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Will ‘One Ordinary Day’ Season 2 Narrate A New Crime Thriller Featuring Kim Yoo Jung?

One Ordinary Day Season 2
Cha Seung Won and Kim Yoo Jung

Coupang Play’s ‘One Ordinary Day’ has become a hot topic with its complicated ending and season 2 possibility! Finally, justice has prevailed but, the innocent accuser, Kim Hyun Soo, has paid the huge price for it. Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won did an excellent job portraying their character and each emotion flawlessly till the end! However, the last two episodes of the kdrama were intense, keeping viewers on edge the entire time. After all, the flow of the storyline could make anyone nervous! Nevertheless, it has concluded, revealing the real culprit! The ending has left many questions unanswered, leaving viewers hoping for One Ordinary Day season 2!

The South Korean drama ‘One Ordinary Day’ is Coupang Play’s original based on the BBC’s TV series Criminal Justice. It is directed by Lee Myung Woo, and the screenwriter is Kwon Soon Gyu starring Kim Soo Hyun and Cha Seung Won. Both the cast and the production team have done an outstanding job executing such a crime thriller series! The kdrama has gained positive reviews due to the remarkable acting, suspense-filled plot, and well-executed cinematography. With the open ending featuring the actress Kim Yoo Jung, many fans’ anticipating One Ordinary Day season 2. However, is it really possible to have season 2?

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One Ordinary Day 2 – Is It Happening?

One Ordinary Day has recently finished, closing the main plotline yet, many viewers’ expecting its season 2. One of the major reasons for having season two expectations is the open end! The director has given open ending for both characters, Kim Hyun Soo and Shin Joong Han. Also, the actress Kim Yoo Jung’s cameo at the climax of Episode 8 has increased fans’ hope for season 2! 

One Ordinary Day Season 2

Shin Joong Han and looked-up girl (Kim Yoo Jung)

The drama concludes by showing Shin Joong Han clearing Kim Hyun Soo’s name. Both move on with their lives, and Shin Joong Han takes over his next case. He meets his next client in the police station, where he sees a girl coated with blood behind the bar, just like Kim Hyun Soo was during their first meeting. That girl is none other than the actress Kim Yoo Jung. Therefore, viewers are excited about the possibility of season 2! If we follow the ending, there is a potential for the next season. Numerous questions have been left unanswered, such as the details about Hong Guk Hwa’s killing part, Kim Hyun Joo’s ending, and Kim Yoo Jung’s cameo. At the climax, Shin Joong Han asks the looked-up girl (Kim Yoo Jung) whether or not she has hired a lawyer. Thus, the writer can create the next season featuring a new crime thriller tale about the looked-up girl’s story!

Since the kdrama is a remake of Criminal Justice (BBC’s TV Series), a sequel of season 1 seems a little complicated. But the production team can focus on a new criminal case in the next season. Hence, after analyzing season 1 closing, it seems there is enough room for One Ordinary Day season 2!

One Ordinary Day Season 2 Release Date & Renewal Status

With 8 episodes, One Ordinary Day drama has concluded on 19 December. Even with the fans’ excitement about the possibility of the next season, director Lee Myung Woo and screenwriter Kwon Soon Gyu have not given any official statement regarding this matter. Although there is a scope for One Ordinary Day season 2, it is up to the director and writer to make it or not. Furthermore, the popularity of season 1 will play a crucial role in this decision. Since the director and writer have not commented on the second season’s renewal or cancellation status yet, let’s be positive. Hence, fans should wait until the production house updates season two information.

Usually, kdrama writers take a gap of one to three years before making the new season. So there is a chance that the second season of One Ordinary Day may come around the second half of 2023 or 2024. The first season of One Ordinary Day kdrama was premiered on 27 November 2021 on Coupang Play and ended on 19 December 2021 with a total of 8 episodes. Each episode runs for 70 minutes. Thus, if the drama renews for the next installment, it will be a mini-series with a limited number of episodes, just like the previous one.

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Watch Season Two Online- Will It Be Available On Coupang Play Or Netflix?

Since director Lee Myung Woo has not disclosed anything about season 2 of One Ordinary Day, it will be difficult to predict its distribution channel. However, season 1 was Coupang Play’s original series. Therefore, the upcoming season may also be available on Coupang Play. Then the series will not be streaming on Netflix due to the exclusive distribution rights. But at this moment, nothing is confirmed yet.

Season one is available on Coupang Play with all 8 episodes. Coupang Play is an online streaming platform accessible only in South Korea. All episodes are available with English Subtitles. As for international fans, the Korean drama ‘One Ordinary Day’ is streaming on ViuTV. Keep note that ViuTV streaming is open for only a few selected countries.

