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Will There Be A Fruits Basket Season 4?

Fruits Basket Season 4

Fruits Basket has completed its three seasons, but the third season ended with peace since the Soma Family has broken the curse before facing death. The Soma Family lives in harmony since Akito has reunited with everyone after revealing that she is a girl. This leads to the making of Fruits Basket Season 4 after completing its third season this year. The Soma Family got restored after passing through hardships, leading the men and ladies of the Soma Family to think about marriage. That will happen in Fruits Basket Season 4 that is rumored to return around 2022. Many sources are claiming that Fruits Basket Season 4 is around the corner.

The official sources like Chrunchyroll, Animelab, Funimation, and many more have not officially confirmed the return of another season of Fruits Basket Season 4. The third season was named “Fruits Basket The Final Season,” ensuring that the series might not return, but since Tohru, Kyo, Yuki, and others have a life yet to be revealed. If Fruit Baskets returns, it will be interesting for the fans since they would like to see how Tohru and Kyo’s love story continue and the other characters of the anime.

But the rumors always turn true all the time, and this might be another return of an exciting like Tohru’s life. This will be fun since the Soma Family is out of improvement, and they got set free from the Zodiac Curse. The fourth season of this series will be an interesting one since were are waiting to see Tohru as she embarks on new life with the Soma Family. Who wouldn’t like to see another season of Fruits Basket since Tohru will finally have a happy life after coming out of the pain and sorrow she faced in the last three seasons.

Fruits Basket Season 4

Fruits Basket Season 4

Will Fruits Basket Season 4 Release?

Fruits Basket has been on the writing, but the anime responsible for the production hasn’t been renewing for Fruits Basket’s fourth season. The last season was very emotional. But many viewers believed that another season would launch soon since the anime title: “Fruits Basket: The Final.” That made the fans have expectations for the fourth season of the anime. But the story shows that it has ended since everything related to the Zodiac Curse got eliminated. All that was left was only to see the new life of a happy Soma Family with Tohru, and the hatred in that family vanished since Tohru played an important role.

Unless the official sources announce Fruits Basket Season 4’s release, it will not releases in the future until the writer comes with other ideas that will be exciting for another season. The manga has also stopped releasing. The anime is adapted from the manga source. The will first continue for the fourth season of the anime to begin releasing. Fruits Basket manga has 23 volumes in total, and that has already been published. The manga is the source for anime to keep going, but the source is not releasing.

That makes the hopes of Fruits Basket Season 4 fade away. There is no valid source or leaks to confirm the return of this anime’s new season. The last season’s project was not a success. That made the writer and the production team name the anime as the season finale. The third season of this anime didn’t make good sales on CDs, but it was successful online. There are low chances for Fruits Basket Season 4 to release unless things change and the viewers can expect the unexpected. We will confirm more about Fruits Basket when we get more info.

Fruits Basket Season 4

Fruits Basket Season 4

Even though things are in this way, nothing is set in stone for animes as we know that anything can happen. Fruits Basket has been a good anime and received positive reviews from the fans. I mean people used to think that there is no way bleach manga will be getting an anime. But after several years of waiting fans are awarded with the return of the anime’s final arc. So this means that we only need to wait and see what will happen.

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