Will Schneizel Die in Code Geass? The Prince’s Unexpected End

will schneizel die in code geass

Will Schneizel die in Code Geass? One may start having this question after they find out about the antagonist in Code Geass. He is easily someone you are not fond of. He is someone who put Lelouch’s plans to a halt. But looking at the narrative of the story, we all can realize that Schneizel would only play a vital role within a subplot, which would scarcely affect the main plot, and Lelouch’s aim to liberate Japan.

Schneizel el Britannia is a kind of difficult name to remember, but you should remember his name if you are a fan of the Code Geass series. He is the Second Duke of the royal family of the Britannia with the name of ‘Britannian Imperial Family. And he was also seen as the Prime Minister of the Holy Britannian Empire. He is a young guy who is around 26-28 years old in the anime series. He’s a tactician on an equal level with Lelouch, and he’s the only guy Lelouch hasn’t defeated in chessboard since he was a kid. Schneizel is commonly viewed as Lelouch’s main enemy, clever and merciless. He also acts as the anime show’s key villain, especially when it comes to Season 2. In season 2, he was seen as a major antagonist. While he does look more like a hero if we consider his appearance and personality, but he is the guy who is exactly the opposite.

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Will Schneizel die in Code Geass?

Yes, Schneizel will die in Code Geass. Schneizel will be killed by Suzaku Kururugi. During the birth of the new Black Knights where Kallen was using the dress of Zero, Schneizel goes to search for C.C’s code so that he can start the process of extraction. After finding the C.C. code, Suzaku Kururugi and Lelouch came to destroy his plan. But they were both late because Schneizel had already used some parts of C.C and got enough powers to destroy their plans to stop him. Schneizel was even closed to killing both of them at one time. But, Suzaku unfolded the mystery of his Geass Code and used his powers against Schneizel, and killed him by using his power as a Regulator against Schneizel.

will schneizel die in code geass
Schneizel | OtakuKart


Schneizel, having a pale complexion, has golden-colored tresses which hang all over the rear side of his neck. With sharp and purple-colored eyes, Schneizel is regarded as a highly attractive guy. He stands taller than almost all of the remaining characters ever created in the series of Code Geass.  He usually wears a long coat which is violet in color, containing decorations like golden and black, and a lightly fitted belt which is white, that wraps a few of his white pants around his lower half body parts.  A cream-colored jacket with gold shoulder pads. It has a tight, dark-colored collar with a red silk lining.


Schneizel is attractive and calculated, capable of creating difficult plans. Despite this, he displays his underlings a soft nature, gaining their trust and honor. He holds a lot of authority because of his position in the Britannian dynasty. He additionally exhibits a great level of compassion for young siblings, assisting them in various goals and providing them with safety in difficult situations, and he tried to murder Zero by using Suzaku as a medium. It’s difficult to tell if Schneizel is nice or harsh, or if he just doesn’t experience deep feelings in any respect. His sister Cornelia observes that Schneizel would be a great man if he follow his emotions.

will schneizel die in code geass
Schneizel | OtakuKart

Schneizel believes that progress in life is practically difficult for mere humans and that allowing individuals to pursue progress in their way of life is against harmful consequences. He is essentially a guy who only thinks about himself. Schneizel has a fundamental lack of comprehension of others. Schneizel, on the other hand, appears to have a rather pessimistic view of people. He views humanity which is mainly focused on his own needs and infatuation for others. And there is no place where they can live with such kind of desires.


Schneizel is a dangerous adversary. His most powerful tool is his masterful brain, which he possesses as equal to god. Schneizel has tremendous quickness and accuracy when it comes to creating and implementing plans. As a prime minister, he knows how to play with words and deceits innocent people and their feelings. He already has most of the power, but his hunger is on the next level when it comes to achieving more power.

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