Will Izumi Curtis Die in Fullmetal Alchemist?

will izumi curtis die in fullmetal alchemist
Izumi Curtis

If you are an anime fan, you are sure to have seen several masters of the protagonist pass away. So, Will Izumi Curtis die in Fullmetal Alchemist? is a question that may pop in your head as you watch Fullmetal Alchemist. Well. a character like Izumi Curtis is very rare to see, especially when she is represented in front of us as a Sensei. So are you looking for an article where you can get some cool information about Izumi? Here is some cool information like her appearance and personality. To know more, please read the full article.

Izumi Curtis is one of the major supporting characters who support Alphonse and Edward Elric. She is a genius alchemist who lives with her hubby Sig in the Amestrian city of Dublith, where they own a meat shop. Despite her normal reluctance to take any pupils, she agreed to take Edward and Alphonse Elric as pupils and taught them alchemist’s philosophy for six months. Izumi soon discovered that she adored them as her real sons and treated them like a mother from inside and a sensei from outside. And she always guides them and tries to provide them with some helpful resources and help for their future efforts.

will izumi curtis die in fullmetal alchemist
Izumi Curtis OtakuKart

Will Izumi Curtis die in Fullmetal Alchemist?

Yes, Izumi Curtis will die in Fullmetal Alchemist because of her illness. This event occurred in the movie Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shamballa, where the events after the two years break from the anime are shown. Izumi lost her fight against her sickness and sadly died after sending Alphonse far away from her, so he did not feel sad because of her death. When Alphonse heard about that, he goes behind Wrath and is willing to open the gate of alchemy so he can see her mother one more time. Izumi feels so happy when she knows that Alphonse came to see her, but she cannot go back to her usual self.

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Izumi is a mature woman with high stature and a slim, good-looking physique. Her shoulder-length dark tresses are commonly represented in ponytail braids, and she also has a light complexion, keen black-colored eyes. She has a tattoo on her left chest. Izumi, despite her dislike of the word “aged,” appears to be quite young in her time. Izumi usually dresses in a white sleeveless lengthy shirt with grey-colored leggings that cover her knees and foldable footwear.


Izumi is known for being a “normal, caring homemaker.” Her modest appearance, however, conceals a ferocious demeanor. Elric’s siblings feel scared at the sight of irritating her. When she gets enraged, she is inclined to rapid, aggressive acts and go against the people who harm her precious ones.

Izumi regularly focuses on the need for hard work because it does not matter for her that how much she has already mastered alchemy. She always wanted to make herself strong so that she could protect everyone. She is also highly interested in recognizing distinctions in powers. But she ended with appreciating them because she believes that all objects and their qualities balance one another. Izumi likes to enjoy traveling around the world because of having less time before her death.

will izumi curtis die in fullmetal alchemist
Izumi Curtis | OtakuKart

Despite her violent nature, Izumi is a kind, sensitive person who is always prepared to assist needy people, particularly kids. Izumi is intelligent, and a good observant, and she believes in assisting individuals in choosing their unique paths. Izumi mostly likes to hide what she feels about Alphonse and Edward. She knows that one day they will understand her motherly love.


Izumi was technically the heaviest hitter in Fullmetal Alchemist when it comes to her innate physical strength. She possessed incredible brute ability, demonstrating her ability to quickly subdue several adversaries without any problem. Even she was capable enough to throw the Homunculus Sloth with her bare hands.

Izumi was a highly competent and experienced alchemist who excelled in both alchemical study and battle using the intentional control of substance and elemental force. Her particular kind of alchemy appears to be more concerned with her close environment and how to best use them. She usually preferred using metallic tools in battle, such as making enormous javelins and using them with amazing skill.

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