What Will Happen After The End of Tournament of Power?

Hey guys. I’m here with another post about Dragon Ball Super! Today’s point of discussion is the anime itself. To be more specific, what is gonna happen to the anime after the Tournament of Power and how can the creators keep the anime flowing?

Of course, this post is gonna have spoilers from the anime, if you aren’t caught up with the anime then I suggest turning back now, however, if you don’t mind then by all means continue. So, in the recent episode, we saw Gokū using Ultra Instinct again.

Now that isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact it very cool and badass. It certainly makes Gokū cooler and obviously more powerful. Now if you don’t know what Ultra Instinct is, then let me educate you a bit. It is a state in which the body moves on its own. You don’t need to move your body, your body kind of moves on its own.

However, you need to aware of attacks despite using Ultra Instinct, cause safety is not 100% guaranteed. This state is extremely hard to achieve even for the Gods of Destruction. So, it is a very overpowered ability. So, Gokū using it normally and finally mastering the Ultra Instinct would make him better than a God of Destruction. If this happens, Gokū will be really overpowered. After the Tournament ends, hardly any person would be his equal. So, what should the creators do in to save the show? Well, there’s an easy way. You might have taken a notice that Whis was saying that Gokū’s body was emitting heat.

It could be possible that it is literally his life draining away and the form is straight up killing him. This is because Ultra Instinct is not meant for mortals.

So, Gokū would be forced to use it as rarely as possible unless he wants to die. This way they can easily maintain the power even after the end of the Tournament of Power. It will be a good way of continuing the series and I hope that it does out to be this way.
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New Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 Images Revealed

According to DBS episode 116 Spoiler, it just says Kefla powers up, not that she beats Goku or even fights him evenly.
Only that she powers up, Powering up doesn’t like matching in power.

For all, we know Kefla vs. Ultra Instincts Goku will go the precise same way as Goku vs. Jiren but with Goku Dominating her instead.

Goku unlocks his Ultra Instinct Technique. With his most potent Saiyan form, Goku, fortunately, turns things around, throwing blow after blow to the Universe 6 warrior.

However, Kefla advanced and launched a powerful strike. With Goku’s Ultra Instinct form, he unconsciously avoids Kefla’s attacks. According to spoilers, Goku shoots a Kamehameha at point-blank range.

The powered-up Goku defeats Kefla, but achieving the Ultra Instinct increased the interest of Universe 11’s mightiest fighter Jiren awakens.

Dragon Ball Super 117 will be primarily centered on Universe 2, Android duo from Universe 7 and Vegeta. Now with that said in episode 117, it looks like that Goku runs out of stamina, it has no specifying of him losing. We don’t know much about Ultra Instincts, and Goku still isn’t too handled it so it could just be really taxing on his body. Also, notice how Kelfa isn’t specified at all in the spoiler. Implying she was presumably eliminated and Goku ended up taking his time, in making her out managing to him being drained.

Dragon Ball Super 117. The most disliked character from Tournament of power, Ribrianne targets Goku as he’s fatigued from his fight with Kefla! But Android Combo rescues Goku.

Universe 7’s Android Combo are fighting against Ribrianne and Rozie of Universe 2; Android 17 fights with Rozie while Android 18 takes on Ribrianne. It’s still not clear what will be the result of their fight as Rozie and Ribrianne are the strongest from their Universe 2.

Leaked Photo of Ribrianne [Universe 2]

Leaked Photo of Vegeta [Universe 7]

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