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Will Hulu’s The Great Season 3 Happen?

The Great Season 3
The Great Season 3

Is The Great Season 3 happening? Hulu’s original series of British and American manufacture tells us the story of Catherine The Great and Peter III as they rule over Imperial Russia at a time when things got pretty stirred up over there. Also, the series has a great cast, with Elle Fanning in the starring role and Nicholas Hoult supporting. Moreover, the costumes and scenography are impressive.

After ten episodes of the second season, full of palace intrigues, plotting, murders, and abdications, we’re left wondering if season three will come back telling us more of the reign of Catherine. Additionally, this show, created by Tony McNamara, features both historical accuracies as well as comedic takes on that period of history, something which contributes to the show’s traction and success. Now without further ado, let’s begin covering the aspects of Hulu’s The Great Season 3.

The Great Season 3

Elle Fanning as Catherine The Great

The Great Season 2 Recap & Ending Explained

Catherine, Orlo, and Velementov begin the season searching for Leo’s body, but it remains undiscovered. The coup has been going on for four months, we learn later. With Grigor and Georgina, Peter goes into hiding in the countryside. Catherine, on the other hand, uses his fondness for food against him and persuades him to abdicate the throne. As a result, Catherine was crowned Empress of Russia. Peter, on the other hand, hands her a blood-soaked sack containing Leo’s head.

Catherine, who is heavily pregnant, tries to bring radical changes to Russia but is met with opposition from her subjects and close circle, who believe she is rushing into things. Marial returns as a lady of the court in the meantime. Peter, who has been held in prison, is hoping that Catherine will make a mistake, allowing him to reclaim the throne. Surprisingly, he makes an effort to control his violent tendencies and become a greater person for his wife.

The Crowning

After that, Catherine is formally crowned as the ruler in a grand coronation. She promotes religious tolerance right away, much to the Patriarch’s chagrin. Velementov tries to persuade Catherine that if the only way to stop the Ottomans from encroaching is to go to war, but she refuses. Georgina and Grigor are exiled to France, but Grigor returns to retrieve Peter. Meanwhile, Catherine is haunted by guilt over Leo’s death. Peter is also coming to terms with his parents’ abusive behavior.

Catherine begins to rely on Peter for sexual pleasure as a result of hormonal imbalances. Meanwhile, Peter’s supporters start plotting the empress’s demise. Tensions with the Ottomans rise when Arkady assassinates Sunduk, the ambassador. Peter eventually begins to use his doppelganger, Pugachev, to get out of his house arrest.

Philosophical Battles Ensue

Later on, Catherine’s philosophical discussions bore the court members. Catherine reluctantly accepts Archie’s help after heated ideological debates about a crocodile’s presence being an omen and later fires Father Basil as Archbishop. Marial and Grigor, on the other hand, fall in love. A bloody quarrel breaks out between the servants and the nobles after Catherine unexpectedly frees the serfs. Svenska assassinates Marial’s maid, Shakey. Disgusted, the empress lets Velementov get rid of the rioters and reluctantly reinstates serfdom.

The Great Season 3

Just another day at the Court

Don’t Mock The Russians

Joanna, Catherine’s mother, pays a visit as her due date approaches. Joanna ridicules the Russians and asks her daughter to resign immediately after the empress tries to impress her mother. Meanwhile, the Russians organize a science competition and create a thrill ride for it. Joanna starts to seduce a befuddled Peter in secret. Catherine orders Velementov to wage war after receiving venomous candles from the Ottomans. Catherine orders Joanna to leave Russia when she realizes her mother does not trust her. Joanna, on the other hand, has sex with Peter and dies by accident. While Peter worries about his marriage’s future, Aunt Elizabeth and Marial conceal her death.

Sex in The Palace

In a public ceremony, Catherine gives birth to Paul. The empress and Peter become friends because they both adore their son. Georgina, meanwhile, returns from France, pretending to be on Catherine’s side while secretly supporting Peter. The Swedish royal couple is seeking refuge in Russia as a result of their country’s democratic adoption. They also want Peter to be reinstated and use his army to reclaim their kingdom. Marial, on the other hand, marries her young cousin, Maxim, in order to keep the family inheritance. Archie, on the other hand, becomes sexually frustrated and loses his religious faith.

