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Will Gintoki Sakata Die in Gintama?

Will Gintoki Die in Gintama?
Will Gintoki Sakata Die in Gintama?

While going around the list of anime, we cannot ignore some of the most legendary anime series. One of them is Gintama which is going to reach its two-decade journey by 2023. Both the manga and anime of the series remain quite popular to this day; like every other day, new viewers are adding to the list. All over, the series is a shonen one but targets the concepts of adventure and Science Fiction Comedy. But one thing that now comes to our mind is that when the series is a humorous one, is it’s possible that it will go around some depressing events such as death. So, one question that comes up in our heads is related to the protagonist. Will Gintoki Sakata die? Before getting to know about this, we will get a brief introduction to the series first.

The Japanese manga series Gintama was written by Hideaki Sorachi. The manga was published by Shueisha, and its English version was circulated by Viz Media. It debuted with its very first chapter on 8th December 2003 and ended on 20th June 2019 with a total number of 77 tankobon volumes. An anime adaption of the series has also been created by Sunrise Studio, which dropped out its very first episode of 4th April 2006. The series is quite a long one as it ended with 201 episodes on 25th March 2010. A light novel series based on manga and anime was also made, which was written by Tomohito Osaki and illustrated y Hideaki Sorachi.

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About Gintoki Sataka

It’s quite normal to witness unexpected while watching an anime series. Even the comedy anime series can also show deaths. The death of the character which we are going to discuss here is none other than the protagonist of the series Gintoki Sakata. He is the founder of Yorozuya and is currently leading it, being its president. During the Joui War, he gained the title of Shiroyasha, which is a demon. As for his appearance, he looks quite handsome and has naturally wavy hair silvery-blue hair. He has a pair of grey eyes that are sometimes depicted as green and even red. Gintoki has a nature of an extremely lazy person and always wears a dumb and least bothered expression on his face.

The humorous part about the plot of the series is his being poor and his unwillingness to do anything. This leads him to act in the lack of money as his landlady Otose chases him every time she comes to get the payment. Being a veteran swordsman and his participation in the Joui War, he got very wide feet. This skillful swordplay helped him to gain the title of “Shiroyasha”. You will also witness him defeating many high-ranked characters like Amanto and even those who have a legendary status in the series. These all are the result of his extreme strength, tremendous endurance, and finally, his excellence while handling his sword. This clearly shows how he deserves his title of being a well-known and undefeated samurai. But will this fact hold Gintoki to survive till the end of the series?

Will Gintoki die in Gintama?

Gintoki Sakata

Will Gintoki Sakata Die in Gintama?

The final arc of the series is known as Silver Soul Arc, which occurred after the events in Rakuyo. Katsura, along with Jouishishi, Sakamoto, and his Kaientai, Tokugawa Nobunobu, and Gintoki, along with Yorozuya, were heading back to earth. The arc was final and starred Gintoki from the very beginning to end, which means that Gintoki will not die and will successfully make it to the end of the series. However, there were many events that made fans worried about Gintoki that he might die when he was forced to choose between killing Shouyou and Katsura. He ended up killing Shouyou as he gave Gintoki his final “Thank you” before he was beheaded by Gintoki.

Will Gintoki die in Gintama?

Gintoki Sakata

Although he didn’t die in the actual anime series, it is stated that he died in Gintama: The Movie: The Final Chapter: Be Forever Yorozuya. In the movie, he comes across a movie thief while working in a cinema. After a few events take place, he finds that Edo was changed into an apocalyptic wasteland and also that he died. However, by the end of the movie, despite his future self being dead, he uses the Time Thief and goes back in time to kill his past self. This turned out to be very confusing, but Gintoki along with Shinpachi, and Kagura changed the past and survived that too. This makes us conclude that Gintama will not die in the series.

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