Will Oka Close The Gate Between The Nether Realm and Human Realm In Shikizakura Episode 12?

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Shikizakura Episode 12
Shikizakura Episode 12

Shikizakura Episode 12 reveals the traitor in the Myojin Family and the final Shrine Maiden Ritual. Oka has decided to sacrifice herself for the Ritual to save humankind. She knows that if she closes the gate between the Nether Realm and Human Realm, she will send the Onis back, and they die after that. The Myojin Family has agreed to that since they don’t have any other solution. In Shikizakura’s latest episode, Oka’s sister Benio accepts that Oka had to complete the Ritual to annihilate the Onis once and for all.

Ryo, Haruko, Shuten, and Benio protect the Shrine so the Onis cannot interfere and stop the Ritual. Oka’s father, Shuten, is proud of her daughter even though he might end up losing her after the Ritual. Ryo reminded Haruko about their duty and told her not to mention Shuten’s name. He told Shuten that they would wield Yorois and fight with the Onis if they tried to interfere with the Ritual. Benio guards the gate, and Ryo and Haruko watch Oka dance the Ritual. Oka realizes that she has to do it for everyone and protect her memories with them.

She realizes that she can’t let her friends die in the hands of the Onis, and a sacrifice is better than letting the whole world die. Oka summons her peers to block the gate between the Nether Realm and Human Realm. Kippei and Kakeru realize that they have to stop the Ritual since they have found a better solution that doesn’t include Oka sacrificing herself. They are middle of the town, and Kippei is riding a bike, and they encounter crystal on the road. Kakeru realizes that they have entered the Onis’ territory and move fast.

Previously on Shikizakura Episode 11

The Onis begins to emerge from the ground, and Kippei loses control of his bike. Kippei wonders what those monsters are, and Kakeru reveals that they are Onis. He wonders why they don’t have horns, and Kippei reminds him that he said Onis, not cows. The two decided to face the Onis, and Kippei realized that he had to buy time for Kakeru to save Oka. He told Kakeru to leave, and he will handle the Onis. The Onis climbs the cars and begins to rampage. Kakeru left the scene and wielded his Yoroi, but it was different since Ibara did not respond.

Shikizakura Episode 12
Shikizakura Episode 12

The Onis chase Kippei and other humans in the town; Kippei lures the Onis away from the town, and a massive beam of light appears at a distance. The news reporters notice that and report the monsters coming from the ground. But they saw Kakeru, Ryo, Kaeda, and other Yoroi use protect humans and wonders who are those mysterious heroes on a suit. Kakeru arrives where Ryo and Kaeda are, and the two are surprised to see Kakeru wielding a Yoroi. Kakeru reveals that Ibara has been showing him something, and he needs to save Oka.

Kaeda was surprised that Oka was sacrificing herself for the entire world. The trio agrees that Kakeru will go to save Oka, and they will protect humans. Later Kakeru arrives at the entrance of the Shrine and meets with Benio, who blocks his path, thinking that Kakeru wants to ruin the Ritual. After taking all the crystals that Oka wanted to block the gate, Ryo and Kaeda find that Oka’s father is the traitor. Shuten is revealed to be the leader of the Onis and wants to destroy the world.

Shikizakura Episode 12 Release Date

Shikizakura Episode 12 will be released on 26 December 2021. Shuten reveals that Oka’s job is finished since she has played her role and is no use. Oka wonders why her father would betray her. But she decided to die at the hand of her father. Kaeda and Ryo tried to fight with Shuten, but they were both defeated. Shuten almost killed Oka, but Kakeru arrives and saves her. Let’s look at Shikizakura Episode 12 official details.

Shikizakura Episode 12
Shikizakura Episode 12

Watch Shikizakura Episode 12 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Shikizakura Episode 12 online on ANIPLUS & HIDIVE on Sunday at 1:55 AM. You also can watch Shikizakura Episode 12 online on Anime Digital Network & Bilibili TV. Kakeru told Oka that she didn’t have to sacrifice since he would save her. He fights with Shuten and vows that he will protect humankind. That was all about Shikizakura Episode Finale.

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