Will There be a ‘Mystery to Iunakare’ Anime Adaptation?

Will there be an anime adaption of Mystery to Iunakare ?
Will there be an anime adaption of Mystery to Iunakare ?

Anime is something that can provide you with a variety of series in every possible genre. It would be a one-stop for every kind of entertainment program unless you wanted to see something with real human faces. One of the sub-genre of the shonen genre is mystery and thriller. This is a genre that has given us some of the most interesting and memorable anime series. Some of the notable anime series from this genre are Death Note, Case Closed, PSYCHO-PASS, Paranoia Agent, and many others. Now here we shall tell you about another series that could just be added to your thriller anime watchlist – “Mystery to Iunakare”.

Unlike other series that you read above, “Mystery of Iunakare” is still not adapted into an anime series. You can read its manga series, but the picturization is yet to get out. However, as the manga is very popular, will the creators be finally dropping out an anime adaption of the series? We will find out this further in this article. The manga was nominated for 12th Manga Taisho in the year 2019, and in 2021 it came back in highlights due to an announcement. Some announcements have been made by Fuji TV, which is not so recently yet it plays an important part while talking about the anime adaption of the manga.

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About Mystery to Iunakare

Mystery to Iunakare, also known as “Do not say Mystery” or “Misturi to lu Nakare,” is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yumi Tamura. The manga was published by Shogakukan Publication that released its very first chapter on 28th November 2017. Till now, Mystery to Iunakare manga has been collected into ten tankobon volumes, and as it is still going on, you will get to see more volumes in the future. The manga was first published as a one-shot in the Josei manga magazine Monthly Flower by Shogakukan. Just because it’s a manga, it doesn’t stop it from gaining huge popularity. As per the roots in July 2021, there were 9 million copies of Mystery to Iunakare in circulation. The number increased by 4 million as by the end of the year there were about 13 million copies in circulation.

The plot of the manga goes around the life of a college student Kuno Totono. The protagonist is basically a loner who doesn’t have any friends either in the school or outside it, more any love interest and affair. Instead of indulging himself in socializing, he every day wakes up thinking about what is going on in society and ends up making some bizarre theories. He keeps these theories strictly for two main reasons. First, he doesn’t think there is anyone who ever understands him, and second, he doesn’t have anyone to tell about these in the first place. But this fact didn’t prevent him from being extraordinarily genius. His life took an interesting turn when one day, he was accused of a murder that he didn’t remember. While getting interrogated by the detectives, his eagle eyes and quick-witted nature notices something other than just words. He noticed some hints about the case and the worries the detectives have.

Mystery to Iunakare
Mystery to Iunakare

Will there be a “Mystery to Iunakare” Anime Adaptation?

Since we get to hear about the manga series again, we are going to go through some previous news and assumptions related to the same. Last year, somewhere in June or July, there were new certain announcements that were made by Fuji TV. It was related to the release of live-action of the manga series “Mystery to Iunakare”. Generally, we expect a manga series to get adapted into an anime series which is like a norm in the Japanese anime industry. I guess just stand out from the crowd. The creators have decided to get a live-action for the manga. But as we all wanted to know, will there be an anime adaption of the manga “Mystery to Iunakare”?

Myster to Iunakare Anime Adaption
Mystery to Iunakare live action

So, for that, there are no reports or official words from the creators about the anime series. We don’t have any information in this regard as the official sources haven’t shared any word about it. So, for now, we are not going to have any anime adaption of the manga series. But as we know, the live-action of the drama is already out on 10th January 2022. The TV drama series stars Masaki Suda and is ranking very well among the new release Japanese drama series.

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