Will There Be A Killing Eve Season 5?

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Killing Eve Season 5 release date
Eve and Villanelle in Killing Eve

We know how much attention Killing Eve is grabbing. Naturally, fans have been searching for the release date of Killing Eve season 5. Will there even be a season 5 for Killing Eve or not? As far as season 4 of Killing Eve goes, the series is doing very well. It is always fascinating to see Eve and Villanelle’s relationship and how, despite fighting with each other like crazy, they still come back together. However, in this season, we see Eve and Villanelle being distant from each other. We question whether or not Villanelle has changed and her whole Christian faith is real or not.

We have seen how Villanelle decides to leave her profession of assassinating people and turn to God but, is it for real, or is it a facade? As far as Eve goes, in this season, we see her thirst to bring Helene and ‘The Twelve’ down. Will she be able to bring ‘The Twelve’ down? What will happen to Helene? What will happen to Villanelle and Eve’s relationship? Has Villanelle changed and actually turned to God? We will be getting all these answers in season 4 of Killing Eve. However, fans are wondering what the release date of season 5 of Killing Eve is and whether or they are getting a new season or not. Let us dive into some answers.

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What Is Happening In Killing Eve Season 4?

After Villanelle turns to God in the first episode of season 4, Eve goes to Martin to ask if he thinks Villanelle has actually changed and if her whole Christian good girl thing is real. Martin says he thinks reinvention is another form of avoidance. Eve goes to Martin for a second opinion on whether confronting Helene alone is a wise move or not. Meanwhile, Yusuf, who is her coworker, thinks it’s a terrible idea and that she is behaving like the kind of person who adopts a snake and thinks it will never bite her. We have seen this type of behavior in Eve in before seasons too, she lets her ego get the best of her. However, this is the exact reckless behavior that brings Villanelle back to Eve.

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Killing Eve Season 5 release date
A still from episode 2 of season 4

Talking about Villanelle, she is on a camping trip with her fellow ‘parishioners’. She continues to white-knuckle her newfound faith in God and goes down to the path of salvation. However, we see that it appears to be becoming more and more difficult for her. Villanelle is technically a member of this new church family but, she also knows the other members have no desire to have anything to do with her. May is still traumatized from her near-death experience at Villanelle’s hands, and Villanelle is troubled by her actions.

Has Villanelle Changed?

Despite keeping May away from Villanelle, we see she convinces May to be on her side. Although, her corrupted sense of morality isolates her from the rest of the church. We see Villanelle has not changed and she is unwilling to modify her ways. As far as Eve goes, she tracks down Helene. She is in Paris. Eve prepares herself to confront Helene there. We know she has dealt with a lot of ladies who are psychopaths in her life to know that it is going to be difficult. Eve thinks of an idea, she arrives on Helene’s doorstep with a bottle of wine, a pie’s ingredients, and an offer. It turns out that Helene also wants to bring The Twelve down.

Killing Eve Season 5 release date
Villanelle outside the Vicar’s tent listening to May talk about her

Coming back to Villanelle, she overhears May saying that she believes Villanelle is the ‘devil’ and very evil. May was in the vicar’s tent. Now, it turns out that May is not on Villanelle’s side. It was the final straw for Villanelle. She kills both of them and then goes to the liar who led her wrong. Villanelle kicks Veezus to the ground and stabs him with a tent spike. No matter what happens, Villanelle is the same monster. For her, it does not matter how many times she reinvents herself, she is always the same.

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Killing Eve Season 5: Is There A Release Date?

Unfortunately for the fans and us, there is no Killing Eve Season 5 release date. In fact, there is no new season coming up. Killing Eve season 4 will be the last in the Killing Eve series. One of the cast members said that there is no Killing Eve season 5 because of Villanelle and Eve’s relationship. In Killing Eve season 4, we will see the hunt for the big evil organization ‘The Twelve’, and Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer will reprise their roles as Eve and Villanelle for the last time.

Killing Eve Season 5 release date
A still from season 4 with Eve and Villanelle

As far as the ending goes, we will finally get to see whether Eve and Villanelle will have a happy ever after. One of the actors from the series, Kim Bodnia, who plays the role of Villanelle’s handler, said that it could be a great love story if the series end in love. Kim thinks as a viewer he would hope that both of them could find each other and let all the hate go away. He also explained that the journey of the two characters needed closure since it is so complex. The series is ending because of the complexity of Eve and Villanelle’s relationship.

Killing Eve Season 5 or A Spin-Off?

We might not get Killing Eve season 5, however, we might be getting a spin-off. According to the creators of the show, a spin-off series could be in the works for those who were so eagerly waiting for Killing Eve season 5. If a spin-off does happen, you will get to see your favorites on the screen again! Even Kim Bodnia wants the series to continue and says why terminate the show now? He thinks it is working fine and the brand is new. However, Kim also acknowledges how complex the relationship between Eve and Villanelle is and the writes are going to give closure to everyone.

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As far as the release date goes, we don’t have a release date for the spin-off yet. There are no details on it either, however, AMC Network’s president Dan McDermott said that the team looks forward to the final season, that is Killing Eve season 4, and they are also looking forward to exploring potential extensions of the ‘Eve and Villanelle universe’.

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