A Regal Murder

Catherine realizes her feelings for Peter after Paul goes missing for a short time. They start having sex, fully embrace their relationship, and are overjoyed at the birth of their son. Marial, on the other hand, informs the empress about Joanna’s death and Peter’s role in it. Catherine, enraged, decides to deal with the Ottomans first and has a diplomatic conversation with the Sultan. The meeting, however, goes horribly wrong, and Catherine murders the Sultan in self-defense. Disgusted, the empress realizes she must also kill Peter for his betrayal.

Catherine Didn’t Kill Peter

Tension is thick in the air during Marial and Maxim’s wedding. Both Peter and Catherine’s supporters are armed and ready to fight. Catherine appears to forgive Peter after he apologizes publicly and asks to see him in his room. Velementov’s guards later arrest Peter’s supporters as well as Marial. Georgina, on the other hand, appears to be unarrested because the empress believes she is on her side. Catherine, meanwhile, tracks down Peter and repeatedly stabs him in the back. She has, however, attacked his doppelganger, Pugachev. Catherine cries and hugs Peter when he arrives. Following their embrace, the two turn away from one another.

As a result, Catherine does not murder Peter. She did, however, intend to murder him at first. When she believes she has killed him, however, she falls to her knees and sobs. She later realizes the truth and expresses gratitude for his safety rather than her failure; she does not attempt to assassinate him again. Catherine is unable to perform her duties due to an emotional barrier for the first time. The situation reminds me of Catherine’s willingness to sacrifice Leo for the greater good but her refusal to do so with Peter. As a result, Catherine and Peter’s tumultuous relationship reaches a stalemate.

The Great Season 3

Stills from Hulu’s The Great

Catherine Loves Peter

Catherine, who is guided by logic and reason, eventually finds herself at the kindness of her heart. She falls in love with Peter after initially denying his love and refusing to admit to his goodness. Furthermore, despite being deposed, Peter stood for his son and wife, which tugs at her heartstrings. Catherine adores the bumbling but endearing Peter in the same way she adores the difficult but magnificent Russia. Despite the fact that she should put him to death, the empress can’t imagine a world without him.

Catherine Changed Peter’s Violent Nature

Peter tries to change himself after falling in love with Catherine in order to win her over. Peter wants to overthrow her at the beginning of the season, but by the end, he is content with being a husband and a father. He even engages in self-improvement activities such as meditation and martial arts. He still enjoys food and other pleasures, but he has learned to control his cruel and violent nature. Peter begins to express guilt, responsibility, and empathy. Peter finally realizes that he is unfit for the job. Catherine begins to reciprocate his love as a result of his changed personality.

The Great Trailer:

Where To Watch The Great?

If you want to watch “The Great,” then navigate to Hulu. Also, the show is also available on Discovery Plus. It is available for rent or purchase via Apple iTunes, Amazon Prime Video, and Vudu. If you live in Australia, this series is available via Fetch, Stan, and Telstra TV. Additionally, if you live in India, the show is available for stream via Discovery Plus. Lastly, if you live in the United Kingdom, “The Great” is available via the Amazon Prime Video add-on of Starz or Discovery Plus, on Virgin TV Go, or on the Sky Store.


The Great Season 3: Is It Happening?

The Great Season 3 Renewal Status & Release Date

Hulu hasn’t greenlit the third season of “The Great” yet. Secondly, Executive Producer Marian MacGowan gave us a ray of hope because the showrunners aim to make three more seasons of this show. In consequence, there’s plenty of “The Great” to come. But all that depends on Hulu giving the go. Rest assured that when they do, we’ll post an update here for you. Moreover, the production team already seems to be working on the third installment of this series.

Additionally, if we consider the photography times from the second season, which began in November 2020 and concluded in July 2021, we could expect that The Great season 3 will release sometime in late 2022. Also, if everything goes according to plan, season three will consist of another ten episodes of one-hour run time of even more historical fiction. With this, we wrap up our scoop on The Great Season 3 here at Otakukart. Thanks for reading our article, and please keep coming back to our website for more daily updates on all your favorite series, movies, and shows.

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