Will Kotaro Katsura Die in Gintama? The Fate Of Runaway Kotaro

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will Katsura Kotarou die?

Just like any other legendary series, Gintama can be considered one of them as well. If you are already familiar with the series, then you sure had a good laugh, no? To people who are quite unfamiliar with the series, which is hardly believable, do make sure to have a good laugh. However, with series such as this, there is still a possibility to encounter death scenes. As this blog concerns Katsura Kotaro from Gintama, we shall see, if he will die in the series.

Gintama is a highly recommended Shonen series, with over 200 episodes and live-action dramas as well. Gintama is a Japanese manga-based anime series written and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi. As the manga was published by Shueisha, its English version was circulated by Viz Media. The first chapter debuted on 8 December 2003 and ended on 20 June 2019, with a total number of 77 volumes. This series got its anime adaptation, produced by Studio Sunrise, started airing on 4 April 2006. A light novel based on manga and anime was also made, which was written by Tomohito Osaki and illustrated by Hideaki Sorachi. Gintama also received a live-action movie adaptation, which premiered on 14 July 2017, and a sequel was later released on 17 August 2018.

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Who is Katsura Kotaro?

According to Sorachi, Katsura Kotaro is modeled after Kido Takayoshi, who went under the name Katsura Kogoro, a man known as “Runaway Kogoro” because of his feat of eluding from the sight of Shinsengumi during Bakumatsu. Also known as the miraculous idiot, ‘Donald Zurump,’ Katsura Kotaro is the leader of a moderate Joui faction, the anti-foreigner faction. This faction is a loose confederacy of swordsmen whose goals are to overthrow the government and/or the expulsion of the Amanto. Katsura’s parents died, and he has lived with his grandma ever since. Stripped off of their home, Katsura and his grandma wandered around the streets homeless. Katsura has gained the title ‘Runaway Kotaro’ for his strategic runaways. His illogical decisions often end up making him look like a complete moron.

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will Katsura Kotarou die?
Katsura, also known as ‘Miraculous Idiot’

In Katsura’s childhood, Sakata Gintoki and Takasugi Shinsuke were his classmates and were under the guardianship of Yoshida Shouyou. Katsura made a resolve to be “a samurai who is both more cowardly and stronger than anyone else” so as to protect his classmates. When Katsura and Gintoki were injured, surrounded, and outnumbered by Amanto, Katsura suggested committing seppuku and dying with honor. However, as Gintaki suggested, ‘to live with honor,’ Katsura quickly agreed and charged at the enemies together. The three classmates, Katsura, Gintoki, and Shinsuke, went to different paths after the Joui War. Katsura continued his activities of fighting against the government.

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Will Katsura Kotaro die in Gintama?

No, Katsura Kotaro will not die in Gintama. Katsura, being Gintoki’s former comrade during the Joui War, continued to resist the Amanto and has amassed a band of followers. Because of his involvement in terrorist activities related to Bakufu, Katsura is a wanted man. Katsura, for that reason, has been persistent in not staying in one place and has been on the run from Shinsengumi. Even though Katsura is highly respected by his followers, following the rumor of his death in the Benizakura arc, some of the other terrorist groups tried to avenge his death. Katsura is also known as the ‘Daybreak of the Joui Faction’ by some of his followers.

Katsura once said to Kiheitai, “I can’t die before I see the dawn of Edo. If Edo is woken by rude people like you, it will get upset. You’ve got no need to see tomorrow’s sunshine, so rest in peace.”

will Katsura Kotarou die?
Katsura Kotaro

After the final battle, Silver Soul Arc, between the Tendoshu, had ended, most people think that Katsura (under his Donald Zurump identity) was assassinated. Not to much surprise, Katsura survived and became a masked vigilante named Oba-Z. He entrusted his former position to Soyo, fulfilling his promise to Shige Shige, and assisted Makoto and Takechi in finding the reborn Takasugi. In the second movie of Gintama, it shows that Katsura is wearing a bandage over his right eye and a kimono, appearing similar to Takasugi Shinsuke.

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