Will Midnight Die In My Hero Academia? The Ending For The r-Rated Hero

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Will Midnight DIE in my Hero Academia
Will Midnight Die In My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia brought forward several important characters. Most of these characters were seen within the premise of the prestigious hero school, UA High. The anime became quite memorable as it showcased the world of teens. However, what made the displayed school life an even better view was the faculty that consisted of loving teachers. Amidst the cool students were cooler teachers who made the show such a treat. Midnight is one such teacher in UA High who often grabbed the attention with her sexy outfits and adorable personality. Being a pro hero, she has proved herself as quite strong, so will Midnight die in My Hero Academia? The character, although she does not make very frequent appearances, has grown immensely close to the viewers.

Kohei Horikoshi has led his manga to a darker, deeper path, and we all know where such dark roads lead. Making a story realistic is hard enough without portraying the sadder part of life: death. Recently, Horikoshi has ended the journey of several characters in the manga in one way or the other. While the tragedies increase, all we can do is hope our favorite characters are not next in line. Midnight is indeed loved by several fans. She makes her first appearance in anime and manga as the teacher of class 1-A. Along with the progression, we have seen her as the host of different competitions, as an opponent to Sero and Mineta, and as she does hero work

So what end awaits the R-rated hero? Will Midnight die in My Hero Academia?

**Spoiler Alert: The following article contains strict spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga by Kohei Horikoshi.**

Who is Midnight?

Midnight’s true name is Nemuri Kayama. She is introduced as a pro hero who also works as one of the teaching staff in UA High School. While being a pro hero, she is also the Modern Hero Art History teacher. Midnight’s quirk tallies with her name. It is called ‘Somnambulist,’ which gives her the ability to put people in her vicinity to sleep. She activates her quirk by producing a soft aroma that acts as a sleeping drug for anyone who inhales it. However, the intensity of the effect differs in men and women as it has a lesser effect on women.

Who is midnight
Midnight: My Hero Academia

Midnight is often shown to be a comic relief character. She throws snarky remarks at anyone who talks about her age or interrupts her. Her outfit is quite revealing, her opinion of it being that it lets her make use of her costume completely. In fact, it is also revealed that it was because of her scandalous outfit that UA implemented costume regulations.

Midnight holds a bold personality too, where she would even talk sexually. She embraces the idea of youth and seeing the youthful energies of the students even seem to turn her on. However, she is way beyond just looks and scandals. Midnight is actually very smart and excellent at her job of being a pro hero.

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Will Midnight Die in My Hero Academia?

A lot has happened in Kohei Horikoshi’s manga in recent panels. While we love the sinister development that the story is putting up, we also hate bidding farewell to some of our adorable characters. Yes, Midnight will die in My Hero Academia. After her long journey with us, we finally bid her goodbye in chapter 296 of the manga, in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc.

Midnight death

In chapter 278, Midnight comes face to face with Gigantomachia. As she prepares to fight him, Mr. Compress makes an appearance. The latter villain uncompressed a marble of concrete and released it on her. She fell amidst unruly Paranormal Liberation Front members, who killed her. Although most of it happens behind the scenes, in chapter 296, her death is confirmed.

Where to Read My Hero Academia?

My Hero Academia is an immensely popular manga produced by Shueisha. You can read the manga on Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus app.

Where to Watch My Hero Academia?

Much like its source manga, the anime adaptation has skyrocketed in terms of fan-following. The anime is currently available for streaming on Hulu and Netflix.

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