Will Rem Die in Death Note?

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will rem die in death note
Rem | OtakuKart

Will Rem die in Death Note? Are you guys interested to know the fate of this shinigami? If yes, then you are in the right place. Here we shall answer your questions as we cover other important information on Rem, such as his appearance and personality. But before that, do you guys know that Rem was a girl, not a boy? Shocked, right? So stay here till the end of the article to know more about her.

Rem is a God of Death who hands one of her Death Notes to Misa when she comes to the human world. She also has two Death Notes, but she did not obtain both of them because of the deception she got from others. Rem is a major supporting character in Death Note, one of the best anime of all time. Her part is mostly covered with her friends Ryuk and Misa Amane.

Gelus is also a God of Death who was affectionate towards Misa, and because of that, he gives his life to punish her attacker. And after that, he was converted into ash. As a result, he just left his Death Note behind. Rem gave his Death Note to Misa Amane because it was her existence that he had protected by giving his life to make her smile.

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Will Rem die in Death Note?

Yes, Rem will die in Death Note as she writes L’s real name on the death note to protect Misa Amane. Death Note is the notebook used by God of Deaths, but if a human finds a Death Note, then he or she can use that to write the real name of a particular person. The person whose name is written will die due to written cause or, by default, through a heart attack. And this is a central theme of this anime which creates a moment when Rem has to sacrifice her life to save the girl she loves the most.

will rem die in death note
Rem | OtakuKart

This event occurs halfway across the anime as L was suspicious of Light and Misa co-ordinating with one another as Kiras. So Light wants to use Misa so that he can save his life. He told Misa to use her Death Note to write L’s real name in her diary. But as she was unable to do it again, Rem decides to write it down for her so that Misa can escape being a captive. Rem makes a deal with Yagami that she will write L’s name but only if he stops using Misa for his plans. Yagami said to her that he would not use her anymore if she wrote L’s real name.

The shinigamis have a rule where they would die if they wrote someone’s name in the death note out of love to protect someone else. This is why Rem dies the moment she writes L’s real name in her death note.


Rem has a ghostly look, with straight, spine-like limbs and an epidermis that resembles joints. Azure color is used to highlight the female characteristics, like her tresses and oscular lines. The television series is the main example in which these textures are changed into violet color. Rem informs Misa that she is a female God of Death, unlike her appearance, which looks more like a man in anime series.

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According to Rem, the human world is a place where you cannot find happiness until you die. In addition, Rem openly helps Misa to follow the right path. This puts her responsible for not demonstrating ‘true’ God of Death’s qualities. She is prepared to put her body on the line to protect Misa, as proven by her promise to murder Light if in case Misa dies before her ending moment’s comes. Rem looks more like a dull character, but she is a very clever Female God. She knew that Light was not a good guy. That’s why she was always trying to tell her about his negative intentions indirectly. But Misa always thought that Rem was worried because she cared about her.

will rem die in death note
Rem | OtakuKart

Rem is somehow difficult to put in words because of her complex to assume personality. She always tries her best to hide her feelings for Misa. Her love for Misa is the same as Gelus’s love, but Gelus died before telling her, and Rem died after telling her.

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