Will Ji Won Confess To Ki Joon In ‘School 2021’ Kdrama Episode 5?

School 2021 episode 5 release date
cr: KBS2

School 2021 Episode 5 is yet to release, but the buzz around it has been circulating right after Episode 4 concluded. The last episode of the teenage drama ended, leaving fans with numerous questions on ‘What will happen next?’ With Jin Ji Won running to Gong Ki Joon to confess her love and the camera shutting right there, Episode 5 will explore the next level of Ki-Joon and Ji-Won’s love story. Besides them, Seo Young and Eun Bi also witness significant problems in their lives. Thus, the drama awaits in School 2021 Episode 5.

School 2021 has successfully introduced the audience to the many characters with four episodes out. The drama is led by many young and talented actors who are easy to relate to. Also, their lives are entangled with each other, making the drama even more exciting. With every new episode, fans wonder what more can happen to complicate the story. Thus, School 2021 should not be missed.

Watch the Nulji Science and Technology High School students figure out love and friendship together in the race to achieve the best for themselves. Further are all the details you need to know for the new School 2021 episode.

School 2021 Episode 5 Release Date

School 2021 Episode 5 will release on December 8, 2021, at 9:30 PM KST. The new episode will drop on the upcoming Wednesday, following its schedule. The fresh episode will be broadcast on the KBS2 network originally in South Korea.

As the drama progresses with its plot, we get closer to knowing more about the students and their dreams. In the preview of School 2021 Episode 5, we find Jung Yoong Joo (Cho Young Woo) asking Kang Seo Jung (Hwang Bo Reum) to go easy on herself. Meanwhile, she explains that she has no time to sit back and relax. Later, we find Ji Won and Ki Joon taking a stroll together in the park, while the voiceover says, “You are spending too much time with Ji Won these days.”

School 2021 episode 5 release date
cr: KBS2

On the other hand, Lee Kang Hoon (Jun Suk Ho) might get in trouble in the next episode, just like Ji-Won. At the end of the preview, we find her running in an unnamed direction as she screams, ‘Grandfather.’ The incredible story for School 2021 is penned down by Dong Hee Seon (Love 911) and Jo Ah Ra. On the other side, Kim Min Tae of “Cheat On Me, If You Can” directs it. The crew is equally in charge of making the drama a hit. Moreover, the popularity is evident with the ratings rising every day.

Where To Stream School 2021 Online?

It’s effortless for South Korean residents to stream the drama on their screens. However, the Kdrama fans living outside the country need to find it online on various platforms. Luckily, School 2021 is easily accessible to all the fans, even those living in the corners of the globe.

Rakuten Viki, the home to uncountable Kdramas and Asian films and shows, will allow you to watch School 2021. All you need is a subscription, and you will be able to access all the new episodes as soon as they release. Plus, subtitles in English and other languages are available too. Watch the drama here. Also, find more exciting dramas to watch on the platform.

The Love Stories

Ki Joon and Ji Won are moving forward with their relationship, and fans are excited to see the two get together soon. But, the other ships are sailing too. Seo Kang and Young Joo might be in a fake relationship, but they are getting closer. It looks like the fake emotions will soon transform into the real ones for the two. However, fans are also wondering if they will witness any love triangle. And, the only possible one we can think of is between Ki-Joon, Ji Won, and Young Joo.

School 2021 kdrama episode 5
Seo Kang and Young Joo (cr: KBS2)

Apart from the romantic relationships, the bonding between Eun Bi and Seo Kang is getting stronger. After their huge fight in episode 4, the two came around and mended their broken bond. Ki-Joon and Young Joo’s relationship and past still have a bigger story to tell the audience. In the meantime, the two handsome men have difficulty staying around each other.

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