Will Succession Season 3 Have An Episode 10?

Succession season 3 episode 9 release date
Succession season 3 aired its final episode on December 12, 2021

“Succession” Season 3 Episode 10 will be hitting the screen? The critically acclaimed series recently had its third installment with episode 9 that aired on December 12, leaving fans wondering when a tenth episode might release. In the finality of season 3, we saw one last fight between Logan and his children for the control of the company. However, like always, the siblings couldn’t manage a win against their tyrant and victorious father.

“Succession” Season 3 stars Brian Cox as Logan Roy, Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy, Sarah Snook as Siobhan “Shiv” Roy, Kiernan Culkin as Roman Roy, Alan Ruck as Connor Roy, Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans, and Nicholas Braun as Greg Hirsch. While Episode 10 of “Succession” Season 3 will not be releasing, there’s plenty to discuss about the last episode and what it entails for the future of the Roys. Spoilers ahead!

Who plays Mattson in Succession
Alexander Skarsgård stars as Lukas Mattson in “Succession” season 3

Succession Season 3 Episode 9 Recap

The finale of “Succession” Season 3 opened with the answer we were all waiting for ever since the penultimate episode was over. The ending of episode 8 left the viewers with a cliffhanger regarding Kendall’s fate. The drunk and defeated Roy was seemingly drowning by the time credits started rolling in the previous episode. The main question in everyone’s minds was of Kendall actually died or it was nothing too serious.

Although his death did seem like a possibility, given his mentally decrepit state and death being mentioned several times throughout the episode. Plus, he was utterly defeated after his meeting and last demands to his father. However, Kendall survived. Episode 9 opened with all the family members sitting together welcoming Kendal after his discharge from the hospital. He was discharged soon as he only, according to himself, fell off the floater because he was drunk.

Logan Decides to Sell Waystar

Meanwhile, GoJo’s soaring stocks have reached even higher, with its market capitalization overtaking Waystar’s. Logan, fearing a takeover, heads off to meet Mattson himself, taking Roman along as well. Mattson and Logan have a talk and Mattson put it straight and clear: GoJo will acquire Waystar, he’ll be the CEO with the board in his palms as well. Plus, Logan will exit with a settlement.

Logan can’t believe he’ll do this but also knows deep down that he’s no other choice. As he starts to think about it he sends Roman back to his mother’s wedding. At the wedding, the usual Roy family shenanigans ensue. Shiv keeps asking Roman what became of their meeting with Mattson. However, he can’t say anything because he’s not privy to what has transpired. However, they soon learn that Logan has decided to sell the company without asking any of them.

The Siblings Unite

Roman and Shiv get distressed and head to Kendall to ask for advice. A is struggling with his broken psyche himself, he has nothing to offer his siblings right now. As the two siblings fidget around calling lawyers and getting stressed out, Kendall has a complete breakdown, sobbing heavily and finally admitting to his siblings that he killed the waiter back at Shiv’s wedding. Roman and Shiv finally take notice and console him. Roman cracks jokes while Shiv gets busy with calls. However, the two siblings do take care of him and support him. Roman consoles Kendall that it seems like he didn’t have anything to do with the waiter’s death from what he told of the incident.

The three siblings then get in a car to head off to their father. Kendall finally regains some composite and tells them about one thing they can do to stop Logan. He reminds them of the divorce agreement between Caroline and Logan. The agreement gives the children veto powers that have a voice when it comes to making any big decisions like selling the company. Meanwhile, Shiv informs Tom about their plan and what they’re going to do. Tom looks concerned and then goes to Greg to ask him if he’s ready to accompany him in climbing the ladder in the company. Greg agrees and the two shake hands.

The Final Confrontation

Meanwhile, the siblings confront Logan who pays no heed to their opinions and stuff about the divorce agreement. We soon learn why that is. As it turns out, Logan has convinced Caroline to renegotiate their divorce agreement. Which wouldn’t have been difficult since now Caroline is married to a man who wanted Logan’s favor. However, in doing so, Caroline effectively obliterated her children’s powers over company control.

That was a shocking last-minute turn of events that fractured the rare strong dynamic the siblings had developed and also the power that Roman had mustered up to stand up to his father. Not only that, but it also definitely broke Shiv a little when she realized that Tom was the one who told Logan about their plan which gave Logan the chance to stop before it could pan out.

Who plays Roman in Succession
Kieran Culkin as Roman Roy in Succession season 3 finale

Succession Season 3 Episode 10 Release Date

“Succession” Season 3 Episode 10 will not be airing since the show concluded with episode 9, with the Roy family’s morally depraved business endeavors and power tussles ending with Logan coming out on top once again. The children tried their best with Kendall, Roman, and Shiv even banding together against their father for once. However, they still can’t quite map up to the cunning Logan Roy is capable of. The delightful story of the various failures and successes of the media mogul family will continue with the fourth season that may or may not be the last installment of the critically acclaimed drama series.

Watch Succession Season 3 Episode 10 Online — Streaming Details

Although you won’t be able to watch the tenth episode, you can stream season 3 as well as previous seasons of “Succession” online on various platforms. HBO may be airing re-runs of Season 3 soon. Meanwhile, if you don’t have a cable subscription, you can stream “Succession” season 3 online on HBO Max. In the US, the drama series is available exclusively on HBO. For UK viewers, the show is available on Sky. The Australian viewers can stream “Succession” via Binge or Foxtel Now. In India, Disney+ Hotstar is the only platform exclusively streaming the show.

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