Plot Summary- A New Crime Thriller Story

The ending of the first season has left many questions. Thus, making fans perplexed and hoping for season 2 of One Ordinary Day. One of the biggest surprised was Kim Yoo Jung’s cameo at the climax of Episode 8. Therefore, the next installment may narrate a new crime thriller. Many viewers are eager to find the looked-up girl’s tale and hope the production house makes the second season based on her story. Thus, the second season can reveal a different, original crime suspense plot where the female lead goes through hellish prison life while fighting against the absurdity of the law system. This time also, we can see Shin Joong Han taking over this case, showing his charismatic yet antic humor side to the audience.

One Ordinary Day Season 2

Shin Joong Han

Since the second season is not confirmed yet, it is still too early to predict the plotline. The previous season revolves around Kim Hyun Soo and Shin Joong Han. The ordinary boy, Kim Hyun Soo, suddenly becomes a prime suspect in the murder of a woman. When everyone leaves his side, and no one is there to defend him, a third-rate lawyer Shin Joong Han takes his case. Thus, the two embark on a crime investigation journey while uncovering the idiocy of the juridical system! The first season has excellently executed different colors of the law authorities, be it police, prosecutors, or lawyers. Hence, viewers have high expectations from One Ordinary Day season 2.

Cast Of One Ordinary Day Season 2- Will It Feature Kim Yoo Jung?

The leading cast members are the charm of One Ordinary Day season 1. However, will it be the same in the next installment? With Kim Yoo Jung’s cameo, many expect her to be in the second season. However, the casting has not been confirmed yet. Once the production team announces the next season’s updates, we will also find the casting details. Since Kim Sung Gyu’s character (Do Ji Tae) got killed and Kim Hong Pa’s role (Captain Park Sang Beom) has completed his duty, we may not see them in season 2. Hopefully, they will keep some original stars such as Cha Seung Won, Lee Seol, and Kim Shin Rok. Maybe we see Kim Soo Hyun’s cameo as well.

One Ordinary Day Season 2 Cast

Cha Seung Won, Kim Shin Rok and Lee Seol

The previous season starred numerous excellent actors such as Kim Soo Hyun as Kim Hyun Soo, Cha Seung Won as Shin Joong Han as main leads. For the supporting cast, we have seen Lee Seol as Seo Soo Jin, Kim Shin Rok as Prosecutor Ahn Tae Hee, Kim Hong Pa as Captain Park Sang Beom, and Kim Sung Gye as Do Ji Tae. The casting also includes Yang Kyung Won, Yoo Seung Mok, Kim Young Ah, Moon Ye Won, and many more. With such a top-notch casting, One Ordinary Day has delivered an exceptional version!

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What Happened In One Ordinary Day Season 1?

The Korean series ‘One Ordinary Day’ shows an ordinary boy, Kim Hyun Soo’s crime thriller journey. One night, he encounters a woman named Hong Guk Hwa. The two spend a blissful time together before a nightmare falls on them. Suddenly, he becomes the prime suspect of Hong Guk Hwa’s murder case. All evidence points towards him, making him stand alone against the corrupt law system, which is not ready to listen to his side of the story. However, a third-rate Lawyer Shin Joong Han comes to his rescue and starts investigating the chrysanthemum case!

One Ordinary Day Korean Drama

Kim Hyun Soo

Meanwhile, Hyun Soo goes through the worst experience in prison. He becomes a punching bag for the other inmates. Thankfully, one of the prisoners, Do Ji Tae, helps him several times. But he learns that only he can save himself, only he has the key to his freedom and no one else. Thus, he transforms into a cold-hearted guy, becomes apathetic towards everything, and begins to stand for himself.

Justice Has Prevailed But, The Damage Is Already Done

On the other side, Shin Joong Han comes across new suspects, including Guk Hwa’s friends, Yoon Hyo Jung, Uhm Ki Jong, her stepfather, witness Yoo Seung Hun, stalker Lee Chul Ho. However, after thorough investigating, he does not find the killer. Eventually, Kim Hyun Soo is sentenced to life imprisonment after finding objectively guilty of Hong Guk Hwa’s murder. Nevertheless, Shin Joong Han does not give up and eventually finds the killer, the rehabilitation center doctor, Park Chan Yeol. It reveals that he and Hong Guk Hwa had an affair before learning he was already married and wanted to end their things.

Although the killer is punished, the damage has already been done. Overall, the drama has well-executed the battle of an ordinary boy against the corrupt law system, who throws away his innocence and embraces the pain to survive in the hellish prison! However, the ending has not explained many questions, such as Kim Hyun Soo’s closing, Kim Yoo Jung’s guest appearance, etc. Therefore, keeps track of news to know the latest updates about One Ordinary Day season 2! 

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