Will Genryusai Yamamoto Die in Bleach? The Fate of 1st Division Captain

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will genryusai die in bleach?
Genryusai Yamamoto - Bleach

Will Genryusai Yamamoto die in Bleach? Would you ever expect the strongest character of the whole series to die in between? The character will die at the time when he was needed the most, no, I guess. As villains can be very ruthless, but the writer never wants to hit that hard and stays soft towards the reader. This means that this article is going to be meaningful less as none of this can happen, right? But, when we talk about animes and mangas, the creators can be one of the most unexpected ones. They can kill whoever they want and work just like the god of the world they created. So, I will say that again, will Genryusai Yamamoto die in Bleach? You have to stick to the very end in order to find out the answer.

Bleach is one of the classic Japanese manga series that was drafted and illustrated by Tite Kubo. The manga was released on 7th August 2001 and was been collected into 74 tankobon volumes. After waiting for four to three years, an anime adaptation for the series was released on 5th October 2004. Although the anime series ended in 2012, the last Arc – Thousand-Year Blood War – from the manga is yet to be animated, and we can expect it to drop out somewhere in 2022. The last arc is quite interesting and will lead us towards new revelations and many heartbreaking scenes. The TYBW Arc will be the one to answer the question above.

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Genryusai Yamamoto

Genryusai Yamamoto or Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto is one of the most popular characters of Bleach. Not only the popular one, but there will also be no wrong if we refer to him as the strongest character of the Bleach Universe. He is the Captian of the 1st Division of the Gotei 13 and the head commander of the whole Gotei 13. The character has the looks of the oldest of the old men but has a physique good enough to make other younger characters feel complex. After this little introduction, you people might have been aware that Genryusai is not an ordinary character. He poses great importance regarding the plot of the series. As head captain, Genryusai has this very strict personality who is very loyal to the soul society and can’t even bear someone to betray the soul society.

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Why the character is referred to as the strongest? The answer is that he holds one of the most legendary Zanpakuto. His Zanpakuto is referred to as the strongest among all, even in the anime series, his Bankai was not revealed. Even the fans left the hope to every witness his Zanpakuto. His Zanpakuto is not the only thing that makes him strong, his experience and all the battles that he fought till now make him fiercer. So, how can a character this strong can die? Will he really die if this is only a rumor? Let’s find out.

will yamamoto die in bleach?
Genryusai Yamamoto – Bleach

Will Genryusai Yamamoto die in Bleach?

Fans who have finished watching the anime will proudly say that “Master Genryusai will not die, all of these are just rumors”. I will be the happiest person if I have to announce that yes, this is a rumor, but no my friend, I must say you better read the manga. In the Arrancar Arc, Aizen created an illusion and stabbed Genryusai, but that naive boy didn’t know with whom he was messing. At that time, Head Captain Yamamoto survived. In the Throudad year Blood War Arc, Genryusai will indulge himself in the battle with the antagonist of the Arc – Yhwach. I must say that this antagonist was the most badest and strongest of all, Yes even stronger than Aizen.

We all have witnessed from the very first Arc that, even though Yamamoto knew that Ichigo is very capable to handle the situations, Yamamoto stays hesitant to let him take the command. This time too, Head Captian came into the battlefield in front of his swore enemy of the past. Previously, when Yawach and Yamamoto came face to face in a battle, Head Captian missed killing Yhwach This time, he decided to solve this once and for all. Yhwach is not any ordinary opponent against whom Yamamoto will fight by only using his Shikai. He have to use his Bankai to end him, and he did the same, but it didn’t go as expected. Yamamoto died while fighting him.

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How did Yhawach kill Yamamoto?

While standing against Yhawach, Yamamoto didn’t think twice and unleashed his Bankai. His Bankai was so powerful that we literally evaporated the water present in the whole Seireitei. The other characters across the land started feeling thirsty and a sensation of burn in the back of their throats. This was the power of the legendary Bankai “Zanka no Tachi”. Yamamoto started to unleash every niche of its powers. “East to weaken, west to defend, south to control, north to turn everything into nothingness”. But why didn’t it kill Yhawach? It was not like that it caný kill Yhawach, it was that Yhawach with whom he was fighting from the start. It was Royd Lloyd who was disguised at Yhawach while the original Yhawach was there trying to negotiate with Aizen to fight against soul reapers with him.

will genryusai yamamoto die in bleach?
Genryusai Yamamoto bankai

Yamamoto used every power he has in him to kill that decoy, and after killing him, Head Captain deactivated his Bankai. Until original Yhawach appeared. As he appeared, Yhwach didn’t waste any time and killed Yamamoto in an instant. Then revealed that he was there underneath First Division barracks in the Central Underground Prison. Yamamoto knew who was there in the prison and stayed quiet over the mentioning of the traitorous Shinigami. This is how legendary Head Captian Yamamoto died.

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