Will Sean Find Out White’s Facade In ‘Not Me’ The Series Episode 3?

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Not Me The Series Episode 3
Not Me The Series 2021

Not Me The Series Episode 3 is releasing this weekend! Once again, one of the best BL couples, OffGun, has shown off their sizzling chemistry on the screen. So far, we have seen them only in rom-com, high school theme. However, their dark shade in Not Me The Series has already captivated many fans. OffGun’s on-screen chemistry is one of the reasons making the whole series way darker and more enjoyable with each passing episode. Only two episodes have been released but, the story has uncovered a different side of youth with an intriguing plotline and complex characters.

The latest episode shows that White finally learns about the severity of his action, or maybe more like Black’s decision. The once hero-like brother seems a complete stranger now. However, the same darkness also describes Black’s inner world, who is still his brother, he had left ten years ago. However, unlike Black, his strange demeanor makes him the target of doubts. Maybe not the others but, Sean seems to have caught on to his different behaviors. How long can White fool his twin brother’s friends? Will he really be able to find the culprit of his brother’s despair? Find out how Not Me The Series Episode 3 reveals White’s next plan of finding the offender!

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Recap Of Ep 2- White Discovers A New Side Of Black’s World

Ep 2 of Not Me The Series shows how the gang leads their vicious plan to burn down one of the famous businessmen, Tawi’s forest trespassing house. Although White does not want to be part of this dangerous play, Todd reminds him that he needs to act like Black to find the culprit. Unwillingly, he joins them but finding the right time, he pours down the whole gasoline in a basin to lessen the outcome. However, after burning down the entire mansion, White discovers someone is inside the mansion. And without thinking, he jumps into that fire. All other members also join him, and thankfully Sean saves White while Yok rescues the mysterious painter UNAR.

Not Me The Series Episode 3

Finally understanding the severity of this darkness where his twin brother Black lives, White gives up and declares he is quitting. Everyone assumes it must be aftershocks of facing death so closely. However, he decides to continue after experiencing immense pain since Black gets another cardiac attack. Thankfully, doctors save him, making White realize he has to find the culprit of his brother’s suffering. 

Even though they are not on a good term, Sean visits White, knowing all the members are together only because of him. Therefore, to become the old Black, White learns motorbike. Hence, we will see how far White can keep this facade in Not Me The Series Episode 3!

Not Me The Series Episode 3

Not Me The Series Episode 3 Release Date & Preview

Not Me The Series Episode 3 will be released on 26 December 2021 at 8.30 pm ICT on GMM25. With the first two episodes, the story has revealed a little bit of White and Black’s twin connection and the darkness of Black’s world, which White was unaware of. The preview of Not Me The Series Episode 3 is already dropped! The story will be more intense in the upcoming episode as Sean will challenge White due to his suspicious behaviors. All members of the gang have already caught on to White’s demeanor. However, White will not back off due to Sean’s challenge. On the contrary, he will face him off bravely even though he is not as talented as Black in fighting.

A New Member Will Join

Meanwhile, Yok will look for the mysterious painter UNAR, whom he saved from the fire. It seems he is mesmerized by UNAR’s painting skills, who is well-known for expressing social criticism through his artworks. Yok even suggests Sean let UNAR join their gang. However, what he does not know is the true face of UNAR! Will this mysterious painter be their mate or foe? Find out how this crime thriller leads in Not Me The Series Episode 3!

Watch Not Me Thai Series Ep 3 Online- Streaming Details

As for Thai viewers, the series is broadcasting on GMM25 at 8.30 pm ICT. Simultaneously, the episode will also air on AIS PLAY. In the other countries, it will be out on the same day at 8.30 am in the USA, 7 pm in India, 1.30 pm in the UK. On 27 December, it will be out at 12.30 am in Australia. It is also streaming on iWantTFC, an online streaming platform available only in the Philippines. For international viewers, Not Me the series is available on the official YouTube channel of GMM25 with English Subtitles.

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