Will Sir Nighteye die in My Hero Academia? Mirai Sasaki’s Ending

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Will Sir Nighteye die in my Hero Academia
Sir Nighteye

My Hero Academia has gathered a huge fanbase. Its gradually darkening plot stands as a very viable reason for this tremendous popularity. But, what makes it further likable is its fun set of characters, each created with the perfect blend of comedy, seriousness, and drama. Character build-up in My Hero Academia is one of the finest one may come across. One such amazingly penned character from My Hero Academia is Sir Nighteye. His slick back hair and classic white attire won several hearts. But he was even more loved as he displayed an amusing personality beneath his straight face. Will Sir Nighteye die in My Hero Academia? The character takes up the spotlight from the very moment he is introduced. With the impact he builds up, I bet there’s anyone who would not want to know about his arc.

This is not the first time fans of Kohei Horikoshi’s work have fallen for one of his characters. The story of My Hero Academia has come a long way from being about a bunch of students or about Midoriya trying to take control of One For All. There has been a lot of evolution in everyone’s characters and the story as a whole. But as the plot thickens, the anime gets darker. The evil side of a superhero society is coming to light. And as it happens, death comes in too.

So what of our Sir Nighteye? Will Sir Nighteye die in My Hero Academia? Or will he survive long enough to fangirl over All Might more? Here is everything about the character and his end.

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Who is Sir Nighteye?

Sir Nighteye’s real name is Mirai Sasaki, the former being his hero name. His name implies his quirk named ‘Foresight,’ an ability that allows him to see the future of anyone he touches. He sees the future like a film for an hour. To activate his quirk, he needs to make physical contact followed by brief eye contact. Midoriya meets him after he joins Sir Nighteye’s Nighteye agency for an internship along with Mirio Togata.

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Sir Nighteye

Sir Nighteye was previously the sidekick of the number 1 hero, All Might. Personality-wise, he was quite amusing. He carried a straight face that could intimidate anyone. His sharp eyes were one of the first features that anyone would notice at the very first glance. However, Nighteye is not the serious hero we expect him to be. While he puts on a stoic face, he is also someone who deeply appreciates humor and only accepts those who could make him laugh.

It is implied quite explicitly that Sir Nighteye’s physical attributes are not exactly impressive. He is not very strong physically. However, he has superior intelligence and intellect that makes him an extremely formidable opponent. Sir Nighteye has quite an interesting arc that is filled with fun, action, and comedy.

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Will Sir Nighteye Die in My Hero Academia?

Sir Nighteye turned into a fan favorite pretty quick. For whatever reason, one would find it quite easy to attach to him, especially after the amount of righteousness he shows in his character. As someone who loves strong characters, Sir Nighteye was quick to climb up my list of favorite characters in MHA. So, will Sir Nighteye die in My Hero Academia? Yes, Sir Nighteye will die in episode 14 of Season 4.

During the battle between Overhaul and the heroes, Sir Nighteye gets touched by the villain’s quirk, which creates a hole in his chest. Being fatally wounded, Sir Nighteye survives long enough to make it to the hospital. However, in the hospital, he succumbs to death, leaving everyone devastated.

Sir Nighteye death
Sir Nighteye: Death Scene.

Sir Nighteye’s death was one of the first major deaths in the anime and manga of My Hero Academia. It was tragic and left many fans shocked too.

Where to read and watch My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia is a major mainstream anime. The manga is available for reading on Viz Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus app. Alternatively, you can also watch the anime currently streaming on multiple anime streaming platforms. You can stream the anime on Netflix, and Hulu.

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