Will Hidan Die In Naruto? All About The True Immortal Villain In Naruto

Will Hidan Die In Naruto?
Hidan From 'Naruto Shippuden', C(Pierrot)

Well, there are many characters in Naruto who tried to become immortal but eventually failed. But what if I tell you, there is one who is fully immortal, Will you believe? Yes, you need to believe me. Today we will talk about Hidan in this particular article. We will see his motives, his abilities, and did he die or not? Before knowing the details about Hidan, first, let’s see who Hidan is and where did he belong to? Hidan is an S-rank Shinobi who used to belong to Yugakure but later joined Akatsuki. He was partnered with Kakuzu however they did not like each other that much. Kisame even acknowledged their duo as Zombie duo.

If we talk about his personality, Hidan is quite a sarcastic and religious guy. He never respects anyone, including his leader, Pain. He even told Pain that he would kill him. He only respects Jashin, his god, and considered Killing people his religion. He is the one who killed Asuma Sarutobi. So this was the brief synopsis of Hidan. Let’s move forward and see more about him.

Will Hidan Die In Naruto?

If Hidan is Immortal, how did he die? This question definitely raised in your mind but don’t worry, we will smash all your doubts with this article. When Hidan killed Asuma, Shikamaru was in great frustration. He somehow wanted to kill Hidan. Team Asuma goes again to chase Akatsuki Shinobis under Kakashi, and they fought hard with them. Naruto, with his newly discovered technique, Rasenshuriken destroyed Kakuzu, whereas Shikamaru buried Hidan deep down in the forest. It makes it nearly impossible for Hidan to get out of the land, so he won’t be able to do any harm to the village now. On a final verdict, we can say that Hidan is still alive, but his condition won’t be that good. We hope you get your answer now.

We have seen some Jashin rituals in Boruto, too, but it is still unclear who Jashin is, and Will Hidan appears in the Boruto series as well. What do you think about the same, do let us know.

Will Hidan Die In Naruto?
Hidan (credits- Reddit)

Abilities Of Hidan:

Using different rituals of Jashin, Hidan gained immortality, and this was his major ability. Hidan was immune to death from many causes such as Wounds, Weapons, and even fatal attacks. Even after getting beheaded, he was alive, so you can have an idea about his limitations of death. His other ability was to trace the blood with his Scythe. He can kill someone if he gets a little blood from his opponent, so it was gravely dangerous to fight him in close combat, and this was the main reason for Asuma’s death. Hidan was immortal, and this was the reason he teamed up with Kakuzu so he could control him if he ever goes out of control. On the other hand, Hidan also had impressive Healing abilities. After taking a lot of damage in a spar with Shikamaru and Asuma, he healed himself in an instance. So Hidan is definitely someone with whom you might not want to deal with.

Will Hidan Die In Naruto?

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Will Hidan Die In Naruto?

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