Will Grisha Yeager Die in Attack On Titans?

will grisha yeager die in attack on titans
Grisha Yeager

Will Grisha Yeager die in Attack On Titans? Are you searching for the exact answer to this question? If yes, then you are in the right place. Do not worry, as we will help you to know about his death if it has occurred and other important information like his powers, appearance, and personality. So read the article till the end to know everything about him.

Grisha Yeager is the biological father of Eren Yeager, who is the main protagonist of the Attack on Titans series. He is the main reason behind Eren’s titanic power. As a father, he was a good man, and he always cared about his family. Grisha Yeager was an Eldian medic who was a member of the Eldian Restorationists and came from the Liberio detention camp in Marley.

He was granted the strength of the Attack Titan on a mission from “the Owl” to penetrate the Barriers and steal the Founding Titan from the Reiss clan. Keith Shadis brought Grisha inside the Gates and put him in the Shiganshina Region. In three volumes that he concealed in his cellar, he detailed the specifics concerning Eldia, Marley, the Titans, and his background. He was hitched to Dina Fritz and had a baby boy Zeke when he was in Marley. He hitched again with Carla Yeager after being transferred to Paradis Island, and they had a baby boy, Eren Yeager.

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Will Grisha Yeager die in Attack on Titans?

Yes, Grisha Yeager will die in Attack on Titan. During the Fall of Shiganshina Arc, Grisha accepts Eren as his replacement and informs him he must take an act of revenge for the death of his mom before leading him into the forest. When Keith attempts to prevent him, claiming that Grisha must not place such a load on the kid’s shoulders because he may not be as skilled as Grisha, Grisha calmly answers that Eren is ready because he is his child and warns Keith to not interfere.

He gives Eren the key to his cellar and inserts the Titan’s blood into him in the woods, informing him that their experiences will show him how to handle the power. And after that instance, Eren devours Grisha right away. And Grisha died after giving the powers of both the Founding Titan and the Attack Titan to Eren.


Human Form: Grisha was a big, slim guy with solid black tresses separated perfectly straight through the middle, a light mustache and beard, and grey-colored eyes. He was dressed in a grey-colored suit with a dark-colored vest and a cream-colored shirt, rounded shape spectacles, and a classic polo tie. He had a huge cross mark on the bottom left of his heart that he had cut into himself as a vow and for a particular purpose to enter the Eldian Restorationists.

will grisha yeager die in attack on titans
Grisha Yeager | OtakuKart

Attack Titan Form: He was Fifteen meters high as the Attack Titan, with a chest that was considerably bigger than his hands and feet. He had straight, black hair, enlarged ears, tiny eyes, a fleshy mouth, and a black, bushy beard, as well a dark hairy chest. His Titan appearance resembled Eren’s in various ways, having long black colored hair, enlarged ears, sunken eyes, and a solid body. In the extent that they both had big and broad chests, his Titan appearance was similar to Zeke’s Beast Titan.


Grisha was a quiet, systematic, and logical guy who was known for his difficult demeanor and great enthusiasm. Grisha’s stubbornness was most visible during his boyhood, and it was frequently at his disadvantage. Grisha also displayed a proclivity for quickness, unable to understand the threat his actions caused to his people and even looking down on his family for their loyalty to the Marley regime. He joined the Eldian Restorationists and was eventually sent to Paradis Island because of his recklessness.

Grisha’s lack of consciousness stops him from seeing the results of his acts unless they are clearly shown to him. And his poor understanding caused him to create a psychological gap between himself and Zeke, leading to Zeke’s betrayal of Grisha. Grisha was eventually revealed to be a broken person. In the aftermath of the Restorationists’ seize and torture, Grisha was originally hesitant to accept Eren Kruger’s task, stating he would never have decided to join their team if he had known the reason, but he had eventually agreed to take Kruger’s task due to his strong feeling of responsibility to his partner Restorationists.


Human Form: Grisha was a highly-skilled physician. During his period in the Walls, he was able to heal hundreds of individuals from a disease that affected humankind. Grisha was able to put an end to the epidemic after it had spread. Carla was unwell, and he not only healed her but the rest of the family as well. Before being transported to Paradis Island, he was able to learn about medical treatment from his dad, who ran a local hospital in Liberia and helped a large number of patients.

will grisha yeager die in attack on titans
Grisha Yeager | OtakuKart

Titan Form:When he was turned, Grisha had all of the normal skills of those with Titanic ability, such as tremendous healing, tremendous strength, and durability. He had some Titan skills under his belt, which was why he was able to murder and consume Frieda Reiss. To start the conversion into a titan, he cut his arm.

He had the Founding Titan ability for a brief period after consuming Frieda. But, due to his lack of noble lineage, he was unable to do anything before handing it on to Eren. Grisha can look into the future as one of the Attack Titan’s special qualities. He also sensed Eren’s journey would wamble at some point, and that is why he begged Zeke to help him. Grisha could heal his flesh quicker than other people, even from lethal injuries, because he possessed Titanic strength. After acquiring the Attack Titan, he recovered his fingertips.

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