Will Porco Galliard Die in Attack On Titan?

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Attack on Titan

Porco Galliard was an Eldian and the younger brother of Marcel Galliard. He was one of Marley’s Warriors and inherited Jaw Titan from Ymir. He appeared to be a brave figure, who used his Titan to leap in the way of bullets and protect his fellow Eldians Gabi and Falco. But it is possible that he was not acting on bravery and was instead certain of his ability to withstand gunfire with the absence of the anti-Titan artillery, indicating that he has fought on battlefields before.

As a dedicated Soldier, he would charge right into the heat of battle, attacking the enemy and crushing them for his people. He was one of the most dashing characters in Shingeki no Kyoshin. He believed deeply in his principles and ideals. Now, let’s find out what happened to him at the end!!

What was Porco’s personality?

Porco had a somewhat bitter personality and was shown to treat others, particularly Reiner condescendingly. He seemed to be prone to using passive-aggressive language. Galliard is prone to violence, as seen when he punched Reiner after they had an argument. He also appeared to be extremely arrogant and trusted that his Titan powers were more than enough to keep him alive against the experienced Survey Corps and he was visibly shocked when they are able to essentially fight him to a standstill.

Porco as the Jaw Titan

It should be noted that despite his rude attitude, he deeply cared for his fellow Warriors. While he was initially cold, he also showed great panic and anger when Pieck and Zeke Yeager are defeated during a battle with the Survey Corps. Once, he was driven by anger when he learned that Bertolt Hoover had died and his former Titan was being used by Paradis to destroy the Marleyan fleet, Galliard rushed against Eren in a blind rage.

This left both Pieck and Zeke more vulnerable to attacks, which was the opening the Survey Corps needs to defeat them later on. This personality trait also got him ambushed by Mikasa Ackerman when she realized he would act carelessly once he saw the Paradis Island airship flying above Liberio. This led to him being disturbed and was used to destroy the crystal in which the younger sister of Willy protected herself.

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Does Porco Die?

Out of all the Attack on Titan deaths, Porco Galliard’s is definitely one of the most memorable for the fans. Before being eaten by Falco, Porco said to Reiner: “So now I know for certain, I was the better man till the end.” As expected of Porco, he didn’t forget to put down Reiner even before his death. But Porco definitely didn’t mean what he had said. He didn’t crawl out of his titan to prove that he’s “the better man,” that he’s nobler and was ready for self-sacrifice.


After seeing his brother’s memories, Porco perhaps finally understood how much he owed to Reiner. If Reiner hadn’t been chosen to inherit the armored titan, it would have been Porco who would have been sent to Paradis. He would have been traumatized and mentally torn apart by his experience there and tormented and guilt-laden for murdering the innocents. Porco would have only had two years left to live but Reiner took the bullet for him; and in chapter 119, Porco paid Reiner back with his own death.

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Does Porco hate Eren Yeager?

Porco had shown nothing but hatred and anger towards Eren. This was shown during the Raid on Liberio.  This is when he repeatedly broke away from his designated target several times to attack Eren. Later, he ambushed Eren on the roof of the prison and then solely targeted him throughout the following battle. He knew how dangerous Eren could be (due to the latter using him to obtain the War Hammer Titan) and had expressed a strong desire to be the one who killed him.

Porco vs Eren
Porco vs Eren

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How did Porco get the Jaw Titan?

The Paradis Island Operation was abandoned in the year 850. That’s when Ymir, who had eaten Marcel and stolen the power of the Jaw Titan, was sent back to Marley. Afterward, Porco was chosen to reclaim the Jaw Titan for Marley. Turning into a Pure Titan, he consumed Ymir and gained the power of the Titans. He inherited Ymir’s memories and understood history and motives, but he saw nothing from the memories of his brother.

After four years the Warriors returned. Under orders from the Warriors’ Marleyan superiors led by Commander Magath. He went along with his comrade Pieck but they were unauthorized to engage in combat. It was due to the presence of the highly dangerous anti-Titan artillery. Then Gabi succeeded in bombing the armored train which held the artillery. Now, Galliard joined the fight and shielded her and Falco from machine-gun fire before charging forward, decimating the enemy’s defenses.

Fight between Porco and Eren

How different did he look in Human and Titan Form?

In his human form, Galliard had the appearance of a young man of medium height and slender complexion. He possessed gray eyes and blond hair in an undercut style that was pushed back. He also wore the Eldian armband on his left arm. It was required for all Eldians under the authority of Marley. While he was undercover on Paradis Island, Porco had stolen a Garrison uniform. It was to disguise himself as part of the Yeagerists. His Titan, the Jaw Titan, had deep-set eyes with a heavy brow and long blond hair. It also had an armored face and fingers. The Jaw Titan was muscular and well-toned, and he usually used to run using all its four limbs.

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