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Will Rogue Cheney Die In Fairy Tail Series? The Journey Of The Shadow Dragon Slayer

Will Rogue Cheney Die In Fairy Tail Series

Rogue Cheney is one of the remaining dragon slayers from the famous manga and anime Fairy Tail and is a member of mage guild Sabertooth who was introduced in the series during the grand magic arc. Though the guild was overtaken by Fairy Tail, the character is still one of the favorites in the community. Rogue is also given the title of “Twin Dragons of Sabertooth” along with his brother in arms Sting. As he was not very fond of his name, he used to call himself Ryos in his childhood. The question is, will Rogue Cheney die in the Fairy Tail series?

Rogue, along with other fellow dragon slayers, is also accompanied by an exceed friend named Frosch. The two have an emotional bond for each other which is beautifully portrayed in both manga and anime. Even though the character is quite silent in his appearances, one thing he is particularly interested in is Gajeel, who is another dragon slayer. So what is the true story of the shadow dragon slayer? And will he end up dying in Fairy Tail? We’ll find it out as his story unfolds.


Backstory Of Rogue Cheney in Fairy Tail

Rogue’s journey starts four hundred years back when he was introduced as an orphan in the magic world of Fairly Tail. As an orphan, he was raised by a dragon named Skiadrum, who went on to teach him the sacred Dragon slaying arts, making him one of the true dragon slayers. During his childhood times with Skiadrum, Rogue was able to connect with four other dragon slayer children, namely Natsu (raised by Igneel), Gajeel (raised by Metalicana), Sting (raised by Weisslogia), and Wendy (raised by Grandeeney). The meet-up usually saw Sting looking up to Natsu and Gajeel.

Will Rogue Cheney Die In Fairy Tail Series

Rogue and his exceed partner Frosch during the last day of the Grand Magic Games

Like the other dragons, Skiadrum had also implanted his soul inside Rogue’s body, using it as a host to generate anti-Dragonization antibodies. But rather using Igneel and Metalicana’s method of vanishing from one day, Skiadrum manipulated Rogue’s memories, making him believe that he killed his father, becoming a true Dragon Slayer. According to the Dragon’s plan, Rogue, along with the other Dragon, slayer kids were sent four hundred years into the future by using the Eclipse Gate.

They jumped to the future, arriving on July 7, X777, where the atmosphere was rich enough to heal the dragons and help them defeat Acnologia. Growing up to his teen years, during X784, Rogue used to look up to Gajeel Redfox and also wanted to join the Phantom Lord Guild, which the latter used to be a part of. Along the way, Rogue also implanted Dragon Lacrima inside him, which resulted in him becoming the Third Generation Dragon Slayer.


Out of the Twin Dragons duo, Rogue is the quieter one. He is also very cool and collected, and there are very few moments that can spook him. While he’s least interested in anything, the one and only thing that gets him interested is Gajeel. Apart from this, it can also be made out that the character is quite considerate and caring towards his guildmates.

For example, to the current statement, we can go to the Grand Magic Arc, where Rogue, being one of the five-strong members in the guild, questions how the guild handles topics like failure and weakness, showing strong signs of camaraderie. During the arc, while Yukino was extremely humiliated by the guild master after her loss against Kagura, we could see Rogue questioning Sting where he said that despite her failure, she was still their comrade. Though the statement was discarded by the latter, claiming that this is how their guild works, we as fans could make out that Rogue really had a soft, caring side for his teammates.

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Will Rogue Cheney Die In Fairy Tail Series?

Well, currently talking about the manga and the animated series, it is confirmed that Rogue Cheney will not die in the Fairy Tail series. But even though the character did not die, there was an instance where he almost got killed.

The last day of grand magic games showed the beginning of the final round to decide the winner. While Sabertooth members start picking their targets, Rogue goes on a separate journey to find Gajeel. Soon as the final tournament began, Rogue walked into the building and finally was able to meet face to face with Gajeel, where the latter warned him that he’s not as soft as Natsu. The moment the fight starts, we see Rogue getting a blow from Gajeel’s Iron Dragon’s Club. During the fight, we also have a conversation here, the two where Gajeel claims if Rogue was not able to defeat Natsu, there is no chance he will defeat him. To which, he taunts that Gajeel is nowhere near Natsu, making him mad.

Will Rogue Cheney Die In Fairy Tail Series

Future Rogue who brought in the Dragon using the Eclipse Gate

While the battle continued, we were able to see Rogue’s backstory, revealing that he was Gajeel’s sworn younger brother. After this, he gets possessed by a mysterious shadow who orders him to kill Gajeel. While the latter has no idea how Rogue got so powerful, making him suffer and left to be consumed by the shadows, Gajeel manages to consume the shadow and bring forth newfound power to defeat the possessed Rogue. As Gajeel enters his new Iron Shadow Dragon Mode, the battle comes down to an even playing field, and the fight continues. Combining his two dragon types, Gajeel goes on to give Rogue a beating of a lifetime. Seeing Gajeel adapt to the same shadow magic that he uses, Rogue was brutalized to a point where he claimed that he didn’t know this Gajeel.

Immobilizing Rogue with his Iron Shadow Dragon’s Roar, Gajeel demands the shadow to leave as Rogue is at his limit. At this time, we see Frosch interesting between the two, begging Gajeel to stop before Rogue dies. Later on, we see Rogue gaining his consciousness after calling out Frosch’s name. Rogue then receives a hug from his exceed companion, clueless about what happened in the past few moments.

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