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Will Season 2 Of Worst Roommate Ever Be Announced on Netflix?

Season 2 of Worst Roommate Ever

Will Season 2 Of Worst Roommate Ever Be Announced? If you are now concerned about the upcoming new season of the docu-series, Worst Roommate Ever. This article will be helpful to you to know all further information about the series’ new season. Firstly, let us clear all the details of its already released season 1. A Netflix documentary series, Worst Roommate Ever released in 2022. The first season was released on March 1, 2022. The story tells four stories of spiteful and occasionally violent roommates who transform the lives of their unknowing victims into real-life horrors.

As per our reaction towards this series is that it has an utmost curious and in the same way most terrifying tale. The series is quite fantastic for the criminal horror genre, as it suits the category so well. As, these true-life stories are not only scary but also incredibly distressing, which will definitely make you anxious to know more about every episode of it.

The team of the show is showing their power and consistency to their viewers. As, in a couple of days, its fans and viewers are loving it. For sure, this series will also become as popular as the other Horror stories. Now, here, we will tell you all we know thus far.

Will Season 2 Of Worst Roommate Ever Be Announced?

Currently, its first season has just come in front of the viewer’s and critics’ eyes, which is why the production team has not announced its second season release date yet! Though, we think that it will take quite some time as to when and whether to release the next season. Also, There is a chance that the streaming platform will add more episodes for the first season which is still fairly believable.

Everything to know about Season 2 of Worst Roommate Ever

Poster of the horror documentary series, Worst Roommate Ever.

So, now we will just have to wait for a while to see whether the production team of “Worst Roommate Ever” comes and put a green chit on the possibilities we are gathering. But no worries! Until then, you have to keep on reading the article to know what else you should know.

Cast Members of the Show

Another question that arises in the mind of everyone is, Who will be going to be in the Season 2 of Worst Roommate Ever? Whereas, the cast and crew of season 1 played a crucial role, as their hard work and devotion helped the show’s popularity to reach the top on Netflix. Kieren Teo Ee Shuen, John Cabrera, Jerene Yap are the members of the cast. These main characters portray the role of four criminals, Jamison Bachman, Dorothea Puente, Youssef Khater, and K.C. Joy. According to the rumors, some other faces may appear on the screen, but all we know is all about the primary casts which we have mentioned above.

Everything to know about Season 2 of Worst Roommate Ever

Dorothea Puente is an eighty-year-old lady who manages a boarding home.

The Possible Storyline for the Second Season

So, the show has consisted of 5 episodes in its first season. The second season will also be going to have 5-6 episodes, which plot over the continuation of its previous season. As the season left some of its sections and occurrences. Due to this, it will be exciting for the fans to watch Worst Roommate Ever Season 2. At the conclusion, the first season of The Worst Roommate finished on a suspenseful note, depicting the terrifying and disturbing incidents of many people who had lived with dangerous criminals.

Everything to know about Season 2 of Worst Roommate Ever

Worst Roommate Ever is a series based on true-life stories.

Hence, to know more precisely about what will happen in Season 2, then you will have to discover its 5 episodes which are one hour long each, which will confront some of the future events for its upcoming season. The series focuses on a 2018 piece published in New York magazine. Though, the next season will be going to be full of mystery, and drama. Of course, it will be scarier than its first one.

Recap of Season 1

Case 1

The series has 5 sections in total. All the episodes rely on the four criminal cases and on a fantastic narrative about each one of them. Now, the story recap began with the first half, as it tells the tale of Dorothea Puente, an eighty-year-old lady who manages a boarding home. The show has enlightened her murder history that she has killed nine people in her eighties, yet she has no regrets about it. She also used to collect social security payments from persons who have died. After a person goes missing from the residence, police started their investigation and have found seven dead corpses on the premises, and arrested Dorothea Puente. But, at last, she died in the jail itself.

Case 2

Next is the story of Youssef Khater who attempted murder and scam on Callie Quinn, a college graduate. For instance, it was then uncovered that he had previously engaged in fraud. In one of the cases, he hit Quinn over her head with a heavy metal object and attempted to burn her alive. But later, she survived despite receiving nine stitches in her skull and being choked. During the inquiry and investigations, Youssef stated that he had no intention of killing her. In the end, he was arrested and being charged for 602 days in prison.

Case 3

Another case in season 1 of Worst Roommate Ever is about the unexplained death of Maribel Ramos, a 36-year-old college student who served in the Iraqi military and went missing in California. Like every parent will do, her relatives and parents filed a missing report for her daughter. The police investigated the matter and learned about her roommate KC Joy. When they do the questionnaire with KC Joy, he made reference to Ramos and claimed that his English is poor, which is why he makes mistakes. But unfortunately, he was seen surfing one day on a library computer as to how long do bodies require to decay. He was guilty of what he did and sentenced to 15 years in jail. He did this because he was frustrated to be in a one-sided love with Maribel Ramos.

Case 4

This case is so horrific and deep as it takes a whole two episodes, to tell its narrative. It follows a character named Jamison Bachman. The story begins with Alex Miller offering her spare bedroom for rent on Craigslist. After then, Jed Creek came and pretended to be a lawyer and took her bedroom. But in reality, it was all done by Jamison himself, who was not a lawyer, surrounded here and there, gave no money to the owners, stole items, and violently assaulted them. He then assaulted Miller and got jailed for this. Furthermore, his brother got his bail, but ruthlessly he murdered his brother as well and committed suicide in the prison itself.

Has the Trailer for Season 2 gone Aired?

Unfortunately, not yet! Its release date is yet to be released. So, the trailer for the same will also come after that. The fans are eagerly waiting for its second season’s trailer to be out, who have watched and loved the first season of Worst Roommate Ever. At last, according to us, the production will confirm in the next couple of months about its release date and its trailer if the show will continue in the future.

Meanwhile, enjoy watching the previous trailer of the first season of Worst Roommate Ever,


Fans have been seated all excited for the next season, after watching the unique narration and great performance by the show’s characters. Worst Roommate Ever, a Netflix original series, exposes the bizarre true stories about people whose roommates turned out to be serial killers. It’s a well-produced series with good insights and great animation that helps illustrate the tale. It has garnered a lot more positive reviews, in just a couple of days.

Everything to know about Season 2 of Worst Roommate Ever

Youssef Khater in one of the scenes from the series, Worst Roommate Ever.

This five-part documentary will captivate you to watch the whole series on the same day. The show doesn’t feel stretched out or over-produced in order to exploit or gain more viewers. Basically, it is a perfect choice for the fans who are more into suspense and mysterious movies and series. Hence, this is all about for today’s topic as Will Season 2 Of Worst Roommate Ever Be Announced? If you haven’t watched it yet, then go watch it, it is available on Netflix.

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