Will Iguro Obanai die in Demon Slayer? The Fate of The Snake Pillar

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Did Obanai die in Demon Slayer
Did Obanai die in Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer is a very popular manga that had fans flipping with its excellent plot. The anime single-handedly took over several other popular manga books and dominated the sales of Oricon. Once the anime adaptation was released by Ufotables, Demon Slayer exploded in terms of sales and popularity. It was no longer about the plot but also the music, animation, and brilliant character designs. Koyoharu Gotouge’s Demon Slayer manga concluded in 2020. The grand finale left everyone stunned and satisfied. However, the same also followed some major and tragic deaths. A fan-favorite character was Iguro Obanai. His sarcastic nature got him several fans. But does Obanai die in Demon Slayer? Like several characters who could not make it to the end, did Obanai succumb to death too? We love the character, and I bet you are also very curious to know about his fate.

Gotouge’s Demon Slayer is indeed a unique story. It’s gory, but the kindness of Tanjiro Kamado leaks through the scenes and reaches our hearts. The manga’s finely written panels remind us over and again of the power that lies in kindness. However, one would admit that there were several good twists in the manga’s finale. The entire story revolved around saving Nezuko and killing Muzan. Undoubtedly, they do face Muzan and even defeat him. But, even in victory, we see losses that make us sad.

Does Obanai die in Demon Slayer? Here’s everything we know about Snake Hashira’s fate.

**Spoiler Alert: There are strict spoilers from the Demon Slayer manga in the following article.**

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Who is Iguro Obanai?

Iguro Obanai is the Snake Hashira. He is voiced by Kenichi Suzumura in the Japanese version of the anime. As Hashira, he is immensely strong and displays a very salty and sarcastic side. He is short and has fringes that cover most parts of his eyes. His most prominent features are his eyes, one of which is yellow and the other is turquoise. They are widely praised by several fans too. However, it turns out that he is actually partially blind. He keeps his mouth bandaged to hide the scars that he received as a child. This gives him a very mysterious aura.

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Iguro Obanai
Iguro Obanai: Demon Slayer

Iguro Obanai does not have the most pleasant personality, often showing that he does not care much about others. He is quite rude to Tanjiro when they meet for the first time. As per his beliefs, people must fight till they die, as is evident from his argument against Uzui Tengen. Obanai is also deeply in love with Kanroji, the love pillar. It is often shown that he tends to go exceptionally hard on those who try to get close to her. This is often used as comic relief in the story. Other than Kanroji, Obanai is also close to Sanemi and has a deep respect for Kagaya Ubuyashiki.

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Will Iguro Obanai die in Demon Slayer?

Iguro has a significant role in the story in his position as the Snake Hashira. Time and again, he proves his worth. His tragic backstory further drives us to love him more. So does Obanai die in Demon Slayer? Yes, Obanai dies in the Demon Slayer manga during their big fight against Muzan. During the long fight, Obanai gets injured multiple times. He also falls unconscious after being hit by Muzan’s leg whips. Towards the end, his face gets mutilated, and eventually, he dies. Before dying, he is successful at giving several injuries to Muzan and thereby weakening him. He also confesses his feelings to Kanroji before dying.

Will Obanai die
Obanai: Death


There’s no doubt that Obanai was strong. His breathing techniques manipulated his sword to bend and twist as he attacked. He has five distinct breathing techniques, each of which gives him the ability to slash and slither his targets. Obanai also possesses high speed that gives him an upper hand in several battles. With his speed and accurate slashing techniques, the Snake Hashira proves to be a dangerous opponent.

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Where to Read Kimetsu no Yaiba manga?

The Kimetsu no Yaiba manga was published in 2016 by Shueisha. It was serialized in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. You can read the manga at Viz Media or Shueisha’s Manga Plus app.

KNY manga
Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga

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