Will Karasuno Win The Nationals? The Epic Battle To The Top

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Haikyu nationals
Will Karasuno Win The Nationals?

Haikyu!! has remained one of the most-watched sports genre anime. The anime has succeeded enormously among sports fans and non-fans alike with the precision and accuracy of volleyball portrayed along with the thrill and roller coaster ride of emotions. It is based on Haruichi Furudate’s original manga, which was published by Shueisha. The manga concluded previously in 2020 with the most satisfying ending. It is rare for me to admit this, but Haikyu!! is undoubtedly a full package of everything. It has a little of the comedy genre, slice-of-life, sadness, thrill, and even action. The anime revolves around the growth of Karasuno as a team, as they push further to win the Nationals. Will Karasuno win the nationals? That has been a recurring question the plot keeps putting forward. While Karasuno meets stronger teams, it gets stronger itself.

If one looks for motivation or a good push to get the day going, Haikyu!! might be one anime you may want to binge on. The inspiration to stay determined and positive through the worst times in this anime is unparalleled. What makes watching Haikyu!! ten times better is the teamwork portrayed. Fans have loved the interaction between the characters and the sportsmanship between them, making it one of the most popular anime. So far, Haikyu!! has four released seasons, but the manga has long been concluded. Will Karasuno win the Nationals in the manga? Or will they perish?

Matches Played by Karasuno

Karasuno plays at the Interhigh Tournament first but right before going to the Nationals, they face defeat in their match against Aoba Johsai. They rejoin at the Spring Tournament, where they defeat not only Aoba Johsai but also Shiratorizawa in the finals. Having entered the nationals in 2013, they played matches against Tsubakihara, Inarizaki, Nekoma, and Kamomedai.

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Will Karasuno Win The Nationals?

Karasuno has woken up from the slumps and risen to the very top. Every team member battled their demons and became better versions of themselves, be it in the game or in life itself. Seeing their growth, anyone might start rooting for them to win the nationals and go back home with wide smiles. But the very essence of a good story lies in facing reality, and that is exactly what Haikyu!! does too. No, Karasuno will not win the Nationals.

Will Karasuno Win The Nationals
Karasuno Vs Kamomedai in the cover of Haikyu Volume 41

Karasuno has always been a team that has had strong attacks with multiple formations. It was bold and always baring its fangs out. With so much enthusiasm, the team reached the Spring Tournament quarterfinals but lost against Kamomedai, a team known for its nasty serves. The members of the team are also recognized for their mental strength and blocks that are compared to that of Date Tech’s, only stronger.

Following their loss in 2013, they rejoined the Interhigh Tournament in 2014 but lost against Date Tech in the Miyagi Prefectural Qualifiers. Once again, they played at the Spring Tournament, won against Aoba Johsai, and went to Nationals but lost against Inarizaki in the second match of Spring Finals.

In the third year of their high school, Hinata, Kageyama, Tsukishima, and Yamaguchi entered the Spring Tournament with Yamaguchi as their captain. They play through and reach the semi-finals but lose against Itachiyama.

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Karasuno Vs Kamomedai

After winning against Nekoma, Karasuno enters their match against Kamomedai in chapter 339 of the manga. The match starts smoothly as Hoshiumi Korai, the now Little Giant, and Hinata strive to take the renowned title. The match lasts till chapter 367. A spectacular match between the crows and the seagulls occurs. Members from both teams take their moments to shine. Karasuno starts off strong, with the duo showing off their skills. But eventually, Kamomedai gets along the pace and wins the first set by 20-25.

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Karasuno has never been an easy opponent. They take the next set by 25-22. The third set begins with Kamomedai leading. Hinata gets fired up seeing stronger characters, thus getting even better himself. Karasuno manages to take the lead and turns the table to 14-13. But right at the peak of the match, Hinata falls to the ground at the end of chapter 364. In the next chapter, he is revealed to have a high fever caused due to the high strain on his body from the matches played in the past few days. Coach Ukai notes that they had been reckless and failed to notice Hinata’s health condition.

Hinata is forced to sit back. Things get even more complicated for Karasuno when Tsukishima has to be subbed out later due to a leg cramp. The team loses the third set by 23-25 and thus are eliminated from the nationals.

Hoshiumi Korai
The next Little Giant: Hoshiumi Korai (WS: Kamomedai)

Where to read Haikyu!! Manga?

The Haikyu!! manga is currently available for reading on Viz Media and Shueisha’s Manga Plus app. You can also stream all the seasons of the anime adaptation on Netflix.

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