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Will Kakashi Hatake Die in Naruto?

will kakashi die
Kakashi Hatake

Naruto, Dragon Ball, and One Piece are three of the most common names you will hear in the anime fandom. These shonen series have long offered great action sequences, amazing anime openings, and completely brilliant characters that we just can’t stop obsessing over? If you have begun watching Naruto, I bet you are familiar with Kakashi Hatake, who is the sensei of team 7. Kakashi was introduced in the third episode of the anime as well as in the third chapter of Kishimoto’s manga. The character won several hearts with his calm yet goofy nature and overwhelming strength. He plays an important role in the anime and depicts an interesting character arc too. As the series progresses, I bet fans ask several questions like what path will Kakashi take? Will Kakashi die? and several more that keep them on their toes.

Kakashi is a shinobi from the Hatake Clan. He is acknowledged by several characters in the series for his strength and skills as they often come to him for advice. Kakashi comes off as an adorable character as he dislikes responsibilities and prefers to read romantic erotic novels. While the latter quality remains, Kakashi learns how to be more responsible as he teaches team 7. Kakashi wears a mask that covers his mouth to hide the nosebleeds he gets from getting aroused while reading smut. He was placed in the top three most popular characters in Naruto. If you love the character now, I bet you are curious. Will Kakashi die in the series? As grim as the question is, just as much needed is to know about Kakashi’s future in the Naruto anime.

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Kakashi Hatake: Backstory and Personal Life

Kakashi Hatake, as aforementioned, was team 7’s teacher. He was a child prodigy and even Minato, Kakashi’s teacher at the time, saw through his genius. While training, Minato would not go easy on him and challenged him so that he would grow. As a teacher himself, Kakashi would often tell Team 7 to be in sync and taught them teamwork. But as a child, he had different ideologies, which made him quite difficult to work with. This ideology came to him from his painful past.

kakashi child

Kakashi: Young.

Kakashi’s mother had died when he was young, and he was brought up by his father. His father, Sakumo, was another skilled shinobi in the village who was renowned for being quite powerful, especially after he had saved the entire village on occasion. On a certain mission, Sakumo decided to save his teammates rather than completing his mission. However, he received severe backlash from the villagers and even his teammates as the mission was not accomplished. Facing defamation was hard for Sakumo, and unable to take it anymore, the shinobi committed suicide.

Learning from the experience, Kakashi decided to prioritize rules and gave up on practicing teamwork. It was only in the Third Shinobi World War that Kakashi saw how wrong it was to abandon teammates under the influence of Obito Uchiha. He starts to realize that protecting his teammates is more important than completing missions, a lesson he delivers to his students as well.

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Will Kakashi Hatake Die?

There are several moments in the anime when Kakashi comes awfully close to death. Despite the high number of wins, Kakashi often ran into some very powerful characters since the beginning of the anime. It is also to be noted that it was his skill as a genius shinobi as well as the support from the others at times that he could make through some of the most dangerous situations.

Kakashi Fights Zabuza Momochi

This was the first near-death experience in Kakashi’s fighting history. At the very beginning of the series, Kakashi faces off against Zabuza Momochi and Haku. Kakashi defeats Zabuza, and the latter is declared dead only to reveal that he is, in fact, alive. The two break into another battle, and this time Kakashi had learned certain lessons from their previous fight. Kakashi uses ninken and tries to locate them through the thick mist created by Zabuza. After locating them, Kakashi attacks Zabuza with his Lightning Cutter, but Haku sacrifices himself and takes the blow instead. Haku holds onto Kakashi tightly, making him an easy target for Zabuza. However, Kakashi manages to free himself and weaken Zabuza’a arms. After a chain of events, Zabuza loses.

In this battle, Kakashi faces some amount of injuries but comes out victorious and alive. But throughout the fight, viewers were constantly wondering if Kakashi would die.

kakashi vs zabuza

Kakashi Fights Zabuza.

Kakashi Fights Pain

After the Third Shinobi World War, Kakashi fell deep into depression, having lost two of his teammates. The trauma left him in darkness, and Minato tried helping him out by making him the Anbu. Later he even dealt with his teacher Minato’s death along with the regret he felt of not being able to save them. Kakashi had hit the lowest parts of life multiple times in his life. However, unlike many other characters (Like Itachi Uchiha, for example), Kakashi never gave in to this darkness and turned villainous. Instead, he stayed with optimism and continued to believe in the principles his close ones’ had left engraved in him.

Being a prodigy, Kakashi was naturally strong and had defeated several stronger opponents. However, he faced one of the most amiable opponents, Pain, in the Pain’s Assault arc. After Jiraiya’s death, Pain arrives at Konoha and attacks using Six Paths. Kakashi first finds the Deva Path and plans to eliminate it but sensing the danger level. Pain instead sends the Asura Path towards Kakashi. He is almost able to defeat Deva Path, but with the interruption of Asura Path, he fails.

will kakashi hatake die

Kakashi vs. Six Path Pain

He continues to fight back strategically. After a fierce battle, Deva Path tries to kill him by trying to hit his head with a nail, but Kakashi warps it with Kamui. He pretends to be dead being badly battered. He sees Asura Path sending a missile towards Choji. To protect him, Kakashi uses Kamui again to warp the missile and, as a result, exhausts his chakra reserve, which causes his death.

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The Aftermath

Kakashi’s death could not have been predicted. No one saw it coming at the first time, but yes, Kakashi will die eventually in the Naruto series. Kishimoto’s plot twist broke several fan’s hearts, but there was more to come. After his death, Kakashi meets his father Sakumo, and they have a long talk where Kakashi talks of his life. He tells his father how he understands Sakumo’s choices.

In the real world, Naruto and Pain break into a battle, and the latter loses. As Naruto talks to him, Pain realizes the consequences of his actions. Convinced with Naruto’s words, Pain revives everyone who had died in the battle, bringing even Kakashi back to life.

kakashi after death

Kakashi meets Sakumo in Afterlife

Before leaving the afterlife, Sakumo thanks Kakashi for giving him peace, and he continues to live in the afterlife. Kakashi is revived and learns about the events of how Naruto defeated Pain. Kakashi meets Naruto, and the two return to Konoha.

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Kakashi Fights Obito

Even after dying once, Kakashi continues to live dangerously. But perhaps one of the most shocking news he had discovered was not only that Obito was alive, but that was also the real identity of Tobi. Obito accused Kakashi of Rin Nohara’s death. His ideologies had changed drastically, and the very person who reminded Kakashi of the worth of protecting their teammates over completing the mission now believed that the world was not worth saving. In their first fight, they both come out equally battered. Kakashi stabs Obito’s heart, but the latter escapes, and Kakashi, who remained behind, collapses.

In the second fight, Obito steals some bits of Madara’s Chakra. Once again, Kakashi experiences a near-death experience. It is only because of the interruption of Guy that Kakashi survives.

Kakashi fights Obito

Kakashi Fights Obito

Following the arc, Kakashi continues playing an important role in the anime and contributes to several major future arcs, becoming a fan favorite. You can binge all seasons of Naruto on Netflix with your favorite snacks and the best company!

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