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Will Kaworu Nagisa die in Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Kaworu Nagisa

Kaworu, the seventeenth angel, was first seen in the 24th episode. He’s not a villain, but he’s still an antagonist in Neon Genesis Evangelion. He’s also known as Tabris. He came to replace Alluka, whose synchronization ratio had fallen below usability. Hence she had gone to a mentally unstable stage. Shinji was feeling low and sitting in front of the piano. That’s when Kaoru came and started playing the piano while encouraging him to play it as well. They slowly develop a beautiful bond over time, and Kaworu develops a love interest in him. Neon Genesis Evangelion is a dark and psychological anime, which portrays human emotions, romantic as well as sexual relationships. So owing to that, will Kaworu Nagisa die in Neon Genesis Evangelion?

The anime has two versions. The original one was made by Japanese Studio Gainax. It was legally streaming for years. That’s when Netflix came in and decided to stream it there. The translations and some other things were changed. The anime is quite problematic and includes some important issues like depression, anger, aggression, and internal homophobia. It has 26 episodes, and it’s a great watch for a long weekend or the coming Christmas break! Kaworu is one of the most sacrificing and selfless people who would do anything to protect his loved ones. Now let’s move on to know if Kaworu died in the series or not because, after all, he is an angel, right?!

Did Kaworu confess to Shinji?

One day, Kaworu and Shinji went to take a bath together. While sitting together in the bath, the boys displayed a warm and comfortable environment. After some time, Kaworu placed his hand on Shinji’s, who then allowed Kaworu’s hand to linger on his own. Soon, Kaworu confessed that he loved Shinji. Later, Shinji told Kaworu that they should go to bed. Kaworu was confused after hearing this and asked if they would go together. Shinji went to Kaworu’s apartment that night. He slept on the floor beside Kaworu’s bed. He was afraid of going to his home and facing Misato after Asuka had disappeared. Shinji felt comfortable talking about his past to Kaworu.

Kaworu Nagisa death

Kaworu Nagisa, Tabris the 17th and last Angel

Will Kaworu Nagisa die? If yes, how?

Yes, Kaworu Nagisa will die in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Soon afterward, NERV staff became suspicious of Kaworu’s high synchronization rates with Unit-02. Misato and Hyuga came to know that Kaworu could set his synch rate to anything he wanted, and suddenly Unit-02 was activated. They realized that it was Kaworu, who was the 17th and final Angel. Shinji was placed into Unit-01 and ran after Kaworu.

Kaworu proceeded into Terminal Dogma and realized that the giant crucified there was Lilith and not Adam. After Shinji defeated Unit-02, Shinji held Kaworu using Unit-01’s hands. Shinji was hurt that he was betrayed, and Kaworu was a liar, just like his dad. He was still quite angry with him, but he didn’t want to kill Kaworu. However, Kaworu told Shinji that his life was now complete, and it was way more meaningful after meeting him. He requested to be killed, claiming that it was entirely his choice that how he would die. It was his true freedom. After a long moment of silence, Shinji granted his request and broke into tears.

Kaworu Nagisa Death

Kaworu and Shinji

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Is Kaworu in love with Shinji?

Shinji showed him a whole new world and a whole new way to perceive life. Kaworu is in love with Shinji, as he mentioned in the bathroom scene, and the manga even portrays a kiss even though the anime does not. Also, the Netflix version has somehow censored the “I love you” into “I like you for some unknown reasons. The editor said that “it was for leaving some room for “interpretation,” but was it really? There’s been a backlash because Neon Genesis Evangelion was released in 1995 by the Japanese studio Gainax, and the translation shift caused outrage among the fans.

kaworu nagisa death

Difference between the translation of Japanese Studio Gainax and Netflix

According to fan theories, there’s a high chance that Kaworu is gay, and Shinji is bisexual because of his relationships with Alluka and Misato. After Kaworu’s death, Shinji admits that he was attracted to Kaworu, even though “a guy shouldn’t like ‘another guy’ like that,” which might sound a bit controversial in itself because of the internal homophobia or what’s commonly known as gay panic, which is radiating through his dialogue.

Is Kaworu x Shinji canon?

Yes, it is very much a canon. “Canon” is a word people use when certain events happen in the story that is labeled as “official” by the creator. Sadamoto published Chapter 67 of the manga in 2006, in the 10th volume. In that chapter, Kaworu’s sexual interest in Shinji became explicit in a scene where Kaworu repeatedly kissed Shinji and then shared his romantic feelings for him. “How does it feel when a person likes another person?” Kaworu asked, in Neon Genesis Evangelion’s official English translation (the manga was published in the US by Viz). “Wanting to touch them, kiss them and not to lose them” But then Shinji rejected Kaworu with some good old-fashioned gay panic.

A book called Hideaki Anno Parano Neon Genesis Evangelion has a section of character descriptions, one of which describes Kaworu’s relationship to Shinji. “To Shinji, Kaworu was the first friend he could open up to, and also be someone that could be a same-sex partner”. Here “same-sex partner” translates to “same-sex lover” and “someone he could love romantically”. There was no room for interpretation, so it’s understandable why the fans were disappointed.

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