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Will Shirley Fenette Die in Code Geass?

Shirley Fenette will die in code geass
Shirley Fenette

Geass is a supernatural ability that can be bestowed on others by certain people. C.C. is the most notable character who bestows Geass power. Each person’s Geass manifests differently, possibly as a result of their inner desires and personalities. Geass’s power grows with use, and if the user lacks willpower, it can consume them, as Mao did. C.C. refers to Geass as the Power of Kings, and she is immune to the power being used on her, despite not being able to use it herself.

Shirley Fenette was a student at Ashford Academy when she died. She was 17 years old. Shirley comes in 19th position for Favorite Female Character in the 29th Anime Grand Prix. Fumiko Orikasa (Japanese) and Amy Kincaid (English) provide the voices for her. She hails from a military family in the United Kingdom, and as a result, she is well-educated and well-off. Shirley instantly regrets shooting Villetta Nu after unmasking Zero but tells Mao that she did so to defend Lelouch. Her mental condition deteriorates following her meeting with Mao, owing to her dissonance towards Lelouch; she loves him and is upset since he is responsible for her father’s death.

Shirley Fenette will die in code geass

Shirley’s hair is a light brown color, and she wears it down. Two little strands on both sides of her head are put together in a ponytail, which may be expanded bigger or completely disappear. Her hair reaches her hips and is rather long. Her hair is dangling over her shoulder on the left side.

Shirley is described as gregarious, exuberant, and happy. She is physically active because of her Swimming Club activities, socially engaged because of her Student Council position, and gets the highest marks in her Ashford Academy class. Shirley initially appears in the first episode of the series, at the Ashford Academy, when she is discussing Lelouch’s gambling tendencies with Milly Ashford and Nina Einstein, which Shirley strongly opposes. Shirley’s feelings for him are teased by Milly.

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Will Shirley Fenette Die?

Shirley Fenette does, in fact, die in Code Geass. Shirley and the rest of Ashford’s Student Council had their memories modified by the Emperor to accept Rolo Lamperouge as Lelouch’s younger sibling in lieu of Nunnally in the second season. Shirley’s feelings for Lelouch have resurfaced, and she seemed to have forgotten about Zero. In episode 11, Lelouch seeks her counsel on how to break up a couple in love since he needs the means to persuade Empress Tianzi to marry a Japanese person as a political gesture to strengthen the Black Knights’ relationship with the Chinese Federation.

Shirley Fenette will die in code geass

She is unintentionally exposed to Jeremiah Gottwald’s Geass Canceler after the festival, which restores her memories that Lelouch and the Emperor had obliterated. She accepts it and forgives Lelouch after learning he is alone in his mission. Suzaku refuses to forgive Lelouch after she asks him. She assures him that she has forgiven him and that nothing is unforgivable. She makes the decision to stand behind Lelouch as the one genuine thing in her life, but she runs into Rolo.

Shirley, who is looking for Lelouch with a rifle, reveals to him that she wants to join them because she adores him and wants to help him reunite with Nunnally. In doing so, she unintentionally arouses Rolo’s enmity toward Nunnally, as well as revealing to him that she knows far more about Lelouch than she should; he becomes enraged.

She’s laying in a pool of her own blood when Lelouch finds her. She admits her affections to Lelouch, revealing that despite the fact that he murdered her father and had his memories erased twice, she kept falling in love with him. Lelouch orders her to live by using his Geass in a desperate attempt, but his Geass fails to owe to the tremendous blood loss, and she dies at his side. After that, Rolo admits that he murdered her because she had planned to kill Lelouch.

Lelouch pretends to thank Rolo for his conduct, believing Rolo’s justification (Shirley’s purpose to murder Lelouch) must be a falsehood. Her death was found by a coroner to be a suicide. As a result, Lelouch holds Geass responsible for Shirley’s death. He abandons his initial intention to use the Geass Directorate against his father and instead decides to destroy the Order and kill every member, including V.V. and Rolo, whose life Lelouch intended to sacrifice as a funeral offering for Shirley. Lelouch’s phobia of closeness grew as a result of her death.

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