Will Gray Fullbuster die in Fairy Tail?

Will Gray Fullbuster die in Fairy Tail?
Gray Fullbuster - Ice Mage

Gray Fullbuster from the anime Fairy Tail perfectly fits the cold-anime-boy-who-is-somehow-always-dressed-in-dark-blue stereotype. Gray was from a village that was destroyed by a demon Deliora. He grew up and trained under Ur, who was a powerful ice mage. For a character with a chill personality, he can get very serious when he needs to be, to showcase his strength as well as to protect his kin. During such events, will Gray Fullbuster die in the anime Fairy Tail?

Fairy Tail is an anime that involves wizards, magical powers, and insane battles. Thanks to the efforts of the writer and illustrator Hiro Mashima for creating this masterpiece, it got its first animated episode in 2009. This anime has completed its 10th year as it came to an end on 29th September 2019. In this anime, besides Natsu, Gray Fullbuster is one of the very popular anime characters. As a mage in the anime, he has ice manipulation abilities. His battles are usually intense, and he has claimed that ever since he has had his Fairy Tail tattoo, he hasn’t lost to the same opponent twice. This makes him pretty invincible character, right? Wait till you read further.

Will Gray Fullbuster die in Fairy Tail?

Yes, Gray Fullbuster will die in Fairy Tail. After their achievement in the Grand Magic Games, the King of Fiore tells them that there will be a dragon invasion. Although beaten up and tired, Gray takes up the challenge of fighting these dragons along with other mages.

The following day, the Fairy Tail mages, including Gray, are attacked by the dragon Atlas Flame. Things took a turn for the worse when the Dragon Motherglare dropped many of her eggs to the ground around them. These eggs hatch into beings with dragon-like features. Laxus, an S-Class mage from Fairy Tail, asks Gray and others to fight these beings while he takes over the Dragon Atlas Flame.

Atlas Flame

Gray then fights these beings as commanded and somehow makes it to where Lyon, Meredy, and Juvia were fighting. Gray then saves Juvia and Meredy, another female mage, from the beam of a Dragon and manages to escape without being hurt. Now, although this sussy bakka keeps denying it, Juvia is Gray’s love interest. After saving her, he decides that he wants to tell her something in the middle of the battle.

While lost at the sudden confrontation from her love interest Gray, Juvia doesn’t notice the Dragon beam coming in her direction. As it was about to hit her, Gray pushes her out of the way and takes the hit. This time, it kills him.

Gray dies in Fairy Tail
Gray’s Sacrifice

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With Gray now being dead, it was given that Juvia and the others who were friends with Gray would go in a sad frenzy after his death. This is where things again take a turn but for the better.

Ultear, Gray’s master Ur’s daughter, decides to use magic she learned and had been practicing. It was to rewind time. However, this magic is a very powerful one. Using this would not only affect those around her, but it would affect everyone on the planet. She makes it possible for everyone to go back in time but only for a minute. At this point, Gray is alive again as events repeat themselves. Sadly, Ultear isn’t really aware of her sacrifice that not only saved Gray’s life but many others too.

Ultear’s Sacrifice

Gray pushes Juvia and saves her from the first beam, then asks to talk to her but suddenly stops as he “sees” himself dying. He, along with the other mages, manages to save themselves from dying. Ultimately, Gray realizes that they were saved because someone had used powerful magic to give them a hand.


Gray is one of the characters loved by many in his world as well as in the fandom. But does he die in the near future? Well, no. However, since Fairy Tail is an exciting anime with many battles that turn intense, it is given that he will experience many near-death situations. But no worries, he had been strong from the beginning but went on to become stronger with each of his battles.

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