Will Love Free The Hostages Inside the Tower In Tower Of God Chapter 523?

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Tower Of God Chapter 523
Tower Of God Chapter 523

Tower Of God Chapter 523 reveals the Zahard Army fighting with the hostages that Love freed. Sicarius from Lo Po Bia has held Love hostage, coating him with webs around his body. Evankhell is on the ground with a hole in her stomach. A mysterious white monster leads an army while Love is worried about Evankhell’s health. Sicarius is guarding Love to stop him from escaping. Love realizes that he has to do something since Evankhell is injured in the recent chapter of Tower-of-God. But he is worried about the hordes of monsters emerging from the gate.

Love realizes that he can’t let the people left in the Tower get annihilated, and he has to find a way to stop that. He tried to cut the webs, but he failed to free his hands. Sicarius heard the buzzing sound and wondered what Love wanted to do. The webs have covered Love’s view, and his arms are locked, but he notices that his legs are free. Love gathers Shinsoo on his legs and realizes that he used that trick earlier to break free. Sicarius was surprised that a chubby boy used the Shinsoo with his feet to cut the pillar and get free.

Love appears on top of the blue shield and shouts that he is free, all thanks to the Blue Oar; he has practiced that. He saw a machine that had an on and off button. Love realizes that the machine might be a control panel that can open the prison cells. He decided to shut it down to free the hostages. Sicarius notice that Love is free and decides to chase him. Love realizes that he must keep the distance and pull the button down before Sicarius reaches him.

Previously on Tower Of God Chapter 522

Sicarius and Love brawls, but Love uses Deception to burn Sicarius and send him flying. After the explosion, Sicarius realizes that he can see clearly. Love arives near the machine and realizes that if he releases the hostages, they can help them deal with the monsters coming from the gate. But he is confused about which button will open the cell and decides to pull the big one.  Sicarius realizes that it is too late, and the cell doors open. The hostages inside the cell wonder who opened the doors and moved out quickly.

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Tower Of God Chapter 523
Tower Of God Chapter 523

Love noticed that all cells have opened up, and the hostages celebrate that they have earned freedom. But they wield their weapons since they are ready to fight. Love was excited and forgot about Sicarius, who was behind him. But one of the hostages with a dogface warns others that it is time for battle and they will celebrate later. The lady points at the soldiers arriving, and Love tells the hostages that those soldiers are the Zahard Army and have allied with the guys who imprisoned them. Love told the hostages to fight with the Zahard Army to get out.

Sicarius realizes that Love has ruined the plan, and the hostages decide to fight for survival. The Zahard Army attacked the hostages, blocking the attacks and going all-out. The hostages and the Zahard Army had a bloody battle while Evankhell was on the ground. The Lo Po Bia family leader thinks that the hostages are a bunch of losers. Evankhell saw a flash of flame and opened her eyes. The leader wonders why the hostages dare to fight with the Zahard Army. He decided to blow all of them with a single strike.

Tower Of God Chapter 523 Released Date

Tower Of God Chapter 523 will be released on 26 December 2021. Love realizes that the Lo Po Bia family leader landed a massive blow, and they have no match against that monster even they a huge number of hostages. Evankhell summons that flash of light and covers the wound on her stomach. The leader wonders how Evankhell survived. Let’s look at Tower Of God Chapter 523 official details.

Tower Of God Chapter 523
Tower Of God Chapter 523

Read Tower Of God Chapter 523 Oline – Raw Details

You will be able to read Tower Of God Chapter 523 online on various websites. Evankhell asks the leader and Sicarius if they think she could die from such a wound. Love is glad that Evankhell has survived, and she told them that she pretended to be KO’d. Evankhell uses flames to close the gate. Inside the Mothership of Lo Po Bia Family, Branch Family Head Lo Po Bia Persues Alias White Horse talks with a soldier. Let’s meet when Tower Of God Chapter 523 is released.

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