Will Koro-Sensei die in Assassination Classroom?

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will korosensei die in assassination classroom?
Korosensei - Assassination Classroom

Will Koro-Sensei die in Assassination Classroom? This is not going to end well. Discussing someone’s death never ends well. The pain gets twice the size if you are discussing the possibility of the death of your favorite anime character. For anime lovers, any character from any certain anime series does not only remain a character. Whenever a character dies in any series, it really hurts as the story is put in such a way that it grasps us. Unlike real actors, if a character dies in one anime series, they can’t reappear in any other series. This time, the despair might strike as we are about to discuss the death of Koro-sensei from Assassination Classroom. We are going to discuss whether Koro-sensei will die at the end of Assassination Classroom or not?

Assassination Classroom is a Japanese manga series from the action and science fiction comedy genre. The manga was drafted and demonstrated by Yusei that was released on 2nd July 2012. Later, an anime adaptation has also been released on 9th January 2015. Although both manga and anime series have ended, this series is always going to stay in demand. Other than anime and manga, games based on this series have also been released by Bandai Namco Games. The game gave the same response as the manga and anime. This successfully made Assassination Classroom one of the top-rated anime series till now. So, the question was will Koro-sensei die in Assassination Classroom? What fate awaits for Koro-sensei in Assassination Classroom?

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About Koro-sensei

Koro-sensei is a very familiar character from the Assassination classroom. The well-known character is the homeroom teacher of class 3 – E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School. The character is an anti-hero and the secondary protagonist of Assassination Classroom.  Even though, he took the responsibility of making a permanent crescent moon and destroying the earth, he was most loved by both the students and the fans. Before becoming a teacher in Kunugigaoka high school, he was a trained assassin and was known as “The Reaper”.

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Although being a very dangerous killer and being responsible for destroying 70% of the moon, the world’s leaders decided to give him a chance by making him a teacher at Kunugigaoka High and homeroom teacher of 3 – E. But on the condition that he will not harm the students.

After he became the teacher at the school, the government of Japan announced a promised reward that would be given to the student who would be able to kill the Reaper, aka Koro-sensei. But everyone knew that he was a holder of such immense power that made the task unachievable. He has the ability to do accelerated regeneration, visual cloning, fly, move at high speed, all these abilities of Koro-sensei make him a very good teacher. Students can’t make a move against him because even though he was a bad guy, he is the best teacher they can ask for. From supporting them to training them, he was totally perfect in all aspects. So, how did Koro-sensei die? Did he really die or not?

Will Korosensei die in Assassination Classroom?
Koro-sensei – Assassination Classroom

Will Koro-Sensei die in Assassination Classroom?

Yes, Koro-sensei died in Assassination Classroom. He was killed by his very own students. But no, this is not the way you think. It was not any kind of struggle or battle between Koro-sensei and students. Keep reading to find what actually happened.

During Koro-sensei’s battle with Reaper 2.0, he was as fierce as always. But the fight didn’t end well. He was successfully able to defeat Reaper 2.0 but caught severe fatigue after the fight. It was told at the beginning of the series that Koro-sensei only had a year of life, and that’s why he wanted to destroy the earth. But Aguri Sensei gave him hope, and due to their relationship, he decided to stay on earth. So, after he caught fatigue, he got this intuition that it was his time to leave. Koro-sensei asked his dear students to finish him off. The situation got really emotional. While Koro-sensei was taking his last breaths, he did his ever last roll call.

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He asked Nagisa to make the final move, due to which Nagisa got overwhelmed by the emotions. As a response, Koro-sensei gently placed his tentacle on Nagisa’s cheek and told him that he had to do this with and smile and he really wanted to die. Every student holds Koro-sensei down as Nagisa finally stabs him. His body immediately started to dissipate in numerous light particles, and this is how Koro-sensei died.

will korosensei die in assassination classroom?
Koro-sensei carrying missile

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