Will Seon Hwa Find Out That Tae Yang Is Sae Byeok In The Second Husband Episode 84?

The Second Husband Episode 84 is just a few days away! Fans can’t stop thinking about what might happen next in the drama. The audience couldn’t believe what they were seeing when Seon Hwa told Hae Ran about all of the crimes Sang Hyuk and Jae Kyung had committed. Also, fans can’t get over how cute Tae Yang can be. Unlike Sang Hyuk and Jae Kyung, Tae Yang has grown into a well-mannered and adorable little boy. Even without knowing that Seon Hwa is his mother, he takes care of her.

When Seon Hwa came back home tired from fighting with Sang Hyuk and Hae Ran, Tae Yang saw her lying in bed and came to check if his aunt/mom was okay. Upon talking with Tae Yang, Seon Hwa oddly got reminded of her son Sae Byeok. Well, it wouldn’t be that surprising if she knew that Tae Yang is actually her son. Honestly, the audience was as angry as Seon Hwa would be when they found out that Jae Kyung and Sang Hyuk had adopted Sae Byeok. They were not only angry at that but also how shamelessly Sang Hyuk could lie to Seon Hwa by saying his son died. Plus, fans hate Sang Hyuk more than anyone in this drama. Not only has he cheated on Seon Hwa, but he knows he is cheating on Jae Kyung. He has been two-timing both of them; he really is an awful person!

Don’t miss out on how things will unravel in the coming episodes, and check out the release date, streaming details, and predictions for The Second Husband Episode 84.

The Second Husband Episode 84 Release Date

The Second Husband Episode 84 will be released on December 15, Wednesday. There is no doubt that The Second Husband’s episodes are getting more interesting with each episode. Starting with Seon Hwa’s revenge story, the drama progresses with her collecting evidence to prove her innocence, and now she is going to look for her son Sae Byeok. Undoubtedly, fans have been thrilled to watch the 84th episode of the kdrama.

The Second Husband Episode 84
Sharon cr: MBC

Furthermore, the kdrama releases new episodes Mon-Fri at 7:15 PM KST on MBC. Moreover, along with watching Seon Hwa’s growth, fans have been intrigued by Jae Kyung’s cunning mind. She seems to get away with anything she does with the help of her slyness and, of course, with the help of her trusty right-hand Soo Chul. With about forty episodes left, fans can’ wait to see what is in store for them in the upcoming episodes!

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Where To Watch The Second Husband Ep 84?

More and more Korean viewers have been tuning in on MBC to see how Seon Hwa is going to take her revenge. Maybe that is why The Second Husband had achieved its highest rating yet on its 79th episode. The episode had gained 10.2% nationwide viewership ratings. In addition to that, the k-series had already been popular amongst international fans. The international audience has been tuning in on Rakuten Viki and Kocowa to watch the episodes of The Second Husband. For those who want to be right on time to watch the episode, don’t worry! The 84th episode of the Second husband will release at 5:15 AM in the USA, 10:15 AM in the UK, 3:45 PM in India, and 8:45 PM in Australia.

What To Expect From The Upcoming Episode?

It is no exaggeration to say that there has been a lot happening in The Second Husband lately. After watching the preview for the upcoming episode, fans were full of questions. After getting really suspicious about Sang Hyuk’s actions, Seon Hwa finally decided to investigate more into Sae Byeok’s death. And what do you know, when she checked for the information about Sae Byeok’s pneumonia, she found out that Sae Byeok had fully recovered and is still alive. The last time, she thought Sae Byeok was alive

The Second Husband Episode 84
Seon Hwa, Jae Min, and Sae Byeok’s empty urn cr: MBC

Sang Hyuk quickly came up with a lie that they had drowned his ashes in the river. How will he be able to escape this time? Will Seon Hwa finally find out that she has been living with her son for the past few days? And if she does find out, will she continue her act as Sharon?  With all of these questions popping up, fans can’t wait to watch the episode!

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