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Will Shige Shige Tokugawa Die in Gintama?

Will Shige Shige Tokugawa Die in Gintama?
Shige Tokugawa from Gintama Episode 307

Shige Shige Tokugawa is a supporting character in Gintama. While he is a supporting character, his position in the setting is quite important. So the question is, will Shige Shige Tokugawa die in Gintama? Gintama is slowly turning into a shounen cult series. Its manga started in 2003 in the Weekly Shounen Jump. It has sold over 55 million copies worldwide. The story is set in the Edo period of Japan. Samurais and Shoguns capture this era historically. But in this comedy series, they share the screen with aliens. This series is a masterclass in comedy series. After all, this is one of the highest-rated shows. This series not only has an amazing anime series, but it also has one of the most loved live-action adaptations. Generally, people take some time to get into this series. We may also call this series an acquired taste.

Shige Tokugawa joins this series in episode 83. As we have discussed above, this series is an acquired taste. By the 50th episode, the audience gets sucked in. So by the time this character is introduced, our interest is already piqued. Shige Shige is a Shogun or a great general during the 14th century. He is born with a lot of privilege and power. He is trained in the Iga along with his friends. So he wants to use his privilege for some good. And he wants to change the world around him.

Personality and Background

Shige Shige was raised in the Iga Clan. Here, he became friends with Hattori Zenzou and Sarutobi Ayame. As a character, he deeply cares about his friends. He easily trusts everyone around him. This aspect of his is initially used as a comedic gimmick. Due to his privilege, he has become a naive person. After his father’s death, he soon gained the Shogun position. Soyo-hime is his sister. Rotten Maizou is their father figure. So the character goes through various changes and development. In his looks, he is similar to the rebel Katsura. This character is not one of the main characters, but he still leaves a lasting impact on the audience.


Shige Tokugawa from Gintama Opening

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Memorable Aspects of the Character

There are various moments throughout the series that make him so memorable. Shige Shige wants to change the Bakufu; existing government. He wants to lead his people into a world without darkness. So he often tries to act like a normal person. His Barbershop arc is one of the more hilarious ones. He tries his hardest to mix in with commoners but often gets made fun of for this. The character never shows his wrath for this. During his childhood and adulthood, we see him willingly risk his life. He does this to protect his friends. As a child, he had witnessed severe bloodshed. Now, as the people’s leader, he wishes for a better future. Other than these aspects, the character is also a closeted pervert. In a classic Gintama style, we see more of the funny aspects of the character.


Gintoki, Shinpachi and Shige during the Barber arc

Will Shige Shige Tokugawa Die in Gintama?

Gintama as a series captures fans’ hearts due to its unpredictable writing. While most of these moments are funny, others are more serious in nature. We often get to see the true depth of a character during the serious arcs. Shige Shige Tokugawa will die in Gintama as the character gets assassinated during the Shogun Assassination Arc. The character never acts egotistical because of his privilege. But he has the utmost trust in his friends and humanity. In the end, he gets betrayed by one of his childhood friends. He passes away while laying on his sister’s lap. This is one of the most heart-wrenching scenes of the series.


Tokugawa with his sister in episode 300

Shige Shige was considered to be a ray of light amongst the darkness. He never stood out much, as he tried his best to fit in. His death does eventually lead to various kinds of changes in society. Before his death, he and Katsura make a pact between them. They promise that if either of them dies, the other person will lead the country out of the darkness. After being poisoned by one of his friends, he feels slight relief. As he says, “Now I can finally go back to being simply Shige Shige”. The character acted as a Shogun or leader throughout his life even though he spent his life wanting to take down the Shogun.

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