Will There Be A Bastard Anime Adaptation?

Bastard anime adaptation: here's what we know
Bastard anime adaptation: here's what we know

Famous manhwa’s such as God of High School Tower of God, whose popularity has reached its peak, get an anime adaptation. They either get an anime adaptation or a drama adaptation, just like Sweet Home. Manhwa and/or manga readers might have already read one of these; however, what about Bastard? Have you ever read the manhwa ‘Bastard?’ Will Bastard be getting an anime adaptation?

Written by Kim Carnby, the Bastard manhwa is illustrated by Hwang Young-chan. Bastard is another great manhwa, and you should consider reading it because it will get you hooked to it. There are five volumes, with 94 chapters in total. Published from 4 July 2014 to 6 May 2016, the Bastard manhwa is considered to be of drama, horror, mystery, and themed psychology genres. This manhwa or webtoon was officially published in paperback format by Dream Sodam in 2017. Serialized in Naver Webtoon, the series was published digitally in English by LINE Webtoon from 8 June 2015 to 20 March 2017.

Generally, the webtoon is good enough to have an anime adaptation. However, no such official news has been announced yet. Will there be an anime adaptation of Bastard? Or will there be a drama adaptation? Which will it be? Here’s what we know about Bastard.

Bastard Plot

Seeking a place to find solace, Jin Seon is an accomplice of his murderer father. Jin’s dad is kind, caring, and lovely outside but a murderer inside. Jin is bullied at school and is treated as invisible. However, his weak nature and appearance aren’t the result of bullying. The source of Jin’s overwhelming terror is his father, who is a successful businessman, a good samaritan, and a doting parent.

Bastard anime adaptation: here's what we know
Jin’s father (outside and real versions)

The good traits aside, Jin’s father is nowhere near to any of the traits and is actually a serial killer, who has also forced his son into the mess. Jin never went against any of his dad’s unbearable orders. However, this time was different. The one girl, Kyun Yoon, who saved Jin from getting bullied, was the new target of Jin’s dad. And this was something Jin could tolerate no more. His action may even risk his own life. Being a coward, Jin, will he send Kyun to his dad or be the Bastard who defies his wicked parent? Which one will Jin choose to be?

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Will Bastard have an anime adaptation?

There’s not a high chance of Bastard getting its own anime adaptation. As of yet, there’s no such official news. However, being optimistic won’t harm in any way. The Sweet Home manhwa, also written by Kim Carnby and illustrated by Hwang Young-chan, got a k-drama adaptation, after all. So, who knows if Bastard will someday have a drama adaptation, too, if not anime?

Bastard anime adaptation: here's what we know
Jin Seon and Kyun Yoon

Fan Review on Bastard

The webtoon Bastard is a highly likable webtoon amongst the readers. If not more popular than Tower of God, or God of High School, it has its own fandom. The reviews so far are positive indeed. Many fans have enjoyed the series and even recommended others to read it. Some call it a ‘classic.’ However, others say it is not, describing what a classic is supposed to be. A classic is considered a classic when something is way too old and super popular. However, Bastard started only in 2015, and considering a 2015 webtoon a classic would be too much.

Without any doubt, Bastard is good. However, some believe that it’s not that good for the webtoon to have an anime adaptation. “Anime fans will only view it as an edgy series, and that’s it. Horror series such as Bastard does not really have a place in the anime industry.” Knowing that it’s rude, the fans have indeed stated the fact.

Bastard has also been compared to the popularity of God of High School, Tower of God, Noblesse, etc. And knowing the fact, Bastard may have been good, but a webtoon like Bastard, if it had an anime adaptation, could only get a good review and might not be preferred by the masses.

All of the above reviews by fans are not criticism. They have indeed loved the manhwa and have reviewed it well. However, keeping that aside, what the fans said is actually true. That said, fans have liked the plot and the story of Bastard.

If you are yet to read this amazing manhwa, read it at Webtoon.

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