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Will Eren Yeager Die in Attack on Titan? Who Will Kill Him?

Eren Yeager
Eren Yeager

Will Eren Yeager Die in Attack on Titan? The anime series about killing some gigantic humanoids is one of the most popular anime series. Attack on Titan began airing on April 7, 2013, and have four seasons. Further, a Season 4 Cour 2 of the anime is under production and might release in 2022. The anime adapted Hajime Isayama’s manga with the same name. However, the journey about eliminating enormous titans ended on April 9, 2021. The ending got a mixed review as many fans loved and appreciated the ending while some didn’t and wanted a new ending.

Eren Yeager is the protagonist in the Attack on Titan series. At first, we saw him as a strong-willed and impulsive boy who only wished to kill titans. Then we saw him growing cold, calmer, and more analytical man. Throughout the anime, we saw the character’s development. However, many times Eren also risked his life. Many fans speculated he might die in the end as the creators killed many fan-favorite characters before in the series. In this article, we will see whether Eren Yeager dies in Attack on Titan or not. Beware this article contains some major spoilers.

Who is Eren Yeager?

Eren Yeager is the son of dr. Grisha Yeager and Carla Yeager. He lived in the Shiganshina District with his parents and adoptive sister, Mikasa Ackerman. However, the Wall Maria, which surrounds the village, was breached by titans. Further, Eren’s mother dies in the mad titan’s rampage. Sometime later, Eren’s father took him in secret and ejected Eren with titan serum. Then he let Eren eat him to turn him into an Attack Titan. However, Eren remembers this event as a dream.

Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager

Eren, along with Mikasa and his childhood friend joins the Survey Corps, the forces who fight titan to protect humanity. After becoming a scout, Eren goes for his first mission, where he was devoured by a mad titan while trying to protect Armin. However, in that mission, suddenly a titan attacks the other titans, later it was revealed that the titan was Eren. Soon he became part of Captain Levi’s squad, where he used his powers to fight other titans.

As the story continues, Eren and his friends discover the truth about titans that they are actually humans once. Later it was also revealed that the people living on the island have the ability to turn into titans. Therefore, the people Marley hated them and later oppressed them. They also unravel many more secrets about humanity and titans. Further, Marleyans were the ones who transformed Eldians into titans and left them on that titans. Eren’s father was one of those victims who escaped the Marley. Therefore, Eren plans to use his power to release thousands of gigantic titans, who will crush everyone. This will result in the world fear the Eldians, and they can again rule the world.

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When does Eren die? How he dies?

As we know, Eren was a titan shifter, which means he only had nine years to live since he inherited those powers from his father, Grisha. Since then, many fans have wondered questions like when will Eren Yeager die in Attack on Titan? Apart from his death after nine years, there were many opportunities where he could have died. Eren eventually dies after nine years since inheriting the power, but he dies of some other reason. Let’s take a look at all those events where he could have died and also when he really dies.

Protecting Mikasa from Human Trafficers

When Eren was a young child, he accompanied his father to the Ackerman family’s household. But upon reaching there, they found Mikasa’s parents died, and she was missing. Grisha goes to call Military Police while instructing Eren to stay there. However, the young Eren follows tracks and finds out that human traffickers are holding Mikasa. Eren killed two kidnappers with his hidden knife and saved Mikasa. However, a third guy catches Eren and was about to kill him when Mikasa unlocks her strength and kills the attacker. If Mikasa wouldn’t have killed the third guy, that man would have killed Eren.

Will Eren Yeager Die in Attack on Titan

The Attacker was about to kill Eren.

In the fall of Wall Maria

When Eren was ten years old, the Colossal Titan broke the Wall Maria which resulted in many mad titans entering Eren’s town. Soon those mad titans went on a rampage in the town. Further, a mad titan devoured Eren’s mother in that rampage. If Hannes hadn’t take Eren and Mikasa away, then some titan would have either stomped on Eren or would have devoured him like his mother.

The Smiling Titan ate Eren's Mother.

The Smiling Titan ate Eren’s mother.

First Mission in the Trost District

During the first mission as a Survey Corp scout, Eren got eaten by a mad titan while protecting Armin, and also he lost an arm and leg in that mission. However, because of having the ability to transform into a titan, he transformed into an Attack Titan to get out of the mad titan’s belly and also got his nad and leg back. However, it didn’t have the powers, or if the titan would have chewed him instead, then not only he would have died, but also that mad titan could have gotten his powers. Really the main protagonist of a show comes with a lot of good luck.

Eren sacrificed himself to save Armin.

Eren sacrificed himself to save Armin.

Kidnapped by Reiner and Bertolt

When Reiner and Bertolt revealed themselves as Marleyan soldiers and came on Paradise Island to retrieve Eren’s founding Titan, they successfully kidnapped him. However, Mikasa and Armin along with their friends, come to his rescue. Now, if Reiner and Bertolt, instead of keeping Eren alive, would have eaten him to get the Founding titan’s power. Then Eren would have died then, and also Bertolt wouldn’t have died.

Reiner and Bertholt kidnapping Eren Yeager.

Reiner and Bertholt kidnapping Eren Yeager.

Kidnapped by Rod Reiss

Eren got kidnapped a lot of times in the show. Rod Reiss kidnapped Eren to feed him to his daughter Historia for getting back the power of Founding Titan. The founder’s titan powers were always passed down in the Reiss family until Grisha Yeager came and took the power from them. Thus, Rod wished to get it back and even manipulated Historia to eat him. Further, Eren himself wanted Historia to eat him as he believed she could stop the mad titans with those powers. But Eren’s words moved Historia, and she refused to eat him and instead freed him.

Will Eren Yeager Die in Attack on Titan

Rod Reiss planning to feed Eren to Historia.

Gabi shoots his head off.

Eren and his elder half-brother, Zeke, joined hands to free the Eldians and the world from the curse of titan forever. However, to do so, Eren, who had the Founding Titan and Zeke with Royal blood, needed to be together. During the War of Paradise, when Eren was running towards Zeke to activate their powers, he was shot by Gabi with an anti-titan artillery rifle. Further, Gabi’s shot hit Eren’s nape, resulting in his head getting decapitated. Eren would have died then, but because Zeke touched the head before, he could die. Therefore, Eren not only survived after his head got decapitated but also transformed into the Founding Titan.

Gabi shots Eren's head.

Gabi shoots Eren’s head.

Mikasa killed him

I know those who don’t read manga are shocked after reading the title. There is nothing wrong, you read it correctly. Eren set thousands of Colossal Titans to walk the world, killing countless innocent lives in the process. Therefore, Mikasa, Armin, and his other friends join hands with Marley to stop Eren’s rampage. Mikasa was the one who was able to locate Eren’s real body or more like his real head in the gigantic titan body. There was no other option, even not wanting to Mikasa decapitates Eren’s head and finally killing him. There is no doubt we ever imagined it would be Mikasa who would kill him as she was always so protective of him. However, she had to for protecting humanity.

Will Eren Yeager Die in Attack on Titan

Mikasa kills Eren.

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