Will There Be ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Episode 11?

Dexter: New Blood episode 11 release date
Dexter: New Blood aired on Showtime

“Dexter: New Blood” recently saw the passing of the titular character. The controversial conclusion drew some flak as well as some major praise. What many saw as the fitting and deserved end to the iconic killer, many saw the conclusion as a work of haste. Irrespective of whatever the fans see the ending as virtually everyone seems to still be wanting more of Dexter. Will there be episode 11 of “Dexter: New Blood” now that the titular character seems to have met his definite end?

Or can they revive again, both the story and the character? Season 8 ended with Dexter faking his death and living under an assumed identity. The limited series picked up after the eighth season and saw the character die again. However, this time, Dexter didn’t fake his death. The touching send-off does seem to be a warranted and fitting end to him. The story of the dark passenger could continue with his son should the makers choose to pursue it. However, this seems to be the true end of the line for Dex.

Let’s now find out if episode 11 of “Dexter: New Blood” is around the corner or not. Spoilers ahead!

Who is Dexter's wife angela
Angela in ‘Dexter: New Blood’ finale

Watch ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Online — Streaming Details

You can watch “Dexter: New Blood” online on Showtime Now. The streaming site offers a 30-day free trial before a full plan, starting with a $10.99/month subscription. Live TV services like Sling TV, Hulu, and Fubo TV let you watch the show with a Showtime add-on. The UK viewers can watch the show on Sky every week on Mondays. Canadian viewers can binge the show through the streaming platform Crave. The service offers a 7-day free trial before you select a monthly subscription, starting from $9.99 per month. The Australian viewers can watch the show online on Paramount+.

Dexter: New Blood Finale Recap

Episode 10, entitled “Sins of the Father”, marked a definite, albeit somewhat controversial conclusion. Dexter’s last season had the titular character seemingly meeting his end. However, he came back, alive, to be met his what seems to be really the conclusion. The episode kicks off with Angela arresting Dex for Matt Caldwell’s murder. Angela dumps all the evidence against Dex she has accumulated.

Dexter cleverly retorts each piece of evidence, however. So Angela reaches out to Batista. He is taken aback by the news of Dexter Morgan’s existence. Seeing how Dexter is still alive makes him realize that his ex-wife was right about him. Angela has one-upped Dexter and informs him that Batista’s on his way. Dexter finally realizes he’s come to the endpoint.

Dexter Bids Farewell

There is no escaping his fate now, so Dex turns to a confession. He tells Angela he’ll give away the spot where Kurt buried all his victims. Angela heads off to the place, leaving Dexter under Logan’s supervision. Dexter makes a run for it and Logan confronts him. Dexter breaks his code again and kills Logan, before fleeing away. He calls Harrison and asks him to meet up. He’d have to leave the town but Harrison can’t tag along. Harrison also realizes that his father has killed Logan and that he doesn’t abide by his code as he told him. Dexter wants to leave the town and start anew somewhere else. Harrison asks him about his code violation.

Who plays Dexter's son
Dexter meets Harrison/ episode 10

Dex says he had to do it. Harrison refuses to tag along with his father and leaves the town. As Dex starts leaving, Harrison picks up a gun. Dex realizes this is the end line and tells his son he’s gotta kill him. Harrison takes the shot and Dex finally lays in rest. As life fades away, he tells Harrison he did a good as Deb sits beside him, comforting him. Angela arrives and sees Harrison with the gun. However, instead of cuffing him up, she gives Harrison some money and tells him to run off. Harrison does just that. Before driving away, Harrison reads the letter Dexter wrote to Hannah.

Dexter: New Blood Episode 11 Release Date

“Dexter: New Blood” Episode 11 will not release since the show came to its definite conclusion with Dexter’s death at the end of episode 10. As to the question regarding any potential continuation of the series, the answer is most likely to be a “no”. That’s because the ending seems to be sufficiently conclusive for the Bay Harbor butcher. The ending of Dexter: New Blood was advertised as an internet-breaking event. It certainly was very impactful among the fans of the show. It also indicated that the ending will be one that will stick and close the doors on the whole saga.

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