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Will Mr. Gu and Mi Jeong have a Happy Ending in ‘My Liberation Notes Episode 16’?

My Liberation notes episode 16 release date
My Liberation notes episode 16 release date

Time sure flies by quickly, we are just a few days away from the season finale with My Liberation Notes Episode 16. The series has been an emotional roller coaster with bittersweet feelings being dumped on us every episode. Kim Ji Won and Seon Seok Koo have truly reached great heights of their own potential in this drama. Although cliche at times, the story and its telling are absolutely unique that are sure to pull the chords of your heart in some way.

We have almost reached the end of this journey as we await the last episode of this series. Though the overall vibe of the drama was rather melancholic and antique, the messages conveyed were more real than ever. We all have something to take from this drama and infuse it into our lives! Here is what we think will happen in My Liberation Notes ep 16.

My Liberation Notes Episode 16 preview

The last episode was proof enough that Mr. Gu would never let Mi Jeong down. In fact, Mi Jeong herself confirms that he would never let her hit rock bottom. The two enjoy a jolly night at the club and down several drinks as they converse with joy. Just as this glimmer of hope and affection was reaching heights, there seems to be some drama at the club. Mr. Gu takes on the matter into his own hands. However, that might not be the greatest idea. Moreover, he ends up with a bruise on his face.

my liberation diaries episode 16 release date

Mr. Gu wears brown to signify resilience

Despite this, there are striking changes in both the personalities and overall appeal of the two protagonists in the story. For one, Mr. Gu changes his entire wardrobe and is seen clad in hues of brown and beige. Prior to this, he only donned black and grey outfits which resonated with his sadness and past. The change signifies strength and resistance as this is what the color brown represents. On the other hand, Mi Jeong sports white outfits that signify a new beginning. In this way, there is a hidden message in every aspect of the drama.

My Liberation Notes episode 16

Mi Jeong sports white and brown outfits

The brilliant cinematography and symbolism have truly set the series on another level. The intricate details and witty dialogues only add to the success. However, there is one point of confusion when Mr. Gu asks Mi Jeong if she wants a part-time job. What do you think he is talking about? A part-time at the club? or instead, a part-time job as the woman of his house by making her his wife? Watch My Liberation Notes episode 16 to find out!

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My Liberation Notes Ep 16 release date

The last bout of tears can be shed for the drama when My Liberation Notes Episode 16 will release on 29th May 2022. Fate played quite a few tricks on the couple Mr. gu and Mi Jeong. However, the time has come for them to receive their rewards for staying put through the hurdles that life threw their way. Watch the sadness and melancholy that seemed to have permanently occupied Mi Jeong’s eyes be replaced with love and affection.

The same goes with Mr. Gu as he completely transforms his life for the sake of his beloved. Moreover, as the two rest in each other’s warm embrace with hearts and souls intertwined, we cannot help but squeal with happiness from our couch! Mark your calendar and catch the last episode of the series without fail!

My Liberation Diaries episode 16 preview

cr: JTBC

Online streaming details of My Liberation Notes Episode 16

Korean fans can watch the My Liberation Notes Episode 16 on the JTBC television network at 10:30 pm Korean Standard time. The same would be 7:00 pm Indian time, 11:30 pm in Australia, and 2:30 pm in the United States and Canada. International fans can watch the episode on online streaming platforms like Netflix and TVNING. The episodes can be viewed with subtitles of their choice on availing of a subscription. Remember the stream My Liberation Notes ep 16 on May 29th. Stay tuned to Otakukart for more updates!

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