Frost To Get A Silver Form In Tournament of Power?


The last time we saw Universe 6’s Frost, he did something terrible. He eliminated Universe 7’s Krillin before escaping to hide. What’s more unsettling about him is that he is sneaky. He won’t fight up front like Goku and other warriors. ¬†And his schemes with Frieza is impossible to ignore. But just like his Universe 7 counterpart, will Frost share a new transformation?

Unlike Frieza, Frost was known as a good man in Universe 6. Even though his true colors were revealed, he was still included in the Tournament of Power. He hasn’t done anything yet after Krillin’s elimination. And while the clock is ticking, it just gives the nagging feeling that there’s something Frost and Frieza will do. Because of Frieza achieving his Golden Form, it is not hard to think that Frost will get one for himself.

A fan theory by Reddit user¬†SSJONY shares three possible scenarios that will happen to Frost. First is that he will stay in his final form, do some wrecking damage similar to Krillin’s elimination, and then someone will knock him off stage. The second scenario is that he will use the buff form and wreck some damage until someone will take him down. And the third but the most exciting theory is that he will get Cooler’s silver transformation and will be knocking a U7 powerhouse before losing.

The reason that this theory is possible is that Cooler’s final form is from the movies. And since they are canonizing things from the movies, like Broly’s form via Kale, Cooler’s final form could be given to Frost. Since the transformation of this “cool race” (pun intended) are based on their body color, it can be assumed that Frost will have a Silver form. This is not similar to Frieza’s Golden form. The Golden form is the Ultimate Evolution of Frieza’s race. The “Silver” transformation is just a fork in the road before achieving the Golden Form.

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