Will ‘Lee Dong Wook’ Make Peace With ‘Wi Ha Joon’ In ‘Bad and Crazy’ Episode 4?

'Bad and Crazy' episode 4
'Bad and Crazy'

‘Bad and Crazy’ Episode 4 is keeping everybody on their toes. While Soo Yeol is trying to get in terms with our only superhero and savior of justice, K. Kyung Tae, on the other side, has been framed by Assemblyman Do and his brother Do In Beom. Once the victim has now turned into the suspect in the ‘Jeong Yu Na’s murder case’. In Beom was able to take the memory card from Kyung Tae. But of course, he couldn’t kill him (thanks to K and Soo Yeol). Showing the video message in the card to Assemblyman Do, they got to know she got that teddy bear for her daughter.

Getting elected again, Assemblyman Do seems to be having no remorse for killing Jeong Yu Na. And even went on to warn In Beom not to get charged for attempting murder. So to bail himself out, he planted a knife at Kyung Tae’s rooftop with his fingerprints. And made him the suspected killed of Jeong Yu Na. He told all the goons involved to leave the country as soon as possible. While Soo Yeol couldn’t really celebrate his promotion as he thought he could. His ex-girlfriend and colleague came to tell him that Jeong Yu Na was actually the informer on the drug case they were working on.

'Bad and Crazy' episode 4
A still from ‘Bad and Crazy’

‘Bad and Crazy’ Recap: Su Yeol’s Never-ending Troubles Have Just Begin!

As he reached home after his conversation with Hee Gyeom, K came to pay him a visit again. Taking him straight from the elevator to the hideout of Do In Beom’s hired goons on his precious bike. Respecting the old lady on his way as she crossed the road slowly. Breaking into the hideout, as Soo Yeol feared for his life, K went on to beat the guts out of the goons. But Soo Yeol ended up finding an important clue against Assemblyman Do. The blue gem necklace Hee Gyeom told him to look for as it had a camera inside. Coming out alive from dipping himself in kerosene, he went on to see the recording. And found out that Assemblyman Do had killed Jeong Yu Na at her house. Shutting the laptop in the middle, he was way too shocked to process what he had seen.

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Now getting in trouble because of K kicking Assemblyman Do straight in the face. And screaming like a crazy person pointing at nothing, everybody thinks he’s not stable. Now on the run from Do Yo Gon’s men and his superior, Soo Yeol is at the point that he wanted to avoid the most. His work and life are on the line. And if that wasn’t enough, him getting involved with Hee Gyeom is for sure going to drive him insane. Getting stuck with her in the closet while people outside hunt him down. Hee Gyeom is asking for an explanation, and he has no idea how to do it. Especially not without sounding insane.

'Bad and Crazy' episode 4
A still from ‘Bad and Crazy’

‘Bad and Crazy’ Episode 4 Release Date and What Might Happen?

‘Bad and Crazy’ episode 4 will release on December 25, 2021. Not wanting to risk his work and life, he went on to get rid of the necklace the next day. But K came back snatching the necklace from him. Telling him that he’s ‘The HERO’ and going to punish the ones who deserve it. He disappeared, jumping into the river by the side. Remembering about the time he met Yu Na’s daughter at the road pinning posters and asking him to look for his mother. How it broke his heart watching the little girl sitting at her mother’s funeral. And wondering about Yu Na’s corpse. He might make up with K and start looking at the murder case.

Where To Watch?

‘Bad and Crazy’ episode 4 will be available to watch on the streaming platform ‘iQIYI’. Each episode has a runtime of around 70 minutes. The first two episodes of ‘Bad and Crazy’ are available to watch for free with the subtitles. While the new one will be available with a basic subscription.

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