Will Erwin Smith Die In Attack on Titan? The 13th Commander’s End

Will Erwin Smith die in Attack On Titan
Will Erwin Smith die in Attack On Titan?

Attack on Titan easily makes way into being one of the most-watched Shounen series among anime fans. The anime is largely appreciated for its deep plot and mysteries. Attack on Titan is known for its ruthlessness. The story is quick to go dark to portray a more realistic world of living within the walls. From time to time, we have seen the story bidding goodbye to admirable characters. It is heartbreaking, but it also adds the touch of reality that we so desperately look for. So what of Erwin Smith? Will Erwin Smith die in Attack on Titan? Erwin, who is the Commander of the Survey Corps, leaves a terrific impact on the audience with his strong words. Being a Survey Corp brings in dangerous moments. When facing a Titan, they are only inches away from getting killed. In a world so tough, death never comes announced.

Attack on Titan is rightfully categorized as a dark fantasy. The gruesome turns it takes are quite repelling yet indulging at the same time. Hajime Isayama’s manga series is one of the most popular Kodansha-based works of the decade. The manga was launched in 2009, followed by an anime adaptation that was released in 2013. Earlier in 2021, the manga concluded, and later in 2022, the anime will conclude, too, with the release of its final season. Throughout the seasons, we saw several characters die. Will Erwin Smith die in Attack Titan too? Here is everything you need to know about the character’s ending.

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Who is Erwin Smith?

Erwin Smith is a supporting character from Attack on Titan. He is introduced as the 13th Commander of the Survey Corps. The character is voiced by Daisuke Ono in the Japanese dubbed version of the anime. Erwin was appreciated by many for his quick thinking. He was extremely intellectual and was often relied on to find ways out of miseries. His tactical intelligence is one of the greatest in the series. His tactics not only aimed at solving matters but also at reducing the losses as much as he could. Erwin was practical, logical, and was always in touch with reality. Even as a kid, he would ask questions that mattered. As an adult, he sought nothing but the truth of the world.

Who is Erwin Smith
Erwin Smith: Attack on Titan

While being quite compassionate towards his followers, he was also quite ruthless at times. He was ready to make sacrifices, be it of his men or himself. What he held in importance was humanity, and for it, he would sacrifice whatever he could. Erwin was also a great speaker. His words had the depth that made people see the bigger picture. He could make a person feel overwhelmed with courage and strength through his words. Erwin was always a great leader who could sway his followers and pushed the Survey Corps to meet impossible solutions.

Will Erwin Smith die in Attack on Titan?

Erwin’s determination to set humanity free is beyond the understanding of a common human mind. He was ready to sacrifice all to meet his goals. Will Erwin die in Attack On Titan? Yes, Erwin dies in Episode 18 of season 3, titled “Midnight Sun”. His death occurs most dramatically during the Return to Shiganshina arc when the Beast Titan invades the walls. Seeing the Beast Titan rampage through the walls, many recruits panicked.

While many wanted to run away, Erwin announced that he would instead attack from the front, acting as a distraction for Levi to get close to the Titan. Erwin explains that even if it kills them, this would be a significant win shortly. Swayed by his words, the recruits agree to his plan and charge head-on towards the Beast Titan while covering themselves up with smoke signals. As they charge in, Erwin, who was in the front, gets struck by the stone thrown by the Beat Titan towards them.

Erwin Smith die
Erwin Smith charging towards the Beast Titan

Erwin is fatally wounded but not dead yet. After the battle between Levi and the Beast Titan ends, Floch finds Erwin and takes him to the other soldiers. At the same time, Armin gets mortally wounded too. With only one Titan serum at hand, a conflict rises as they discuss whether they should save Erwin or Armin. After Levi realizes that Erwin would make decisions for humanity and not for himself, he hands over the serum to Armin. Erwin dies peacefully among the people he cares about.

Where to watch Attack on Titan?

Attack on Titan is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

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