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Will Rod Reiss Die in Attack On Titan?

Will Rod Reiss Die in Attack On Titan
Rod Reiss

Rod Reiss, sometimes known as Lord Reiss, reigned over the Walls from 845 until 850. He planned to reclaim the stolen Founding Titan for the Reiss family by having his daughter Historia consume Eren Yeager. Rod had a small physique, just like his daughter. In contrast to his daughter, he was a somewhat overweight man with a large face, short black hair, and a thin black mustache. As if he were a wealthy man, he always wore a white button-front shirt, a black pullover vest, loose black pants, and black dress shoes. He was one of the anime’s most powerful titans, but he had his own set of drawbacks. So, will Rod Reiss die in Attack on Titan?

Rod had a calm yet anxious demeanor most of the time. Frieda Reiss and his brother Uri Reiss gained and lost the Founding Titan, and he spoke confidently and intelligently about it. Rod kept his cool with Historia, Eren Yeager, and Kenny Ackerman for the most part. After Kenny seized him and started thrusting a knife down his neck, he regained his composure. Historia, on the other hand, grew unstable and terrified after crushing the serum. She threw him and scoffed at his claims to godhood. He began to cry softly once the syringe shattered on the ground, and he frantically licked it off the floor in order to become a Titan himself. Let’s see if, despite being a giant titan, he dies in the anime or not.

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About Rod Reiss

Rod was Uri’s father’s firstborn son, the genuine monarch of mankind and inheritor of the Founding Titan. Uri, his younger brother, eventually joined him. Uri and Rod asked their father to rescue mankind from the Titans on a regular basis, but he refused, never explaining why. Rod was allegedly imprisoned several times for his efforts, and it is hinted that this occurred multiple times. Uri offered to take over his father’s job when it was time to pass it on to a son and asked Rod to pray for him. Rod knew he had transformed into an all-knowing entity and defender of the planet after observing his father’s presence in Uri the minute his brother opened his eyes. He had spent his time defending God and praying to Him, as his brother had promised.

Will Rod Reiss Die in Attack On Titan

Rod Reiss as a titan.

Rod had five children with an unknown lady while he was a young man: Frieda, Urklyn, Dirk, Abel, and Florian. Uri Reiss, his brother, and previous King met Kenny Ackerman after his brother was slain. Despite Rod’s pleadings for him to be killed, especially because he was an Ackerman, Uri rejected and apologized to Kenny. As a result of their close connection, Kenny became a Royal Family servant. Historia, Rod Reiss’ sixth child, was surreptitiously fathered by Alma, one of his employees and confidante. Frieda devoured Uri and rose to the throne of mankind in the year 842. Despite pledging not to submit to the spirits of their predecessors, Frieda and Uri fell to the First King’s influence.

Will Rod Reiss Die?

Yes, Rod Reiss will die in Attack on Titan. The Titan-form of Reiss wasn’t built for long-term survival. His limbs couldn’t hold the weight of his massive body. He was destined to lose his final battle because of his injured back. Rod ended himself as the underdog in the battle at Orvud’s walls since his Titan was not proportional. Humans blew him apart and chopped him into several pieces. Rod’s nape was severed by Historia, who relayed memories to her, including the fact that Rod attempted to overthrow the Titan’s Rule.

Will Rod Reiss Die in Attack On Titan

Historia and Rod Reiss.

When Historia asks his father, Rod Reiss, why none of the previous Founding Titans used their skills to help humanity, Rod responds that the first Reiss King wanted humanity to be ruled by the Titans because he felt it was the only way to achieve peace. Historia knocks the syringe away, shattering it on the floor. Rod lunges at Historia, horrified, but she knocks him to the ground by throwing him over her shoulder. While she tries to free Eren, Rod drags himself across the floor to the broken syringe and drinks up the contents. This transforms him into a Pure Titan. He does this as a last-ditch effort to seize the Founding Titan from Eren.

Rod’s Titan creeps towards Wall Sheena’s Orvud District, avoiding the Survey Corps troops beneath the Reiss Chapel, lured by the city’s massive populace. The army tries to arrest him and lead him away, but owing to the immense heat emanating from his body, they are unable to approach him. Before dawn, he arrives in Orvud, where he is hailed by a number of Garrison and Survey Corpsmen. Squad Levi begins ripping off the flying portions of Rod’s Titan’s torso in order to sever the Titan’s neck. Historia eventually finds and slices off a piece of Rod’s neck, getting access to pieces of his memories in the process. This included Rod imploring his father to save them from the Titans.

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