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Will Guido Mista Die in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure?

Will Guido Mista die in JoJo?

In any anime series, death is inevitable. Characters come and characters go. Likewise, this article will see upon the death of one character, Guido Mista from the JoJo series. If you don’t know who he might be, then here’s a quick peek into his bio-details and if he will die in the series.

A series set in 19th century England, the anime series starts with Jonathan Joestar, who is also known as JoJo. He and Dio have become brothers after an eventful situation. Now, all of Jonathan’s generations, where all his grandsons are also nicknamed JoJo gets to fight with Dio and the series continues (A bizarre relationship and a bizarrely awesome series, indeed).

An anime might be bizarre and still name it the opposite. However, ever heard of an anime series naming it bizarre, who also lives up to its name? JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is one that will make you feel and say “a bizarre series, indeed.” Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, also shortened as JJBA, will make you feel weird as well, it is one of the best anime of all time. Unless you don’t want your anime life to have ups and downs, don’t watch. However, if you are up for some bizarre life, then this series is just right for you.

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Who is Guido Mista?

Guido Misto, ever since he was little, in the JoJo series had wanted to live a life as simple as it is possible. He loved to sleep and found profound joy in looking at nature only. When he was at the age of 17, Mista learned that humans have predefined destinies. He has tetraphobia or the fear of the number ‘4.’

Apart from his random introduction, Mista is an easy-going, carefree and relaxed character, who appears as a core ally in Vento Aureo and as a side character in Purple Haze Feedback. Being a member of Passione, Mista has in possession a gun, named Six Pistol (some name it as Sex Pistol as well). Also in Bucciarati’s team, Mista is a gunslinger and a Stand User, whose all of life revolves around his ideal of having to live a simple and worldly pleasure in life.

Will Guido Mista Die in JoJo

Guido Mista from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Mista’s gunmanship is something one could call a natural-gifted or talent he was born with. His ability to stay cool even amidst blood boiling situations is praisable. He could be termed as a particularly deadly person or an assassin. Character and/or person as interesting as Guido Mista, does he stay till the end of the JoJo series? Or, is he dead?

Is Guido Mista dead?

Guido Mista, in the JoJo series, isn’t dead yet. While bodyguarding Trisha Una, Prosciutto, an assassin from La Squadra Esecuzioni, ambushes the train and shoots Mista. Disabling Mista by the Grateful Dead’s ageing power, Prosciutto left him thinking he’s dead. One shot at his head and Mista’s No.5 was able to stop the incoming bullet thankfully with the help of ice, which was kept in Mista’s head. No 5 was also able to prevent any more damage to Mista, by stopping the three-closed range headshots.

Will Guido Mista die in JoJo?

Guido Mista and his Six Pistol’s 6 members (No.4 missing)

As known, Mista can command each of his members of Six Pistols to shoot in directions different from one another. The Six Pistol bullets can even bounce and rebound inside a target destroying their vital organs. And if we are talking about being lucky, Mista can be counted as one of them as well. He may not be all superhero, who has an extreme superpower, but his luck is of no ordinary.

Technically speaking, Mista should have been dead by now. But his luck only keeps on not pouring out. While he was once shot to death by three men, Mista could hardly feel any pain and instead walked up to the shooter, calmly stole one of their guns and killed them all. Mista also, once, accidentally shot himself, which could have resulted in his death but guess not. Even after shooting himself 38 times, Mista is all alive. He even fell out of a seven-storeyed building and is still alive!

Will Guido Mista die in JoJo?

Mista likes to have a simple life

Might be because Mista’s death has yet to be written in the Rolling Stones, Guido Mista is still alive and kicking, until his time comes.

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