Will Johnny Depp’s $50 Million Lawsuit Against Amber Heard Get Dismissed?

For all you Johnny Depp fans out there, this is a piece of news that might change your views about the real-life version of Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp has recently filed $50 Million lawsuits against his ex-wife Amber Heard. He has said that she has publically defamed him numerous times and thus the lawsuit. In response to this Amber Heard thinks that this lawsuit is ridiculous.

It was revealed by Amber Heard that during most of his time Johnny Depp was either drunk or was high on drugs. During this time Amber Heard said that Johnny Depp abused her both verbally and physically as well. She also said that after he went back to being sober Johnny Depp had no idea what he had been doing during the time when he was drunk or high.

Amber Heard has also referred to Johnny Depp in this version as a complete monster. She also accepted that she has punched Johnny Depp once but only to stop him from abusing her sister. Meanwhile, Johnny Depp has not accepted any of such claims of beating up his ex-wife or even abusing her. Johnny Depp thinks that she is trying to defame him.

The former couple were seen on screen together in a movie known as Rum Dairy which was a good movie and Johnny Depp’s work was pretty good in it. Since then they got married, separated and even divorced.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Well, to be honest, Johnny Depp is one of my all-time favourite characters and hearing these things about him easily makes his image in my head of a horrible person and truly a monster.

But as we know that in today’s world no one can be trusted and certainly not a person’s words can be trusted. It is possible that Amber Heard is lying indeed about Johnny Depp so that she can close in the case in her favour and dismiss the $50 million lawsuit filed against her by Johnny Depp. If we look at the other side, maybe Johnny Depp has done none of the things that Amber Heard is claiming, so his case against Amber Heard for the purpose of defaming him is more than legitimate.

I do hope that the justice prevails somehow and if Johnny Depp is guilty may he be punished and if he is not then may Amber Heard be punished. This act of Amber Heard certainly comes in defaming case and if she losing she might have to pay Johnny Depp $50 million which is a huge amount. So, let us hope that the true guilty party is exposed and punished.

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