Will Garret Deport Thony & Fiona In ‘The Cleaning Lady’ Season 1 Episode 5?

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The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 5

It looks like things will get out of hand for Thony and her sister on The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 5. Meanwhile, Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 4 gave us a look at Thony and Fiona on a road trip to Los Angeles, where they met a doctor and tried to get the information on the donor for Luca’s bone marrow transplant. Moreover, the two went to see the donor, to convince him to reconsider helping Luca as he was the only match for him.

On the other hand, Garret and Renee were looking into Councilman Knight for his suspicious involvement with Arman. Furthermore, Garret forced Thony to get him a recording of Knight at the casino. Meanwhile, Arman saw Thony, not in the right mind, and learned that Luca’s condition had worsened. Additionally, he learned about the donor backing out and told Thony that he would help out. Although kidnapping the donor, he has made things tougher for Thony.

Whereas, Fiona decided to do something bad in order to make money for hiring the lawyer for Chris to get his citizenship. The crime drama show brings in quite a bit of thrill that has made it quite popular among viewers since it first started on 3rd January 2022. However, the fans are now excited to watch The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 5 to see what happens next. But first, let us take a quick recap of all that happened in the previous episode.

The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 5
A still from The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 4

The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

Episode 4 of The Cleaning Lady Season 1 dropped on 31st January 2022 and was titled “Kabayan”. The episode began with Thony and Fiona going to LA and stealing information from the doctor’s office about the donor’s address and name. However, the donor named Marco wasn’t living at the mentioned address, but his daughter gave them his office address, and they went there. At first, Marco was happy to see his Filipino sisters and thought they were at the dealership to buy a car. But as soon as Thony told him why she was there and asked him to change his mind, he lashed out at them. Although, he asked for $100k to donate his bone marrow when she kept trying to convince him.

The next day, Garret called Thony and gave her a pen with a recording device to set it up near Arman and Councilman Knight so he could get evidence on Knight. Later on, at the casino, she dropped the pen near Knight while cleaning and went to talk to Arman after he called her in. After learning about Luca and the donor backing out, Arman offered to help. He then went to meet Marco and offered him $10k for donating the bone marrow. But he declined the payment, saying that he didn’t want any money and had just said that to get Thony off his back. Eventually, Arman used his way and kidnapped him, but Thony let him go knowing that it was not the way to convince Marco. Whereas Thony had given Garret the pen with Knight’s recording on it with another woman and the feds raided his house.

The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 5
Arman and Thony

Although, Knight told Arman to get someone to take out his laptop from his hotel room; otherwise, everyone would be at risk. Thony did that job for Arman and got the laptop out safely, barely getting caught red-handed by Garret and Renee. However, she dropped her necklace, which Garret found, and realized it was Thony’s. Moving on, Marco and Thony had a heartfelt conversation on the way to Marco’s home. Eventually, this got him to change his mind, and he donated the bone marrow to Luca. On the other hand, Fiona sold drugs at a party for Brandon, even though Thony had told her not to. But she made money and hired a lawyer to get Chris citizenship. Later on, Garret learned about Knight getting stabbed and killed in prison, which got him angry. He then looked at Thony’s necklace, probably thinking of leveraging her next.

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The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 5 Release Date, Spoilers & Air Time

The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Episode 5 will release on 7th February 2022 at 9 pm ET on FOX.” Furthermore, the episode will be titled “The Icebox”. The episode will see Garret bringing in the feds and raiding Thony and Fiona’s workplace. Eventually, he will threaten to deport her and her family unless she gets him evidence on Arman.

Watch The Cleaning Lady Season 1 Online – Streaming Details

“The Cleaning Lady airs every Monday at 9 pm ET on FOX in the US.” Moreover, The Cleaning Lady is also available to stream on Hulu and Youtube TV. Meanwhile, the show airs on CTV at 9 pm ET every Monday in Canada. Whereas, the show airs with a new episode in Australia on Binge at 5 pm AEDT every Wednesday.

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