece day and night. We even see the three of them arriving at campus very early in the morning and spending several nights together in the senior classroom. The work finally ends with Jae Eon preparing the wings for Nabi’s sculpture. Once they are all done, Jae Eon tells Nabi that she looks the happiest when she is working. He also tells her she looks very pretty when she is focused. Having said this, we see Jae Eon blinking back his tears and telling Nabi that he will get going now. Jinsu later catches Jae Eon loading all his work and projects into his car. Jae Eon even gives Jinsu some of his tools.

Do Hyeok and Nabi At The Exhibition

Soon after Nabi’s piece is ready, the senior class takes their final exams. Jae Eon completely disappears from their lives. No one is in touch with him. The day of the 12th Annual Hongseo Exhibition finally arrives, and everyone is excited about it. We see Yun Sol’s piece is called ‘Union’. Nabi’s work is also very well critiqued. Her professor finally tells her that she is proud of Nabi and that Nabi should go to Paris for her graduate studies. She tells Nabi that she has worked hard and deserves the good things in life. She advises Nabi to do what she wants to, eat what she wants to, and go out with whoever she likes. After all, Nabi has truly earned it.

Nevertheless, Season 2
Nabi with Jae Eon and Do Hyeok

Do Hyeok visits Nabi at the exhibition. Nabi is excited to show him his work, and he is all praises for her. For a split second, Nabi sees Jae Eon at the exhibition. She leaves Do Hyeok immediately to go behind him. After looking everywhere, Nabi leaves the gallery to look for Jae Eon outside, but he is nowhere. Do Hyeok follows Nabi with flowers in his hands. Nabi tells him that no matter how much Jae Eon hurts her, she still has strong feelings for him. Though Do Hyeok is visibly hurt by Nabi’s rejection, he takes it with a grain of salt and tells her that he is happy regardless of her decision is unfavorable to him. Do Hyeok requests her to take the flowers anyway and leaves.

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Nabi Finally Chooses Jae Eon

Later, we see Nabi and her friends go out for dinner. Bitna and Kyu Hyun cannot stop gushing over each other, and neither can Yun Sol and Jiwan. Frankly, it is very endearing to see the new couples so much in love. Nabi just looks at them longingly. After dinner, Nabi goes back to the gallery. Surprisingly, she sees Jae Eon standing near her display.

Nabi goes to stand beside him and criticizes him sarcastically for suddenly becoming a good guy. Jae Eon is taken aback by her words. Nabi tells him to be by her side and never leave her alone again. Jae Eon asks her if she will ever regret it, to which Nabi answers affirmatively. She tells him that no matter how tough it is, she wants to try falling in love once again with him. The two of them seal the beautiful moment with a passionate kiss.

Nevertheless, Episode 10 Recap
Nabi and Jae Eon

Nevertheless, The Epilogue

As one of my favorite K-Dramas to date came to an end, I realized that the story in Nevertheless, has come a full circle. Remember Nabi’s sketchbook, which she had packed with Jae Eon’s things in the 8th episode? Before leaving, Jae Eon returned it to Nabi. There, he had sketched Nabi. But that was not all. It turns out that Jae Eon had seen Nabi for the first time at her former boyfriend’s exhibition, which we saw in episode 1.

It turns out that the girl that Jae Eon had fallen in love with at first sight in an exhibition was none other than Nabi. Later, when he saw her at the bar again, he thought that fate had brought them together even though he never believed in it. Again, seeing Nabi in the university reaffirmed Jae Eon’s beliefs, and he decided to go after her.

At the very end, when the two of them kiss each other, the narration throughout the series, which was entirely narrated by Nabi, was taken over by Jae Eon. When Nabi said, “Love. I know it will cause me more pain.” Jae Eon says, “Nevertheless, I still…”

In the post-credits scene, we see Jae Eon rejecting two girls as Nabi fondly looks at him from afar. He also suggests that they should raise a cat together, but Nabi snaps back and tells him that he is not allowed to have any more pets. In the last episode, staying true to his promise, Jae Eon also frees his butterflies.

Nevertheless, K-Drama Watch Online Free
Nabi and Jae Eon’s happy ending

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Now that I have given you a detailed recap of Nevertheless, Episode 10, here’s why this drama will always have a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, we won’t have Nevertheless, Episode 11. More often than now, K-Drama plots are way too flowery and unrealistic. We see people ending up with each other even though we can never relate to their experiences. However, that is not the case with Nevertheless. 

From the very beginning of the drama, Jae Eon was portrayed as a mysterious character who barely shares any stories about himself. However, he was never a ‘bad person’. Jae Eon was commitment-phobic, but he was kind and respectful throughout. It is clear that he had certain issues even though the storyline did not dwell much upon it.

Nabi stopped believing in love after her being cheated upon by the man who was the center of her universe. Throughout the series, we see her transition from a timid girl to someone who gets her heartbroken and learns to stand up for herself. Perhaps this is why Nabi’s story was so relatable.

Nevertheless, is one such rare K-Drama that gives our generation hope that no matter how scared we are to fall in love and have our heartbroken, when the right person comes along, we will eventually find a way to be happy with them and for them. And perhaps it is this hope that makes Nevertheless, one of the best K-Dramas of 2021 regardless of what the domestic ratings say. And last but not least, I would like to thank Song Kang and Han So Hee for bringing Jae Eon and Nabi to life so beautifully. Nobody could have done it better than they did!

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