Will Tatara Die in Tokyo Ghoul?

will tatara die in tokyo ghoul

Will Tatara die in Tokyo Ghoul? Good question. If you are searching for an accurate answer, then you are in the right place. An antagonist like him must die. Because of his no interest in lower-rank fellow mates and abandoning them behind is one of his unacceptable acts. And if you want to know more about him and his appearance, personality, and also about powers, then stay here till the end of the article.

Tatara is a key enemy who appears in the manga and anime series of Tokyo Ghoul. Tatara’s birthplace was China, where he was a member of the Chi She Lian ghoul group and had previously been pals with team peers Fie and Yan. Aogiri Tree’s second-in-command and one of the One-Eyed King’s main followers, placing him in the status as among Aogiri’s key officials. Tatara was also the one who had come across Ayato Kirishima and noticed his strength and ability, and then hired him into Aogiri.

Tatara makes his debut appearance in the series’ Aogiri Arc. His initial encounter in the anime occurred when he, Noro, and the Bin Brothers attacked a central CCG base. In the Japanese version, he was voiced by Koji Yusa, while in the English version, he was dubbed by Christopher Wehkamp.

will tatara die in tokyo ghoul
Tatara | OtakuKaart

Will Tatara die in Tokyo Ghoul?

Yes, Tatara will die in Tokyo Ghoul. During Rushima Landing Operation, Takizawa stops the fight between Houji and Tatara. And then Takizawa’s strikes overpowered Tatara, who was shot with so many ukaku fragments and wounded in the belly. Takizawa subsequently pierced Tatara with his Owl kagune after stabbing him in the skull using Yumitsu Tomoe’s quinque. Tatara thought on the Anteiku raid as he died, asking if Arima had found what he was seeking for as he pulled an injured Kaneki into the path.

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Tatara stands at the height of over six feet. His eyes are crimson, and his hair is white. When he’s not out on operations, he likes to wear a crimson color mask that conceals the bottom part of his mouth and a massive blue robe. His robe is comparable to the Bin Brothers’ and other Aogiri troops’ robes, and his official uniform is crimson. A large white trench coat conceals his full body, including his arms, below the robe.


Tatara, being the Second-in-Command of the Aogiri Tree, the commander of Aogiri’s Forces in war, and one of the One-Eyed King’s main followers, comes out as a very devoted character. When it comes to fighting, he is cold-hearted, brutal, and vicious, killing any adversary of Aogiri with ferocity and without any remorse. His strength is incredible, and he is constantly keeping an eye on Aogiri’s people. He goes crazy when he encounters someone who recalls him of Kousuke Houji, a ghoul investigator who guided the Chi She Lian group’s downfall and now wants revenge against him. Even if a quinque is connected to Houji, he goes berserk and has a passionate dislike for the investigator. He thinks that ghouls are significantly better than humans and adheres to the ghoul dominance philosophy because he is a part of Aogiri.

will tatara die in tokyo ghoul
Tatara | OtakuKart

When Ayato recounts the several people of Aogiri who’ve already been killed and asked whether they are all replaceable in the organization, Tatara compares them all as stray dogs and tells them to act like them, proving his scornful and arrogant viewpoint of lower-ranking and inferior Aogiri comrades. Tatara is comfortable with abandoning kidnapped comrades behind and displays little concern for their deaths, but this is usually related to his past losses of his comrade Fei and brother Yan, and he avoids closer ties with others to prevent experiencing the same sorrow. Tatara’s buddy, on the other hand, is Eto. Therefore it’s safe to assume they’re semi-friends. Tatara looks to be a negationist as well, as he displays no concern for his people.


Tatara possesses extraordinary strength as a ghoul and also a reliable and robust kagune. Tatara is said to have a massive and strong kagune worthy of slaying an elite team of CCG troops. His kakuja seems to be well in state and armored all over his physique. Tatara has developed extraordinary speed to the same extent as several ghouls, but to a larger extent. It’s hinted in Root A that Tatara has extraordinary survivability as well as a great regenerating capacity. He also possesses the power of pyrokinesis. The RC Cells in his blood emit heat that can reach temperatures of up to 4,000 ° C. He can also control the scope and complexity of the fire. During the Rushima landing, he uses his pyrokinesis power to decimate an elite team of CCG Troops.

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